Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands: Building on Stanford, MIT and Yale's open course ware, WUaS on MediaWiki, List of Great WUaS Universities, Anthro

Building on the 3, free, online, interactive, Stanford, open, computer courses,

with professors,

this autumn,

the < 2000 MIT OCW courses,

the 35 Yale OYC, -

all here at World Univ & Sch - -

(plus much more),

WUaS facilitates a new, university conversation,

where YOU can teach, learn and create,

all from home on your computer.

Free (Bachelors., PhD, Law, MD) degrees are planned.


Wikia is World University & School's current, free, wiki

until WUaS finds MediaWiki experts

(Wikipedia uses MediaWiki, and now is in around 281 languages).

WUaS is planning to be in all 3,000-8,000 languages.

Here's WUaS Information Technologies and Data Plan:

WUaS plans to be advertising free, as well, like Wikipedia.

What might you add to this I.T. plan?

In addition to being a meta-directory for open, free teaching and learning resources,

WUaS also plans to offer free degrees (Bachelors, Ph.D. Law, and Medicine),

with its first matriculating Bachelors' class in 2014.


World University and School has a focus on great universities' open course ware,

especially these universities -

(and the free, Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE) has been posted at WUaS for more than a year now).

WUaS wants to link as meta-directory all great open course ware, like SEE.


For Anthropologists & everyone:

Please give some thought to how folks,

in countries you know well,

might benefit from a free, open, online university or school - -

and in languages, as well -

WUaS plans to be in all languages & countries,

as wiki,

on handheld computers with video,

and as course, teaching and learning, and knowledge archive, too (for millennia).

(For comparison, Wikipedia is in around 281 languages, as wiki, and is becoming an interesting archive, as well).

( - August 31, 2011)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Te Wahipounamu, South West New Zealand: Japanese Island's anti-Nuclear activists, Germany, sensibly, and with a Plan for Renewables, ENDS Nuclear

Japanese Island's anti-Nuclear activists - ...

Abolish Nuclear

(See WUaS's Nuclear Science & Engineering, wiki, subject page - -

with an invitation to teach, learn and add).

Nuclear waste is a time bomb forever.


NRC Report: Transformer "explosion" near turbine building at Maryland nuke plant ...

Abolish Nuclear ...

(Nuclear industries 'clean energy' rhetoric is fascinating - Nuclear waste is so 'dirty').


Germany, sensibly,

and with a plan for renewable energy generation,

closes 8 of 17 of its Nuclear plants!

Good news!

... and will close its remaining 9 nuclear plants by 2022 -

How long until the US and the world follow this sophisticated lead?

Will add article to WUaS's Nuclear Science & Engineering subject

accessible here: :)


How long until California,

with so much SUN,

follows Germany's sensible lead and closes its 2 nuclear plants!

Now, when will the rest of the US and the world follow California's, smart NO NUKES' lead?


Where's California's state plan,

competitive with Germany's plan,

which showed Germany that closing 8 nuclear plants,

and all by 2022,

and planning for renewables,

is feasible,

(and that it would spur innovation,

and solar market opportunities for German companies)?

Wake up California ...

use Germany's plan to further invigorate California sun companies


... will add such plans, if found, to WUaS's Solar page(s)


I suspect California can't follow Germany's plan because CA doesn't have the efficiencies in its energy consumption that Germany has developed since the reconstruction after WWII.


Perhaps, yet there are remarkable solar innovation opportunities for California, too, and/but which Germany will capitalize on in taking this planned, bold move toward eliminating nuclear by 2022 by closing 17 nuclear sites. California's plan to abolish nuclear could also spur California ingenuity in solar renewables, and potentially save California from nuclear catastrophes and the extraordinary costs of forever-nuclear-waste ... Governor Jerry Brown, who wrote a book on solar energy, and who is against nuclear, could send California on a sensible path forever, legally, but outlawing Nuclear as a forever-public-danger. California's competition sets a high bar, and yet to close CA nuclear reactors in earthquake zones, which could ruin Calif forever, makes enormous economic sense.


I'm no apologist for nukes and definitely support a conversion, but look at the demand side. If you look at per capita energy consumption I'm sure you'll find Germany's is far lower which is the point I was trying to make. The bar is much higher for CA to match consumption with production. Micro-efficiencies in every household in Germany exist only in a few 'trendy' green homes in CA at premium prices.


Makes sense & good points ... yet California is much milder in winter ... I've heard that CA's 2 plants - Diablo Canyon and San Onofre, both upwind of LA and San Diego, in the event of a 'Fukushima' - produce about 17 per cent of California's electricity. I'd be interested to read Germany's solar energy output numbers in their plan. If I find this plan I'll add it to World Univ & Sch's some of the following Solar Energy, Nuclear Science and Ocean and Climate Change plan pages ( ... I suspect Californians, post 1960s, have also generated similar plans to the German ones ... I wonder where we might find them.


17 %--certainly shows CA's vulnerability. Sheesh.

( - August 30, 2011)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Wadden Sea, Netherlands: Yale adds a trove of 10 compelling, new, open courses, Why the Web is Great, Entire Films on the Web

Yale adds a trove of 10 compelling, new, open courses -

I've add these treasures to World Univ & Sch's Subjects -

trove :)

(World University & School is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW).

All of these new, Yale courses are now at World Univ & Sch.


Kevin Kelly's appreciation of why the web is great -

Why the Impossible Happens More Often -

these days :)


Films on the Web in entirety?

I found

Herzog, Werner. 1968. [ Signs of Life - Lebenszeichen]. (English subtitles: Youtube.

... lovely Greek landscape & added to :)

10 best Herzog films?

Which do you recommend?

( - August 29, 2011)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chitwan, Nepal: Permaculture +, Alice in Wonderland WUaS page, Building Nuclear Reactors in earthquake zones doesn't make sense

Here's the Permaculture subject at WUaS ... ...

with links to the World University Agriculture School,

and new WUaS Sustainable Agriculture

and WUaS Organic Agriculture wiki subject pages, ...

all potentially very helpful for the developing world,

as WUaS grows -

and via broadband video on handheld computers - as this emerges.


What a trip ... Alice in Wonderland from 1903 - -

a new Alice in Wonderland wiki subject page at WUaS - -

with this video, and a gyroscope video lecture by Laithwaite in 1974-75 -

linked to WUaS's Children's Literature and Wisdom :)


Building Nuclear Reactors in earthquake zones doesn't make sense - -

and Fukushima was a 9 on the Richter scale & designed to withstand a 7.5.

See WUaS's Nuclear Science & Engineering page

Abolish Nuclear.

‎13 nuclear reactors experienced shocks on the east coast recently.

... Nuclear waste is a time bomb forever, too.

(August 28, 2011)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sagarmatha, Nepal: Cornel West, Dr. ML King, Jr., WUaS will help the POOR with free education, Jobs & Apples Steve Jobs at WUaS

Cornel West & Dr. MLK Jr. -

Martin Luther King Jr. Would Want a Revolution, Not a Memorial
(Cornel West - New York Times - August 26, 2011) -

WUaS will potentially help the poor,

blacks who are poor,

and the poor around the world,

with free education,

which we all create through wiki teaching & learning to each other.


Check out the Job Hunting pages Job Hunting pages in the Navigation sections of Subject pages -

at WUaS, too,

which will eventually have links to actual jobs,

I think.


Here's an article on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s. Memorial -

A Poll Tax by Another Name
(John Lewis - August 27, 2011) -

will look to add this to World Univ & Sch's MLK Jr.s wiki, subject page -,_Jr.

with an invitation to teach, learn & add resources


Online education article in the NY Times -

Online Enterprises Gain Foothold as Path to a College Degree
(TAMAR LEWIN - August 25, 2011) -

mentions only a few of the great things WUaS is doing and planning,

but still no mention of WUaS ...

Hmmm - how to change this?


Here's NYT's Tom Friedman's 'All Together Now' - -

World Univ & Sch will significantly contribute to an educational togetherness -

of a kind Apple's Steve Jobs would encourage ...


Steve Jobs's Stanford commencement informs WUaS ...

( - August 27, 2011)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Durmitor, Montenegro: World Univ & Sch is a free software (& university degree) company, Andreessen's WSJ article Why Software is Eating the World

World Univ & Sch is a free software (& university degree) company


par excellence,

just as Netscape was free.

See Marc Andreessen's WSJ article on 'Why Software is Eating the World' -

WUaS wants to FEED the world -

with great free software -

wiki, teaching & learning resources in ALL languages -

in a f/Friendly fashion.

( - August 26, 2011)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Uvs Nuur Basin, Mongolia: MIT OCW's executive director Cecilia d'Oliveira's live webcast, 2001 NYT article about MIT OCW, WUaS Open Access Resources

MIT OCW's executive director Cecilia d'Oliveira's live webcast today was edifying, and will be posted -

and this MIT project is innovating in an ongoing way for the next 10 years.

After her talk, I mentioned, in chat,

about World University and School planning to accredit in California on MIT OCW,

and asked, also in chat,

if web cameras in MIT classrooms for matriculating classrooms in 2014 were possible, with graduate students in virtual worlds, which is how WUaS would like to start.

(I also mentioned WUaS's emphasis on the conference method:


Here's a 2001 NYT's article about MIT OCW -

which I've added to WUaS's Open Access Resources - .

WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW.

Thank you MIT OCW!

( - August 25, 2011)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico: Good, useful, free, web design resources, Abolish Nuclear, Use Virginia's recent earthquake as wake up+

Here's a lot of Free Educational Software - -

at WUaS,

in addition to these good, useful, free, web design resources - -

and -

at wiki, World University & School, to which you can further add, teach, learn and create.

Enjoy :)


Abolish Nuclear ...

use Virginia's recent earthquake as another wake up call - -

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant, in San Luis Obispo, in California,

was designed to withstand a 6.75 earthquake, redesigned for a 7.5,

and Fukushima was a 9.0.

Nuclear waste is a time bomb forever!

And a Fukushima-like earthquake and Nuclear catastrophe could ruin California, or anywhere, forever!


How many species on earth? ...

a new estimate ...

How Many Species on Earth? It's Tricky
Published: August 30, 2011 ...

I added this to WUAS here -

and my Friends' Dalton Letter Bibliography ...

the estimate is still pretty rough ...

there are a lot of species :)


Archaeological or anthropological researcher?

Check out, and add to, World Univ & Sch's wiki, Library Resources' subject -,

its page,

and its pages.

As you know, WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW. :)



Here's wiki, World University & School's 'Artificial Intelligence,'

subject page for open teaching, learning & programming -

Will look to add a new MIT A.I. Hall of Fame entries to this page.

WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW.

See the free, Stanford, 'Intro to A.I.' course here, beginning online this autumn.

( - August 24, 2011)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California, Mexico: Who will be a first significant philanthropist? Unfolding drama of a startup university

World University & School,

in ALL languages


will help so many people,

and further internet innovation significantly,

with MIT OCW-based academics,

as a wiki.

Who will be a first significant philanthropist to,

grantor to,


or collaborator,

with WUaS?,

with an invitation, too,

to volunteer at this startup university.


In this unfolding drama of a startup university,

with MIT OCW as academic basis & starting place,

WUaS is looking for philanthropist Deus ex Machinas to emerge,

and dramatically change the direction of WUaS's financial operations -

Who will help?

Wikipedia is in 281 languages,

has around 40 FTEs (full time equivalents)

and began 10 years ago.

WUaS wants to surf the internet's tremendous potential, and innovations, ahead,

for decades+,

as a great university, and open, wiki school, in ALL languages.

( - August 23, 2011)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sian Ka'an, Mexico: In what ways can WUaS's Music School generate music-making, Musical learning, Jamming, Digital, musical innovations, Music Flowing

... in what ways can World Univ & Sch's Music School - -

generate music-making,

so that people can explore ways to invite music richly into their lives ...

a page per musical instrument,

rich, unfolding, teaching & learning opportunities,


approaches to practicing/playing,

digital musical innovations :) ,

so that if folks want to open to music flowing through them,

these wiki-resources, and notes,

will help :)


The internet is always on ... making music anytime possible :)

( - August 21, 2011)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Banc d'Arguin National Park, Mauritania: A nice poem about Laser sailing and the SF Bay Area, Wiki Poetry & Sailiing subjects at WUaS

Here's a nice poem about Laser sailboat sailing and the San Francisco Bay Area -

- (March 4, 2009).


And here's the wiki, poetry subject at World University and School:

with an invitation to write, teach, add and learn.

(WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW).


And here's the wiki, Sailing subject,

for open, free teaching and learning,

at WUaS

( - August 20, 2011)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Kinabalu Park, Malaysia: Listening to Yo-yo Ma play Bach, Wondering how our minds can unite with, Guitar Fourhands as example of united brains, Music

... listening to Yo-yo Ma play Bach Cello Suites (PBS version),

and wondering in what ways our minds can unite with this,

in a similar way to this extraordinary, guitar four-hands,

where their minds seem to be biologically one / united

... cross-handed, too :)

... :)

(worth re-visiting:) ... lovely music, as well.

... More J.S. Bach recordings here - -

at World University and School, (like Wikipedia with MIT OCW),

to unite with ...

with a budding, ALL instrument Music School ...

( - August 19, 2011)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gunung Mulu, Malaysia: WUaS would like to collaborate flourishingly with One Laptop per Child, MIT OCW, Harvard, Google, Wikipedia, Quakers

World Univ & Sch would like to collaborate flourishingly with

One Laptop per Child -$100_Laptop_-_MIT


Harvard - here's a free doctoral degree at Harvard (last year to apply)

here at World Univ & Sch's Free Ph.D.'s section ...



Quakers, business-wise, organizationally, and with their history in education

Nontheist Friends

in particular:)

There's so much at all of these already, teaching & learning-wise ...



Scott MacLeod:

.‎.. rich collaboration for ongoing generativity and creativity between educational organizations .. for productive and novel responses to what's needed, especially through good communication ...

WUaS needs to grow a bit before we can facilitate fun committees ... :)


Here's a Digital Public Library of America committee example of how WUaS will organize itself:

Digital Public Library of America Steering Committee

( - August 18, 2011)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lake Malawi National Park, Malawi: 3, free, online courses at Stanford this fall, NY Times' article

3, free, online courses at Stanford this fall -

"Virtual and Artificial, but 58,000 Want Course" -

Machine Learning (,

Intro to Databases (,

Intro to Artificial Intelligence ( ...

I'll add these to other individual courses - -

at World University & School :)

( - August 17, 2011)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve, Madagascar: Best Investing, Solar OLPC in Haiti, Quakers & Poetry, Digital Public Library Update

Index Investing -

and Socially Responsible Investing - -

both still make eminent sense for a variety of reasons,

and index investing

(e.g. in the S&P 500 and Vanguard Mutual Funds)

will probabilistically make you richest in the long term,

of all investing strategies ...


Successful solar installation in Lascahobas, Haiti to charge 500 laptops!!!!! -

will add to World Univ & Sch's OLPC page -$100_Laptop_-_MIT :)


An Apple iPad for displaying Free Sheet Music, which is aggregating here - -

on your piano, or wherever needed,

as well as for finger painting (which I'd enjoy:),

seem like two, unique, useful applications.


as an example of 3 sources of free sheet music,

and then potentially interactively musically in the future :)


added the free 'Kids' Finger Painting for the iPad' ... to ... looks fun ... can't wait until this kind of software gets really sophisticated :)


will look to add BBC "Listen to Them Breathing" (Quakers & poetry) - -

as reference, to World University & School's Quaker subject page - -

with an invitation to f/Friends to edit a wiki WUaS page.

(MMmmm Harbin & Heart Consciousness Church:)


Digital Public Library of America Steering Committee Announces the Beta Sprint Review Pane - -

plus other key links about the emerging DPLA ...

will add to World Univ & Sch's Library Resources' page - -


( - August 16, 2011)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jeju Volcanic Island: In 50 years (in 2061), I hope WUaS will be a flourishing garden where you can Freely Plant & Pick teaching & learning resources

In 50 years (2061),

I hope World University & School - -

will be a flourishing garden where you can

plant a teaching & learning resource,

teach to your web cam,

or freely pick/learn some useful knowledge or skill,

jam in the Music School,

or invent in the Media Lab at WU ...

in ALL Languages

(especially in the emerging world),

and with highest-quality, free degrees,

in multiple (ALL) countries,

and where WUaS will have helped advance

eliciting the neurophysiology of bliss ...

with an invitation to edit a WUaS page :)

( - August 15, 2011)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Phoenix Islands Protected Area, Kiribati: Is bicycle riding a good metaphor for talking about Musical Instrument Practicing, Daily PLAY, How?

Are bicycle riding,

and learning to ride a bicycle,

good metaphors for talking with kids about practicing a musical instrument -

e.g. 'just getting the hand movements into your bodymind, like riding a bicycle,'

(because kids want, and like, to learn to bicycle ride, and getting 'it'

is fun and clear change which is learned.

And is the 'PLAY' word, as in 'daily playing,' better language,

(as well as exploring practicing as play)

a sensible approach?

How best to play over 10 years, with music?

Parental guidance on piano improvisation (with radio) would be useful for kids.

How to make this easy here and helpful, here:,

for example?

This WU Music page -

already has some helpful, practicing references,

but I may start a wiki, subject page -

"Practicing a Musical Instrument" - soon :)

( - August 14, 2011)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kenya Lake System in the Great Rift Valley: WUaS is a fan of Free Public Libraries, Public Learning Fest, WUaS will focus, wiki-wise, on DESIGN

WUaS is a fan of Free Public Libraries, in general ...

and WUaS will aggregate all of those online libraries with significant resources,

in ALL languages,

here on this page -

... to participate not in only in the free, public library, historical fest,

but also the free education fest (k-12 is free in the U.S.)

... as wiki, - with an invitation to edit this page :)


WUaS will focus,

in its wiki-development,

on DESIGN (on MediaWiki probably ...

for handhelds, too - suggestions? -

e.g. Wikipedia doesn't work on my mobile, internet device), -


... Apple Computer, for example, has surfed forward on its design-focus and skills over the decades ...


where we can make art ...

fingerpainting on an iPad, from any number of WUaS Art and Design pages ? :)

(and as a great university/school, too). :)

( - August 13, 2011)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mount Kenya National Park/Natural Forest: Research-wise, WUaS's focus on information technology of research areas, Significant Expansion

Research-wise, WUaS would like to focus particularly on the information technology of Green energy research, such as solar, low-carbon, and biomedical research, as well as the i.t. of fascinating language, brain and computer science research ... http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Research - with further information technological, creative opportunities, as wiki.

Significant expansion here long into the future ...

( - August 12, 2011)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lake Turkana National Parks, Kenya: WUaS would like to select for experienced professors who love teaching, WUaS's uniqueness

World University & School


as it grows,

would like to select for experienced professors who love teaching

(e.g. Reed hires for teachers committed to the conference method in their discipline)...

retiring folks from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, for example ...

who want to keep teaching because WUaS makes doing so fascinating in new ways,

whether it be access to differently engaged students, or ...

you name it by editing this wiki page

( - August 11, 2011)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Saryarka – Steppe and Lakes of Northern Kazakhstan: WUaS is one of the greenest universities in the world, Its school 'color,' Mascots, Research

World University & School is one of the greenest universities ...

being all online ...

in the world.

Its school 'color' is the green of nature,

and you can see its logo here - http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Ecology

Avatars are its mascots, - sometimes morphing ...

Come play with ideas in the green world of WUaS ...

WUaS's colors in a school color sense, as I see them upon further reflection, are both really Rainbow, and the salmons, reds, ochres and yellows of warm landscapes, and India-like flowers and colors, in addition to the green of forests, and the colors of nature.

WUaS's color is also very much blue, a deep blue, the blue of the Friends' Dalton Letter, with this color code #000099


And in terms of WUaS research, 'Green; energy research, such as solar, and low-carbon, are and will be key foci, as are all kinds of other profitable, sustainable and clean energy research foci

Similarly, biomedical research will be a focus, as will language, brain and computer science ...

( - August 10, 2011)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ogasawara Islands, Japan: Visited the comedy page at World Univ & Sch recently? Monty Python, Marivaux, Eddie Izzard?

Have you visited the comedy page at World Univ & Sch recently? :) ...

which is wiki (where you can teach & edit, too), ...

The Monty Python isn't bad :), ...

looking for some Marivaux
(18th century French comic playwright :) ...

please add resources ... Eddie Izzard? :)

( - August 9, 2011)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Shiretoko, Japan: World Univ & Sch's 'Cello' page, Lovely, growing, virtuosic music on ALL instruments in the video section of the WU Music School, +

Here is the beginning of wiki World University & School's 'Cello' page,


.. ah, music! ... and the cello is so sonorous

for open teaching and learning ...

Invitation to teach at WUaS by editing this page ...


Lovely, growing, virtuosic music on ALL instruments in the video and audio sections at wiki, World University & School's Instruments' pages -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/World_University_Music​_School -

for open teaching and learning ...
(e.g. http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Cello) ...

with an invitation to add more by editing this page ...

ah, music!

Freely-available, virtuosic music is a wonder :)


Dear R,

Interesting Manifesto/Imperative ...

which I'll look at more closely, and, perhaps add this to WUaS.

I think evolutionary biology

(we're all 3.5 billion years' old, in a sense)

selected for pain (genetically),

and some current foci on suffering perhaps reflects memes

(replicating cultural units/words),

in religious traditions' language, for example,

about which we may have choice

I think these Loving Bliss memes are under-explored - ...

(or Music ones, which are unique memes, in that they're tones,,


or Psychotherapy

... other wellness-related ideas ) :)

My summer is continuing to be creative,

although I'd like WUaS's finances to change for the better.

Looking forward to keeping at touch.

Happy travels,

( - August 8, 2011)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yakushima, Japan: It's a question of FOCUS that shapes how students learn, WUaS offers so many 'WOW' gifts, Stanford Artificial Intelligence course

In many ways, it's a question of FOCUS that shapes how students learn,

and what students focus on often comes out of their culture,

e.g. families, especially their parents.

WUaS is making wiki-accessible MIT OCW plus conversation,

at the university level,

inviting students to focus here,

with flow esp., and fun :)

(Scott's 'theory' or 'hypothesis':).


World University & School offers so many 'wow' gifts,

for free, as wiki (where you can teach), ...

and this Stanford, online, free, artificial intelligence class -

is one example I'd like for WUaS - -

to cultivate, and build upon,

for matriculating classes, beginning in 2014.

( - August 7, 2011)

Shirakami-Sanchi, Japan: WUaS Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture School, Abundance of Ideas & Links, Economic Prosperity, Music, Primatology

Here's the recently updated WUaS Veterinary Medicine page, for potential degree granting -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Veterinary_Medicine -

and which will be invaluable in the developing world, and potentially in many languages ... (a WUaS online Vet School based in Oregon, with a Vet I know there? Perhaps ... )


Here are the beginnings of World Univ & Sch's Agriculture School -
http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/World_University_Agric​ulture_School -

(with an organic focus). WUaS is a free, open, Creative Commons' wiki, for people-to-people teaching & learning (potentially in all languages) - like Wikipedia (in abt 281 langs), with MIT OCW. (Yea for open, free,wiki, Creative Commons' wikis for idea-sharing!) WU's Ag School will potentially help so many people in the emerging world,and everywhere!


Here are 2 WUaS, wiki, Open Access subjects for Funding and Resources -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Open_Access_Funding - and -


... for open, teaching and learning ...


Lovelight - Grateful Dead - has some of the life of Woodstock -​=pkTctwHa5Rw -

just reach over and touch someone ...


Guerilla Open Access Manifesto -

added to
http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Open_Access_Resources ...


Is Free Software Ready For E-publishing? ...​11/08/04/137258/Is-Free-Softwa​re-Ready-For-E-publishing ...

will add to WUaS's Free Educational Software page ...

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Educational_Software ...

there's an abundance here already, and it's wiki ...


Calling for your collaboration ...

WUaS wants to create an enormous number of jobs -

(see this Krugman editorial:​cle?a=824950) -

in all countries and languages ...

a kind of export strategy, business-wise, where other countries govts.,

like in UNESCO WHS, will eventually compensate WUaS -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/ - for free degrees ...​niversityandschool.htm

Please contribute generously.


First website published 20 years ago today :)


Your Very Own Cookie-Baking Robot -​2011/08/03/your-very-own-cooki​e-baking-robot/

added to WUaS Robotics' subject -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Robotics :)


Hiroshima no more

and Abolish ALL Nuclear -

its waste is crime against humanity, FOREVER,

and a time bomb, too

(See the WUaS Nuclear Science wiki page here -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Subjects )

Don't forget or repeat Hiroshima/Nagasaki !!!


5 pillars of U.S. economic growth per Tom Friedman, today -​cle?a=825574 -

1 education,
2 infrastructure ...
5 government funding of high tech and science ...


engages ALL of them, flourishingly ...

Where's the money?​ ...

WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW.


Some fascinating Ethnomusicological projects in 2012

(think Alan Lomax - http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Ethnomusicology ...

music collecting along the Hippy trail from Edinburgh to Kerala, India,

and the ethnomusicology of the book 'Rise Up Singing' in the US,

as well as ethnomusicology of Scottish Bagpiping ...

with attention to harmony singing. :O)

Let's make this WUaS page come alive :)

Listening to Ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax's recordings (1997 Rounder Records - 12 CDs) from 1959 from Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas & Alabama - kinda wild - will add some, as references, to WUaS's Ethnomusicology subject http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Ethnomusicology :)


Here's World University & School's FB group for mobile devices -​?sk=group_48753608141 with an invitation to join ...

And here's the World University and School big screen FB version:​oups/48753608141/


A particularly moving moment in an evening with Muti-Verdi-Sconi ... ah, Europe-France-Italy :)


As an example of free, interactive, high quality, language instruction, you'll find the Goethe Institute's web page and Second Life web site addresses here - http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Courses#Language_Learn​ing_Get_Togethers - Conversation meets 6 days a week, and there's a lesson one day a week. What other, great, FREE language-learning possibilities do you know of? Please add to, or teach at, WUaS :)


Added this interview with Penny Patterson "Koko Loves: Conversations with a Signing Gorilla" at Stanford -​=rf7ZpdvnoEE -

to the WUaS wiki, 'Primatology,' subject page -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Primatology ...

There are actually 3 subspecies of gorilla, I recently learned ...

( - August 7, 2011)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Dolomites, Italy: Stanford's free, upcoming class on 'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence' (, Take to Teach? New WUaS AI Subject

This free, online, Stanford 'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence' course: -

is quite an opportunity ...

a solid, academic course, for credit, using current information technologies,

taught by Google's Director of Research

and a professor of computer science and artificial intelligence at Stanford

(http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Courses) :)


Wow. Nice.


I am so tempted!


... and with Stanford professors teaching - online for free ! :)


New, wiki, 'Artificial Intelligence' subject at WUaS -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Artificial_Intelligenc​e -

with this free, online, Stanford 'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence' course - - (and 3 others from MIT) ....


Added Stanford's free upcoming class

'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence'

and Harvard's Berkman Center's Tuesday Luncheons
(​vents, beginning 20 Sep 2011)

to World Univ & Sch's Google calendar, here -​/World-University-and-School -

and to WUaS's Individual course's here - :)


Think you might like to teach eventually at World University & School,

with great universities' ocw as an academic basis?

Taking, having fun with, and getting to know Stanford undergrads,

this upcoming, free, open 'Intro to Artificial Intelligence' - -

would open possibilities here -

which is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW - at WUaS.

This ai course is not only fascinating material,

pathbreaking for online education,

and a learning opportunity for professors-in-the-making,

it's also an historic class, teaching-wise at WUaS.

( - August 6, 2011)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Monte San Giorgio, Italy: 'Peace Corps' Law & Medical Schools, online & free?, Here are their beginnings, in English

'Peace Corps' Law & Medical Schools, online & free?

Here are their beginnings, in English:


Such schools would be accessible on the web, and for OLPC and emerging world countries.

WUaS is planning for accredited, online, law & medical schools

(eventually in 50-100 countries, along with 4 main degrees:

Bachelors, Ph.D. Law and MD),

building on the information technology revolution.

WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW.

WUaS would like to create jobs,


as well as a service-oriented, great university & school.

( - August 5, 2011)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Isole Eolie (Aeolian Islands), Italy: Metronome as a digital drum, slowable, poly-rhythmic, beautiful in sound, and design, Enjoyable Practice? Pipe

In what ways could a metronome become a digital drum,

slowable, poly-rhythmic, beautiful in sound, and design,

- with bagpiping snare settings, for example -

and richly interactive,


with time? -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Bagpipe_Tutorials -

(or for any musical instrument -

in a similar way to sheet music (musical scores) and musical recordings ...

(See two recent blog postings here about related questions of practicing).

In what ways does this already exist?

( - August 4, 2011)

Lorentz National Park, Indonesia: First WUaS classroom/Watsu pool as UNESCO World Heritage Site equivalent?, Under-subscribed class collaboration ...

How to build the first

World University & School virtual world classrooms / Harbin Hot Spring ethnographic field site,

with Watsu pools
(http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Watsu - in OpenSim?)

for teaching & learning,

and soaking in from home,

into an UNESCO World Heritage Site equivalent?


If a Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Cambridge or Stanford course

is under-subscribed beginning in 2014,

perhaps WUaS will be able to collaborate with, virtually ...

and add students in these great universities' classrooms,

interactively online -

(32 15 week courses for a free Bachelors' degree at WUaS).


WUaS would like to develop great, effective Friendly/Quaker clerking practices for World University & School, as an organization, for millennia ahead ... with deep connections to great universities' and Quaker educational consortiums ...

looking for overachieving students ...

those who enjoy reading a lot, for example ...


How to find/create fun & play

(and the bodymind health benefits)

of yoga (as a kind of dance?)

at home http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Yoga

where you can already stream much video from here into your home,

for exploration.

and add to it by editing this page ... :)

finding the space to play with yoga (with friends) is wonderful ...

Sun salutations can be very nice -

playing with them and other asana

like our primate brethren

(chimps, orangs, gorillas, etc. who are all so strong)

play with movement,

can so salutary ...

google 'the orangutan and the hound' for interesting insight into an orangutan's flexibility, strength, contentment, intelligence & interspecies cooperation :)

in contact improv, as well? ... yes


World Univ & Sch will be an ocean of symbols,

richly extended by the information technological revolution,

compared with the big rivers of symbols/knowledge through time at these great universities - http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Courses , for ex. -

for we human primate symbol (Deacon) users.


What is the UC Berkeley Nuclear Science department measuring and reporting these days?

See the WUaS Nuclear Science & Engineering subject here -

and here -
http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Subjects -

about Fukushima fallout reaching the U.S. west coast, for ex.?


WUaS with fluid digital video streaming like Google +Circles & Hangouts, for ex., will favor good teachers, significantly ... http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Subjects ...


Sign in the Berkeley library: This is YOUR Library... Similarly, World Univ & Sch is YOUR university and school, whatever your language ... (http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Library_Resources) invitation to help grow it ... at the Berkeley library, I borrowed 7 CDs and 1 great novel/story on cassette ... cool symbolic material


World University & School, as wiki, is an amazing, education-oriented Volunteer SERVICE Project for your organization, with lots of learning opportunities - http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Volunteers. Let WUaS know if you'd like specifics :)

( - August 4, 2011)

Ujung Kulon National Park, Indonesia: Wikipedia's 'openness vs. credibility of articles,' Limiting for WUaS, Any thoughts posting to Wikipedia?

Dear R,

How are you? Here's my comment on your posting of "Is Wikipedia Losing Editors?" (, today.

I've found Wikipedia's defining 'openness vs. credibility of articles' inherent conflict to be limiting. To be able to add/edit a page about anything is amazing, thanks to wiki, and vis-a-vis knowledge production, too, but I haven't yet been able to add the Wikipedia-like (while presently using a Wikia wiki), World University & School (http://worlduniversity.wik​​ty), which I've been developing since 2008, due to WUaS not having yet received any press or 3rd party references (even with CA incorporation & 501 c 3 status), which WUaS is working on. I've tried a number of time. ... It's a funny wiki world :) Scott (​rlduniversityandschool.htm) ... And I haven't been able to contact Wikipedia in an effective way, either. And I've edited and added a number of Wikipedia entries. Openness is the way to keep editors, I believe.

Any thoughts about how to get World University and School into Wikipedia (which, if Wikipedia's protocols worked as they might intend, probably could have happened 3 years ago). Getting an entry for WUaS will open a variety of ways to develop, including fundraising-wise, in a variety of ways.

Thank you!

All the best,

( - August 4, 2011)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Komodo National Park, Indonesia: With computers, as input-output devices & as metaphors for our own bodyminds, I enjoy musical input & smile output

With computers -

which can be thought of as input-output devices,

or input-processing-output hardware-software systems -

as metaphors for our own bodyminds,

I enjoy the input of the Grateful Dead, Ravi Shankar or Mozart, for example,

and the output of ongoing, developing smiling, as a straightforward example, e.g. the music here - http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Grateful_Dead :)



Harbin Hot Springs is one of the most beautiful 'musical scores,'


I know for exploring bliss,

as can be UNESCO World Heritage Sites,


symbolically and in many other ways,

but they don't have the waters. :)

( - August 3, 2011)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nanda Devi and Valley of Flowers National Parks, India: Inviting you to be f/Friendly co-clerks at WUaS, WIKI Master plan, plans to hire interns et al

As a f/Friendly clerk of WUaS inviting you to be f/Friendly co-clerks -

here's WUaS's WIKI Master Plan:​m/wiki/Master_Plan -

by editing it.

Invitation to participate in creating WUaS. :)


World Univ & Sch plans to hire interns,

and eventually, faculty & administration,

when monies begin to come in -​niversityandschool.htm.

Again, here's the WUaS Master Plan for our first intern positions:​m/wiki/Master_Plan with an invitation to edit it.

Interested in fundraising for WUaS?

Let me know.

( - August 2, 2011)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sundarbans National Park, India: How to make practicing a musical instrument, with digital technologies, fun?, Why not focus on Loving Bliss?

How to make practicing a musical instrument,

with digital technologies

(e.g. musical notation provides information technological access to lovely pieces,

and recording technologies to great performances) -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Music -

as fun & fruitful as going into the Harbin warm pool :)

... blogged about making practicing social recently

( - July 17, 2011)

Now, how to make it fun with information technology?

... would love to learn your thoughts, and examples here at WUaS,

especially as conversation.


While humans do, and can, learn

(e.g. most people in the developed world can read),

I'm surprised more of us don't focus fulsomely on eliciting Loving Bliss

(see this subject here -


My current hypothesis is twofold:

that we haven't talked enough about this L.B. neurophysiology,

and that our 'common chimp' legacy (as primatolgoical narratives)

(in contrast to a possible 'bonobo chimp' one)

from ancestral environments & our evolutionary history is too much part of our bodyminds.

I'm focusing on milieu & loving bliss neurochemistry, for one.

( - August 1, 2011)

Manas Wildlife Sanctuary, India: Teach to your web camera & a video site at WUaS, Life in a Jar, 'Magic Trip,' Nuclear

Teach to your web camera & a video site at WUaS,

like Bill Robertson (bagpipe tutorials, New Zealand),

Jimmy Ruska (web design and much more),

Salman Khan (polymath, Silicon Valley)

are doing ...

e.g. here, at Bagpipe Tutorials, for the first:

Your teaching can be short and one time, but about what you know and would like to share.



Life synthesized in a jar -​/28/science/28life.html -

is hinted at ... will add to WUaS's wiki,

Genetics' subject -

... amazing!


New film - 'Magic Trip' about Merry Pranksters based on original footage - - will add article and reference to http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/1960s , /Entheogens , plus ... :)

McGrath Charles. 2011. [ Film Hitches a Weird Ride on Kesey’s Bus]. July 31. New York, NY: The New York Times.


Jenny Ryan needs about $500 to get the up again. It's a wiki site for virtual ethnography that's been down for around a year. Please give generously to the donate button ... Thank you, Scott


TEPCO's Fukushima nuclear fallout measurements are higher than ever, and TEPCO says the incident is over @DrHelenCaldicott - Keep speaking truth to power - http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Sibjects - for the 'Nuclear Science and Engineering,' wiki, Subject page, which may eventually become an university department ... will look to add this here. Abolish nuclear. Its waste is a crime against humanity, forever.

Need to further the oceanography & nuclear subjects at http://worlduniversity.wik​ ... In one way nuclear is cheap & reliable energy with enormous and horrific (very) long term costs, however, unfortunately ... we need much better alternative energy sources ... see the solar and energy subject pages here at WUaS, too.

In terms of the science of nuclear waste & fallout, we need to further the oceanography & nuclear subjects at http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Subjects ... In one way nuclear is cheap & reliable energy with enormous and horrific (very) long term costs, however, unfortunately ... we need much better alternative ....

energy sources ... see the solar and energy subject pages here at WUaS, too, and add your ideas to thus wiki.

The science of nuclear waste is well established - it doesn't go away, there's no way to store it forever, and it's just accumulating in steel caskets in Idaho and related around the U.S. - And it's so harmful to life - http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Subjects - for the Nuclear Science subject ...

I hold nonharming as an important first principle in life ...

( - August 1, 2011)