Monday, June 22, 2009

Bolete Mushrooms: Wide Variety of Species' Habits, Cultivating Contentment in a Discipline, Loving Bliss

Some good friends whom I just visited in rural Oregon understand a very wide variety of species' habits and ways of living, that live around them. They are both very knowledgeable and observant of these other life forms' behaviors.

My friends had just gotten a new puppy, half Australian shepherd, and it was charming to see us and this very happy dog interact. It was an interesting expression of loving behavior in a breed of dog. And we engaged it in very loving and understanding ways. In a way this puppy was flourishing, and this engendered a kind of flourishing of interaction.

All of this came very naturally for all of us. {Similarly, in exploring bliss, the bliss which I've experienced in my life has also been largely the consequence of natural, social processes}.

My friends' ranch - tree farm - natural area which I visited in Oregon was also flourishing after 50 years of sustainable tree farming. It is also a fascinating and beautiful example of a realized vision, - through a lot of hard work. (On their ranch, they have access to the internet, but it's very limited). It's very nice to be with friends, and away from the internet for a while).


How to cultivate contentment in the discipline of practicing a musical instrument? ...

And in eliciting loving bliss, with friends?


A healthy, rested bodymind, the relaxation response, and flax seed oil (for omega-3 fatty acids), are, in my experience, good bases for exploring eliciting flourishing and eliciting loving bliss.

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