Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Astrantia major: Flax seed oil, Happy baby mongolian and camel, a different reality ... they both look quite happy together

Flax seed oil (1000 mg from WM works) is harmonizing and brightening in my experience

(with other clinically proven health benefits, as well),

and probably due to the omega 3 fatty acids -

probably similarly to cod liver oil -

and doesn't taste bad.

See World University & School's Omega 3 Fatty Acids wiki subject page here -

(WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW).

New Omega 3 developments you know of?

Related harmonizing effects from something you eat?

Please add them to WUaS ...


kind of a trip ...

Happy baby mongolian and camel ...

and different reality ...

they both look quite happy together :)


may add this photo here -

and here -


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sandhill Crane: Grateful Dead - Not Fade Away--Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad (4-5-71)

Grateful Dead - Not Fade Away--Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad (4-5-71) ...

another goodie, with great 'on the road' video of a family's 1937 trip to Yellowstone.

... remix deluxe :)

... added to WUaS's Grateful Dead wiki subject -

where you can bliss out, too

... wondering how to invite teachers and learners to find their bliss at creating at open, free WUaS as if listening to the GD for Deadheads :)


Barbary sheep: out-competing each other into the unlikely-to-win-against-Obama category

Hi M,

I'm traveling vicariously with you and enjoying it.

They (Romney and Santorum) seem to be out-competing each other into the unlikely-to-win-against-Obama category. I much prefer other verbs than 'compete,' because I don't get much joy (or bliss) from it ('flow,' absorbed mind - sometimes, but not bliss, and especially not loving bliss), but those two seem to be making a potentially easy job of winning for Obama, even as gas prices go up to the highest I've seen them ($4.17 - 4.50 per gallon) … which may be the only way to address global warming chaos, seeing as the world isn't doing much about this yet. (Obama is struggling with the budget deficit these days, as well).

Music and travel are much more enjoyable to focus on than political competitions, in my book, ... but I'm writing one about Harbin, the warm pool of which is even more enjoyable with music and traveling to, where, fortunately, political competitions don't feature :) ... but not as fun as visiting NZ once in a while.



Monday, February 27, 2012

Willow: World Univ and Sch's beginning, online, Law School would like to begin to explore offering online, Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits

World University and School's beginning, online, Law School -

would like to begin to explore offering online,

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits

in conjunction with some of these great universities' Law Schools

we particularly want to come into conversation with,

especially Harvard, Yale and Stanford's Law Schools,

since MIT and Princeton don't have Law Schools,

and Cambridge University is in Britain.

WUaS would like to offer online CLE credits with these great universities,

anticipating accrediting WUaS Law Schools in as many as possible,

and in at least 50-100,



Blue Lobster: Remix Design, "Tim Berners-Lee Takes the Stand to Keep the Web Free," DPLA Update?, Jim Henson's "Robot," Media Lab research updates

Designing for Remixing: Computer-supported Social Creativity -

will look to add to Programming and Gaming pages at WUaS ...

(... all at ...


"Tim Berners-Lee Takes the Stand to Keep the Web Free" -

will look to add to Internet Studies -

and to Patenting -

at WUaS.


Watch the "Robot" Short Movie Jim Henson (of Muppet fame) Made for AT&T in 1963 -

... will add to World University & School's Robotics' wiki subject page -

Technologies and media / information technologies about them have been with us for a while now.



What's happening with the Digital Public Library of America?

I just clicked on this link -

and get the message

"Sorry, but is blocked on this network."

And here -

the last update is from September 29, 2011.

(Here are a variety of related links -

from a blog entry of mine from last May 2011).

Here's the Library Resources' wiki, subject page -

where we can all link, open, free, online libraries, via wiki World University and School,

and potentially in all 3000-8000 languages,

which WUaS is planning for.


Inventor of email ...

... added to WUaS Internet Studies ...

Exciting: MIT Media Lab will make publicly available their Lab research updates -

added this to the Media Lab at WUaS -

which plans to be in 3,000-8,000 languages,

both open

and eventually for degrees ...


Sunday, February 26, 2012

King coelacanth: Angela and Victor's recent 'Underground Yoga' Movie with trailers, which take you to Greece, From 'flow' to bliss to Loving Bliss

Came across Angela and Victor's recent 'Underground Yoga' Movie with trailers -

which kind of takes you to Greece ...


Farmer, Angela and Victor Van Kooten. 2007. [ Underground Yoga Trailers]. ( Eftalou, Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece:

... added this to the wiki, Yoga, subject page at World Univ. & Sch. under 'Select Films'


... looking for more, free, online, yoga videos of Angela & Victor ...


... I'm curious to explore moving from

'flow' experiences (Csikszentmihalyi),

to bliss

to Loving Bliss (eliciting thus neurophysiology) ...

... flourishingly. :)

Here are some thoughts about this in terms of practices, as well -

and see, too, the other 4 related letters here ... nice to come into conversation about this ... :)


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Himalayan Monal: The Unsettling Truth About Life (narrated by Alan Watts), World University & School's Music School, editable, Loving Bliss, wiki page

The Unsettling Truth About Life ... ...

( narrated by Alan Watts ) ...

see also, with an invitation to help create,

World University & School's Music School -

wiki page,

as well as the Loving Bliss (eliciting this neurophysiology) wiki page ... ...

with invitations to play here,

and create some settled,

musical truths about life :)


Friday, February 24, 2012

Sea grass: Here's Nicholas Negroponte - "Learning by Yourselves," Learning, Harvard (HBS) Professor Jim Austin's Participatory Class, Media Lab-Lessig

Here's Nicholas Negroponte on "Learning by Yourselves" - -

and here's WUaS's 'Theories of Learning' ... ...

(where I'll probably add this article), as well as WUaS's One Laptop per Child page -$100_Laptop_-_MIT ...

where WUaS is the Do it Yourself university and school,

and WUaS is also especially for OLPC countries ...


Here's the Harvard Business School's 'Case Method in Practice' ... ...

which I've added to World Univ & Sch's 'Theories of Learning' wiki page - -

and to WUaS's 'Conference Method of Teaching and Learning' page ... ...

(vis-a-vis Reed College's) ...

Check out, in particular, Harvard (HBS) Professor Jim Austin's (34 mins.)

participatory class here - -

as a good example of the 'Conference Method of Teaching and Learning' ...

and as a sensible model

(... also added this to WUaS's Teaching subject - :)

... see the short videos of the other 4 HBS professors, as well ...


Media Lab Conversations Series: Lawrence Lessig,

"One Way Forward: The Outsider's Guide to Fixing a Republic"

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 | 4:30pm - 6:00pm ET - -

just ended, but will probably be archived ...

will ad to the Media Lab at WUaS - -

both open and potentially degree-granting,

and which is potentially in all 3000-8000 languages as well as internet-centric ...


Here's a 10 minute version of the above talk:

Media Lab Conversations Series: Lawrence Lessig,

"One Way Forward: The Outsider's Guide to Fixing a Republic"

World University & School will begin to recruit teachers, and perhaps Lessig himself, thanks to this video.

( - February 24, 2012)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Next Step ~ 'Open Source Learning & World Univ & Sch' show (#73)

The Next Step ~ 'Open Source Learning' show (#73)

Dan Kottke (host)

(and a fellow Reedie who went to India for 6 months with Steve Jobs in the mid-70s)

here interviews Barbara Bruechert and myself, Scott MacLeod,

about Open Source Education &

World University & School - -

{Kottke, Dan, Barbara Bruechert and Scott MacLeod. 2010. [ Open Source Learning and World University & School]. August 11. (The Next Step #73 - see also: Palo Alto, CA: The Next Step}.


Thank you, Dan, for posting this !!!


... will see if Wikipedia (@Jimmy Wales)

will add World University & School ... :) ...

with this show as reference,

along with these three blog entries + ...


(adding this Next Step #73 video, too, here -

( - February 23, 2012)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Toward building virtual Harbin Hot Springs in ScienceSim

Toward building virtual Harbin Hot Springs in ScienceSim

Useful links for terrain building in Science Sim

Detailed cross-region terrain making

Sculpt Terrains

Where can I get terrain, region files, buildings, and other content?

Welcome to the home of L3DT!
(L3DT is a Windows application for generating terrain maps and textures. It is intended to help game developers and digital artists create vast high-quality 3D worlds.)

A bit more detail – Point Reyes Station 1:4 model, by Darb Dabney, and in Science Sim

Tutorial: How to Replicate A Real Life Building in Second Life [Updated]

The Making of Virtual Harbin Hot Springs as Ethnographic Field Site in Second Life & Open Simulator
(This is a look and feel of the virtual Harbin I'm interested in building - in the first minute or so)


What a surprise ... just found I had a station at - - with one video I made some years ago called "The Making of Virtual Harbin Hot Springs as Ethnographic Field Site in Second Life & Open Simulator" - ... getting started building virtual Harbin in ScienceSim ... let me know if you'd like to co-build and learn. ( )

Would you like to explore building? SS meeting on Tuesdays at 10 am ... :)

The Making of Virtual Harbin Hot Springs as Ethnographic Field Site in Second Life and Open Simulator - by Scott MacLeod in April 2009

Aphilo Scott MacLeod Virtual Harbin Introduction Apr 09

(Also accessible here: ).


~ The 'Gardens of Bliss' is the 'look and feel' and artistic style I'm looking for - in the above "The Making of Virtual Harbin Hot Springs as Ethnographic Field Site in Second Life & Open Simulator" - in creating virtual Harbin in ScienceSim.

~ I'd love to anticipate photo-movie, interactive, visual realism in ScienceSim some years hence, - a little like holodecks I've seen in virtual worlds and SL. ('Holodecks' are photo accurate 'platforms' in virtual worlds with realistic landscape all around, but where one's avatar still looks cartoon-esque, - in the ones I've seen).

~ I'd love, too, to anticipate OpenSim scripting for Watsu (water shiatsu), for water, and for other fluid objects, etc., in virtual Harbin, - and as this moves toward interactive, photo-movie realism, as well.

~ I'd love, also, to anticipate the amazing, sixteen (16) 60' inch panel screens, as one big screen, I recently saw at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Mass., displaying the interactive virtual worlds, "World of Warcraft" and "Star Trek Online," - for both 'realistic' virtual Harbin, some years hence, as well as for open teaching and learning at World University & School.


Avatars teaching on large screens in virtual worlds are a very compelling model for open teaching and learning at WUaS (as well as the WUaS Medical School, - - et al.).

( - February 22, 2012)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lamiaceae family: Telemedicine, Medical School at World Univ & Sch, Pharmacology, Meditation, Dr. Terry Wahls - Minding Your Mitochondria

Here's the 'Telemedicine' Wikipedia entry -

and here are the beginnings of the Medical School at World University and School -

(see also Bruce C. McKenzie's (ed.). "Medicine and the Internet" ... )


... added three, new, MIT OCW courses to World University Pharmacy School -

and to the 'Pharmacology' subject -

both recently updated ...


TEDxCambridge - Sara Lazar on how meditation can reshape our brains ...

will look to add to WUaS's Meditation wiki subject -

and perhaps yoga ...

and perhaps ...

would love to see her references :)

and perhaps here - ...


Great: TEDxIowaCity - Dr. Terry Wahls - Minding Your Mitochondria ... ...

will add to World Univ & Sch's 'Medicine'


and 'Brain and Cognitive Sciences' subjects


... furthering our understanding of disease, science and diet ...

and Food and Nutrition


Monday, February 20, 2012

Shetland cod: Scottish country dancing - good introduction, new Scottish country dancing page @ WUaS, Universal translator & AI, Pibroch Sheet Music

Scottish country dancing - good introduction ...

with instruction ...

new Scottish country dancing wiki subject page at WUaS ...


Winter Storm 2008 Ceol Beag Andrew Lee

Such fine piping -


Hilarious, and well shot, video, -

condom bagpipe

which I haven't yet added to WUaS's Bagpipe Tutorials -

not sure what to read in this :)...


and check out the 'Scotticism' (Wikipedia entry)-

which I just added to wiki, World University & School's 'Scots' wiki, subject page -

for open teaching & learning.

(WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW).

... used to have a t-shirt of a piper playing under a tree on a very windy day,

with his kilt pegged out like a tent, which said

"Blaw, blaw ye stormy windes, I dinna care the noo" -

('Blow, blow you stormy winds, I don't give a hoot' ?)

which I'm guessing is an example of Scotticism :)


These will indeed be fascinating AI programming challenges for an universal translator ...

(Translating colloquialisms in a universal translator,

from and to all 3,000-8,000+ languages,

will indeed make for a lot of creative programming and artificial intelligence) ...



Out of a possible 23 Piobaireachds on 2 of

Donald MacLeod's "Classic Collection of Piobaireachd Tutorials" (Vols. 1 & 2) CDs,

I was able to download sheet music for 11 pieces from this very useful Patrick McLaurin Tune Database Search -

which you'll also find with other piping sheet music possibilities at World Univ & Sch's Bagpipe Tutorials -

... so cool ...

Now to play with wee Donald and learn ... :)


I'm looking further for Piobaireachd Society sheet music online (relating to Vols. 1&2 above, for ex.), as well as for Donald MacLeod's "Classic Collection of Piobaireachd Tutorials" with Cantaireachd (relating to Piobaireachd Society Books 4&7, and which isn't so far on iTunes, for ex.), and these also both by the piece ... if you happen to know of sources :)


Listen to great Piobaireachd here ...

at WUaS's Piobaireachd wiki page,

where I hope we'll link over time a few good examples of all Ceol Mor ... :)

Check out "The Desperate Battle," for example ...

"Was that the Kenny MacLean who took the gold at Oban in 1974?" :)


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Firefly: Nontheistic Friends (atheistic Quakers) have been exploring Autonomy, Separatism, Independence, Virtual NTF Meetings in virtual Harbin?

Hi E,

The conversations on the Nontheist Friends' email list seemed a few years ago to have been partly exploring, conceptually, the possibility of a kind of autonomy, separatism or independence (freedom, too}, as nontheistic Friends (atheistic Quakers, also), even Meeting-wise, vis-a-vis unprogrammed Meetings (as well as religion), but that seems to have lessened these days.

I'm in the process of building a virtual Harbin Hot Springs, probably in the interactive, 3D, virtual world of ScienceSim for an actual / virtual ethnographic book I'm writing about Harbin (check out the beginning of this video to get an idea of what it might look like, these days -, which emerges socioculturally out of the 1960s, and which, in its alternativeness, has incorporated as 2 churches (Heart Consciousness Church - HCC - and New Age Church of Being - NACOB). (It's a beautiful place at the end of a road in a pretty valley in northern California, with lovely springs and pools, and I see many parallels between soaking in the Harbin warm pool and sitting in Quaker Meeting). There's already a Quaker Meeting in Second Life, on Sea Turtle Island, there (visit - - and see - and and In the process of building this virtual Harbin Hot Springs, I may also explore creating the space for a nontheistic F/friends Meeting, in-world, for people to share meeting-wise.

If you're interested in exploring an unprogrammed nontheistic Friends' Meeting in a virtual space, please let me know.

But, like Jam, I know of no on-the-ground, nontheistic, Friends/Quaker Meetings, and presently, it seems, that NTFs on this email list are finding community mostly in unprogrammed, Quaker Meetings, and mostly in the US, Britain, Canada and Australia (that I've observed).



Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kolkata botanical garden: 'An Interview With Rabindranath Tagore' where student plays both roles, Tagore Documentary by Satyajit Ray, Tagore's Poems

An Interview With Rabindranath Tagore ...

as a student project,

where the student plays both roles ...

Insightful ...

but where did Tagore's inspiration come from? ...

Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore -

may add to India subject at WUaS ...

and here, as well ~ ...


RABINDRANATH TAGORE (1961, Documentary) - by Satyajit Ray

Tagore was from Calcutta, in what is now India, and Bengali was his first language, I think.

"Gitanjali (Song Offerings), Gora (Fair-Faced), and Ghare-Baire (The Home and the World) are his best-known works, and his verse, short stories, and novels were acclaimed—or panned—for their lyricism, colloquialism, naturalism, and unnatural contemplation."


... Here's the Bengali / Bangla - - page at WUaS


Poems of Rabindranath Tagore ...


Lover's Gifts II: Come to My Garden Walk

by Rabindranath Tagore

Come to my garden walk, my love. Pass by the fervid flowers that
press themselves on your sight. Pass them by, stopping at some
chance joy, which like a sudden wonder of sunset illumines, yet
For lover's gift is shy, it never tells its name, it flits
across the shade, spreading a shiver of joy along the dust.
Overtake it or miss it for ever. But a gift that can be
grasped is merely a frail flower, or a lamp with flame that will