Monday, October 31, 2011

Yosemite National Park, USA: Georgia Peach and her Gospel Singers, Great Gospel, Google TV v2 & WUaS Music? In Memoriam to Kittler - 3 media theories

Georgia Peach and her Gospel Singers, at -!/stations/play/666041117169134021 - great gospel, check out the Fairfield Four, too, especially for walking base lines (listen to learn - :) ... immersion possibilities here, too - :~)


How will World University & School unfold anew with Google TV v2 - - especially in the WU Music School, and with open, free jamming ... ? :)


Beautifully written "In Memoriam" to Media Theorist Friedrich Kittler - - will add to WUaS ...

( - October 31, 2011)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Free Music Lessons for SOME Musical Instruments interactively online? Free Language Lessons?

Free Music Lessons

(vis-a-vis the Goethe Institute's free, interactive German instruction in Second Life - see WUaS below)

for SOME Musical Instruments online?

(Yes - How soon? ... with, for example, retired symphony musicians and other volunteers?)

WUaS would like to become the Goethe Institute of music instruction, too -

and in MANY of the 3,000-8,000 languages ...

When people start making music in many languages on the web,

together and FLOURISHINGLY,

the internet will SING. :)


Free 'Goethe Institute' for ALL Languages online?

WUaS would like to become the Goethe Institute of language instruction

(e.g. with free, interactive German instruction in Second Life -

for FREE, and for ALL 3,000-8,000 languages ...

Learn Luhya in a virtual world?

Yes (How soon?) ...

... And SO much more

... free universities and schools online and interactive at WUaS :)

( - October 30, 2011)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Olympic National Park, Washington: BIGGEST KUDOS, 1st Annual Open Business Meeting & Party, for World Univ & Sch, business meetings on the 2nd Sats.

BIGGEST KUDOS to all who participated in the

1st Annual Open Business Meeting & Party,

for World University & School,

via conference call, in person, and on Harvard's virtual island,

today, Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 1pm Pacific Time -

Agenda, and Harvard's URL here -

(Business Meeting process is like in the S/society of F/friends -

get an avatar if you'd like to participate in-world in SL in the future).

like Wikipedia with MIT OCW,

with free degrees planned,

will help a lot of people.

WUaS business meetings are on the 2nd Saturdays of the month at 1 pm,

with an invitation to join in the conversation

in a virtual world, via conference call, or in person,

to help grow WUaS.

( - October 29, 2011)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mammoth Cave National Park: World Univ & Sch would like to generate a 'top-notch' WUaS University - Industry relationship, Solar & Nanotechnologies

World Univ & Sch would like to generate

a 'top-notch' WUaS University - Industry relationship,

perhaps like that which is talked about here - -

in "Tradition of Innovation: Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Co-founders of Google" ...

Stanford - Google's innovations are far-reaching ...

may add this video to WUaS's Innovation - -

or to its Media Lab -

... with an invitation to matriculate at WUaS and start innovative companies ...



Far-reaching energy innovations in Nanotechnology ...

... will add to World University & School's "Energy Technologies" subject page - -

and perhaps its Nanotechnology page, - - too.


Here are World Univ & Sch's "Science"

and "Research"

wiki, subject pages, among many open, wiki WUaS Science subjects (,

with a MIT Open Course Ware basis, where you can teach, learn and do science, creatively.

Bermuda Principles : The goal of the agreement was to provide a basis for a free sharing of pre-published data on gene sequences among scientists - ... these provide a kind of rationale for sharing much online data and scientific research, informing WUaS ... will add.


In what ways could World University & School facilitate symbioses between Harvard, Yale, and Princeton (since Stanford and MIT already have fairly robust Research-Commercialization processes, but including Stanford, MIT and Cambridge, and these other great universities - ) ?

( - October 28, 2011)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Redwood National and State Parks: Diwali (festival of lights in India) ART & WUaS's ongoing creative design, Technologies everywhere? Amish

... would like to bring such Diwali (festival of lights in India) ART

to World Univ & Sch's ongoing creative design,

with a related focus on natural objects/things from nature,

so that we could make such art on a WUaS page,

program such related scripts,

do Diwali-related MIT OCW-informed course work,

and eventually with the ease of a headband (,

for example, here:

and here:

and on every page and in WUaS developments,

as we like it :)

{Happy Diwali, all!}


I think tables and books are also technologies (replicating and predictable, to start, prior to information technologies?), appreciate Old Order Amish levels of technologies (right up to the Industrial Revolutions, in a way) a lot, and like the 'sociocultural technologies' of Waldorf education's effects on children's growth ... O, Gutenberg, movable type, and the astral plane, - concerning this recent NYT's front page article - ... :)

It seems that Old Order Amish, on principle, would be opposed to World University & School, and yet up to an 8th grade education is alright with the Amish ... :)

( - October 27, 2011)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kluane / Wrangell-St Elias / Glacier Bay / Tatshenshini-Alsek: wHAT HAPPENED MAN WE WERE TO START THAT PROGRAMME IN KENYA, Unfolding, ALL Languages

Someone messaged me recently (on Monday October 24, 2011):




World Univ & Sch is unfolding slowly ...

WUaS is inviting countries to engage this open university and school process (like Wikipedia), in all their languages

If you would like to help, let me know ... Wikipedia happened because we all made it ...


ofcourse yes l would like to be among the team and help


I'd invite you, C, to join these groups - and here - - to start ...

I'm thinking that a Kenya-focus, or your-language focus, are the two best places to begin ...

World Univ & Sch wants to be in all 3,000-8,000 languages ...

what's your fist language, C?
KiSwahili or Luhya?




You're welcome, of course, at this wiki (editable web pages), to add some key teaching and learning web sites to the Languages' subject page here - or to teach to your web camera about the Luhya language, or Kenya or Uganda.

Each language will eventually become a university or school itself, much like the English one, and will develop over time ... are you in Uganda as you type?

The idea informing World University & School is that we all do/make it ... teach & learn to and from each other (like Wikipedia - ) ... and MIT Open Course Ware will inform the academic standard for universities

I found this Swahili Wikipedia, but I don't see a Luhya Wikipedia in Luhya yet - here's the Luhya entry in Wikipedia - - Consider trying to get to know the people in Kenya who are making the Swahili Wikipedia as another start ...


I'm in uganda graduating this year Dec.


Great ... (congratulations)


You welcome we celebrate together


It's worth celebrating! ... How far are you (in hours) from the capitals of Uganda or Kenya? I'm curious about your possible networking with Swahili Wikipedia or One Laptop per Child in your countries? ...

C ... Must go now, please join the above groups, and please let me know if you'd like to add some teaching and learning URL links to the Swahili and Luhya languages - - Bye for now!


We are not far frm towns,we are near Entebbe airport.come and u donate for us computers if possible.kenya we are near ma


Here's the World Univ & Sch Hardware Resources Possibilities' page - - and WUaS would eventually like to get into recycling computers, including donations, to facilitating teaching and learning in countries and among people that especially need them. Let's keep in touch.


sinde muliro univrsity and others


Is the university nearest to you, or where you are graduating from?

What city or town?


Come this Dec for vacation we go together to masai mara beach and mombasa


Masinde Muliro University of Science and technology (MMUST) ... is this the same? ... I don't see coming to east Africa soon ... ...

in Kakamega


Yes,its the one.


Ok ... thanks


I'm using old laptop,pls could u get me this small one?


Hi C ... if you'd like to help with World Univ & Sch's teaching and learning resources, let me know ... (why don't you come to the States this December and get one ... ) ... I suspect I have nearly as little money as you do ... my laptop is old as well ... My focus is on WUaS ... please let me know if you'd like to volunteer ...


Have to volunteer and l like that so much,l'm also volunteering for an American who is in kenya starting a project


Great ... more later ...


Perhaps C will become the Luhya teacher in a virtual world, like the Goethe Institute makes available, and this will become the way to focus the development of a whole school or university in Luhya.


Free Goethe Institute for ALL Languages online?

WUaS would like to become the Goethe Institute (e.g. with free, interactive German instruction in Second Life - - of language instruction, for free, for ALL 3,000-8,000 languages ...

Learn Luhya in a virtual world?

Yes ... - (How soon?) ...

And SO much more ...

... free universities and schools online and interactive at WUaS :)

( - October 26, 2011)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grand Canyon: JULIE FERRIER - Martha la prof d'arts plastiques, La prof de Musique, sa prof de danse! non, bon, oui, ARTS' Plastique

JULIE FERRIER - Martha la prof d'arts plastiques

JULIE FERRIER - La prof de Musique

non, non, non, bon, bon, bon ... oui, oui, oui :) ... pas mal :))

JULIE FERRIER - sa prof de danse!



Monday, October 24, 2011

Yellowstone National Park: Amazing inventiveness out of PVC, by Theo Jensen, Citizens' Nuclear Testing, Nonharming, Consensus, Heart Disease, Plus

added this amazing inventiveness of creatures out of PVC, by Theo Jensen - -

to WUaS's Innovation subject - -

check out Jensen's work :)


Added "Citizens’ Testing Finds 20 Hot Spots Around Tokyo" - - yo World Univ & Sch's 'Nuclear Science and Engineering' wiki subject - - with MIT OCW courses +


... added this to World Univ & Sch's "Ahimsa - Nonviolence" wiki, subject - ... glad Bob Thurman is speaking this truth - - here :)


added the GREAT Google Apps for Education - Google Apps for Education - Free email and collaboration tools for schools - to World Univ & Sch's 'Educational Software' - and 'Education' wiki subjects - :)


Digital Public Library of America: Pro and Con - - added to World Univ & Sch's Library Resources' wiki, subject page - - with links to FREE ONLINE Libraries, potentially in all 3,000-8,000 languages.


Consensus process ... - (Consensus (Occupy Wall Street) - 2min version) - which World Univ & Sch will also engage in its Business Meetings ... (October 29, 2011, WUaS Annual General Meeting 1 pm PT online - URL to follow) ... will add to the NEW 'Consensus Decision Making' wiki, subject at - ... will add this video to the Quaker subject - too.


To scientifically reverse heart disease (still the biggest cause of death in the U.S.), it's lifestyle changes - 30 minutes of walking a day, and a very low fat diet (see, for example, Ornish, Dean. 1995. Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease: The Only System Scientifically Proven to Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery. Ivy Books, also at WUaS' beginning Medical School - To reverse global warming, it's probably reducing CO2 output to less than (the whole world's economies run on burning fossil fuel and CO2 output), and a lot of renewable energy innovation and conservation. See, for example, open, free, wiki World University & School's 'Energy Technologies' lnks - ... plus


To reverse global warming (, it's probably reducing CO2 output to less than (much of most of the whole world's economies run on burning fossil fuel, and hence CO2 output), and a lot of renewable energy innovation and conservation, that will turn this around. See, for example, open, free, wiki World University & School's 'Energy Technologies' lnks - for open MIT OCW courses, technologies, and conservation approaches.


Added the Grateful Dead film "Anthem to Beauty" as reference - - to WUaS's Grateful Dead wiki, subject page - - there's a lot of good music and stuff here already, ... and growing :0

Other favorite Dead films? :)


A little freedom for symphony musicians ... :)

(looking for the URL of this video :)

will look to add to World University Music School - - :)


I hope World Univ & Sch students, matriculating in 2014 in their homes, will dance like this great energy Bollywood - - with reading, writing, and programming vis-a-vis MIT OCW ( :0) (and with Google TV v2)


( - October 24, 2011)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dorset and East Devon Coast, UK: To generate music (series of tones) & to generate bliss (as neurophysiology) are both great focuses, esp with friends

To generate music (series of tones) &

to generate bliss (these qualities of neurophysiology)

are both great focuses,

with friends, too.

How might/does this work,

so that we can do this now? ...

Here are three, wiki conversations at WUaS for this, among many:




I'd like to help facilitate people being able to explore these here and now,

easily, freely and unfoldingly.

Generation/creating are so fascinating, as process.

( - October 23, 2011)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gough and Inaccessible Islands, UK: "How does my university, or country, (or how do I) become a member of World University & School?", Yale Payscale

"How does my university, or country, (or how do I) become a member of World University & School?"

World University and School makes degree programs and course content (MIT OCW-focused) available to universities, through a developing membership program, open to universities, countries, 'languages,' and other interested parties. Send an email to ... (from WUaS's FAQs ...


WUaS is planning to accredit on MIT Open Course Ware in California, with the same organization that accredits Stanford and Berkeley, to offer free, Bachelor, Ph.D., Law and Medical degrees, online in interactive virtual worlds, using the conference method, (vis-a-vis Reed College), with MIT as the academic standard. Face-to-face education is certainly familiar, but books have been a basis for learning since Gutenberg, and interactive virtual worlds like Second Life, offer remarkable classrooms. WUaS is excited to collaborate with MIT OCW, and then differentiate over years. WUaS is seeking academic overachievers, who might otherwise go to Stanford, Harvard, MIT, etc. Here's a free doctoral degree at Harvard in education at WUaS - - but in Cambridge, MA ... folks who are interested would apply by this December ... :)


Startup, free, open World University & School - like Wikipedia with MIT OCW (with free degrees planned with a MIT academic standard) - plans to wiki-aggregate on its Library Resources' page - - all open, free, online libraries, including the Digital Public Library of America, (and eventually in all 3,000-8,000 languages - Wikipedia is in 281 languages, for comparison). WUaS is planning our first matriculating Bachelor's degree class in 2014. Is there a way WUaS could opt into any library programs you know of, such as JSTOR-access? -Scott


Here's a letter to the Chronicle of Higher Education, and an overview of World University and School - - vis-a-vis other online universities, from July 14, 2011, with an invitation to edit a wiki, WUaS page - - and contribute to the conversation of creating a worldwide, online, interactive university, the way you would like it.


In what ways to design for, develop, and innovate with, at World University & School, Siri-like software (voice recognition software on the new iPhone which answers questions and provides information using natural language and an intelligent understanding, not just of words, but of context and colloquial phrasing) on the Google Android side of things, as well, especially in the Music School - and also in Subjects -

... and especially for all 3,000-8,000 languages, and the universal translator World University and School is planning ...


World University & School, following Yale University, would like to move toward these kinds of pay scales, for example - - for online, free, interactive university, in addition to these wiki subjects "WUaS Job hunting" - and "Finding / creating a job you really love" - ... :)

... and starting with these WUaS Intern positions - ...


A whole series of new MIT OCW published - & :) ... am adding this one to World Univ & Sch's - - subject ...

( - October 22, 2011)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Henderson Island, South Seas (UK): Open, Annual Business Meeting Agenda, World University and School, Saturday, October 29, 2011

{Open} Annual Business Meeting - Agenda

World University and School

Saturday, October 29, 2011

1 pm, Pacific Time

Four communication modalities:

- Attend in person in Canyon, California …

- Harvard's virtual island in Second Life ...


... (Aphilo Aarde is my avatar's name)

- Free Conference Call – 877 482 5838 ... (This is generally for Board Members, but if you're interested, WUaS will get you the code - email if interested).

- in a Google Hangout (with group video chat)

( & Scott MacLeod

are the email address, and contact info., for Google + and Google Hangouts)


I'm sorry to say one of our WUaS 'officers,' as a nonprofit, is departing, due to health issues

WUaS needs a new CFO - Chief Financial Officer …



WUaS has 423 pages, in English, and is growing steadily

WUaS also has the very beginnings of a Spanish university and school



Open meetings, (as in the Society of Friends)

Monthly Business Meeting - 4th Saturday of the month, at Canyon and in a virtual world

Consensus Decision Making, for decision-making process ... referring to

In many ways, I see us as all as WUaS clerks … so, facilitators in helping to grow WUaS …


Committee structure for decisions and process




Information technology

Languages (3,000-8,000)






Program / content for other universities

Chatham University plan ...

4 programs: Sustainable Agriculture, Engineering, Law and Medicine


Membership approach for WUaS

invite schools, countries and languages to become members, and remain open as wiki to all ...


Intern program - need monies


Accreditation (WUaS)

Bachelors, Ph.D., Law, and Medical degrees (M.D.)

in 50 - 100 countries

online teaching & learning hospital

(MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Cambridge universities' academic standard, accrediting consistently on MIT OCW)

Accreditation is a 3 stage process, and WUaS will potentially grant its first Bachelor degrees in 2017

... seeking to make free MIT OCW-based degrees to Quaker kids plus others ...


Job creation

WUaS would like to create a significant number of jobs worldwide,

in 3,00-8000 languages and in around 200 countries




Letting countries, languages, universities and individuals et al., know about WUaS

virtual presence ... virtual worlds


Information technology



Music school development ... Juilliard liaison?

online, free instruction in many instruments, and all languages, vis-a-vis the Goethe Institute

online jamming

online choruses, symphony, gamelan



- Scott MacLeod

Head clerk

(Founder and President)

( - October 21, 2011)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Giant's Causeway and Causeway Coast, UK: Ethnolust Writing "Theory into Practice: Rethinking Education," About World University & School

Hi G,

Thanks very much for your timely and insightful writing about
World University and School, "Theory into Practice: Rethinking Education" - In a way, it's World University and School's first 'third party' write up, and we're appreciative.

Concerning some of the other links in our conversation I mentioned, here's World University and School's collection of open, free, online university projects we've found, including P2P, for example -

And here are the 'great' universities, so far, we'd like to engage for open educational resources -

Your sentence "For example, MacLeod states that students would be permitted to take online courses not offered in their home institutions for credit" is accurate in that WUaS would like to explore and facilitate this, especially among the great universities above (and there's precedent, for example, where MIT and Harvard students can take each others courses, I think), - possibly through a kind of membership approach, yet still free and open for WUaS students.

What I didn't mention in our phone conversation, I think, was that WUaS facilitates people-to-people teaching and learning, as wiki, where people can teach to their web cameras (e.g. Salman Khan - math and sciences plus, Jimmy Ruska - web design plus, Bill Robertson - bagpipe), create a new subject page, innovate in other ways, etc., as a kind of meta-directory, and that WUaS is planning to be in all 3,000-8,000 languages, and accredited with the same degrees in 50-100. It's a humongous vision, yet Wikipedia (free, open, wiki and advertising free), by way of comparison, is in 281 languages, and we all did it.

Perhaps your article will help World University and School get into Wikipedia, in multiple languages.

WUaS would like to collaborate richly with Duke University, for example.

Thanks again.

Let's keep in touch.

All the best,

(October 20, 2011)

Hi G,

Here's one other informational response to the last observation in your thoughtful writing about WUaS -

Here's World University & School's Hardware Resources' wiki, Subject page - - for very cheap, or free, hardware. And WUaS has an explicit focus on One Laptop per Child countries -$100_Laptop_-_MIT - as part of its mission.

WUaS is planning for mobile devices as well.

I think the audio recording also helps your article.

(We just had an earthquake here ... a 4-ish on the Richter scale ?)

Thanks again,


(October 20, 2011)


Hi G,

Great. Yes, let's talk further. What do you have in mind in terms of an interview? See my web site for an overview of most of what I'm doing, here -

In my blog, here's a main resource for World University and School, at 'global university' -

And here's the wiki, 'Anthropology," subject page - - for an idea of how an academic subject works, and of course, one can always start a new subject page, like Ethnology, if one wants to. The main, organizing, wiki "Subjects" page is very extensible -

And here's one of the links to my actual / virtual Harbin ethnography book I'm writing - - with a virtual Harbin to come, probably in ScienceSim.

And here's the wiki for the course I've taught for about 7 semesters on Harvard's virtual Berkman island in Second Life - - also accessible from my web site above.

I've enjoyed teaching in virtual worlds because of the two channels - group voice chat and group text chat (and the possibility to build) - as well as a kind of flow experience which occurs in conversing about ideas seriously. And it's placeless so people can participate and share ideas - almost like riffing - from anywhere.

I'd like to get a 'third party' reference/citation to get World University & School into Wikipedia, and perhaps our chat in your blog might do it.

Your blog looks very interesting, as well.

All the best,


(October 13, 2011)

( - October 20, 2011)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians, Ukraine: Solar PV System for Charging Haiti School Children Laptops, WUaS Solar Engineering, OLPC subjects

Solar PV System for Charging Haiti School Children Laptops - -

have added these to World Univ & Sch's "Solar Engineering," wiki, subject - -

and its "OLPC" wiki subject -$100_Laptop_-_MIT -

Solar WiFi innovations with OLPC!

( - October 19, 2011)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Uganda: Here's the 'Solar Car,' A plug-in, hybrid, electric car, Planning to reverse global warming

Here's the 'Solar Car' ...

the 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid - -

(as plug-in, hybrid, electric car)

in so many ways,

if we generate electricity from other (Solar) sources,

and from non CO2 producing sources ...

have added this to,

and will add to WUaS's Solar Vehicle page - -

and it's already on the market!


Ocean & Climate Management Plan -

( - October 18, 2011)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda: To a budding, young bagpiper (and musician), Music Lessons, Practicing - Playing a Musical Instrument

To a budding, young bagpiper (and musician), who is beginning to take lessons:

Here are some Guidelines for Practicing a Musical Instrument from Wynton Marsalis and Yo yo Ma - Please read them, and then let's write out some goals for your beginning to play the tune "Scotland the Brave," per these guidelines.

I would like to suggest you focus, as part of your goals, on all all 4 volumes of the College of Piping Tutor (or one of the best textbooks available), the last one being Piobaireachd (classical piping music, in contrast to light music), with a regular private lesson for your whole piping career. You'll learn so many fundamentals of piping, with these texts and music to return to, in these Tutors, and with private lessons (per the above Guidelines I sent you).

And I would suggest that you think about joining the Prince Charles Pipe Band (or a musical ensemble) when you're ready, include its repertoire in your goals, and focus on moving toward the Grade 2 pipe band. The PCPB (or group) as a goal will make the process of piping (playing) more social, and add an important group conversation, with a variety of pipers (musicians).

Try to play at least 6 days a week in the beginning, in a relaxed and enjoyable way, to develop fundamentals, as well as fluency and a relationship with the music and the instrument.

I've attached the PCPB version of "Scotland the Brave."

See you this evening,

Practicing - Play a Musical Instrument


... added 'Other Good Solo Pipers' from YouTube - -

to World Univ & Sch's Bagpipe Tutorials - ... :)

as well as Free Blank Sheet Music - - -

to the bagpiping page above,

... and you'll find these 3 both here at the World University Music School - -

and here in the WUaS 'Music' subject -

Let's make music online together.

( - October 17, 2011)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ichkeul National Park, Tunisia: 'Index Investing,' Socially Responsible Investing, Mutual funds, Vanguard Mutual Funds' founder Bogle

Index Investing -

and Socially Responsible Investing - -

both still make eminent sense for a variety of reasons,

and index investing

(e.g. in the S&P 500 and vis-a-vis Vanguard Mutual Funds,

which significantly focus on indexing)

will probabilistically make you richest in the long term,

of all investing strategies ...


Concerning 'Index Investing,' Socially Responsible Investing, Socially Conscious Investing, related, specific mutual funds, and Vanguard Mutual Funds' founder Jack Bogle's rationale's for indexing, see:

There's also a fascinating interview of Jack Bogle with Steve Forbes of Forbes magazine here -

Bogle, Jack and Steve Forbes. 2009. John C. Bogle on Index Investing. January 9. (Intelligent Investing with Steve Forbes).

- and on the WUaS Index Investing page:


Use Morningstar Guide to Mutual Funds (an objective, comparative analysis), in your local public library, to do your own research about mutual funds to buy for the long term.


(The government of Norway, for example, also uses social criteria for its investments, and Quakers have, as well, for centuries.

... Socially-responsible investing is one kind of sensible strategy to complement the Occupy Wall Street movement).

( - October 16, 2011)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex, Thailand: SINGING, Steeleye Span, Folk Rock Music, Harmony

Check out the 'Folk rock music' group, Steeleye Span here -

(And here are the also nice 'Misty Moisty Morning'

and 'Thomas the Rhymer' ...

for harmony :) ...


Here's WUaS' Folk Rock Music subject ...


Two, new MIT OCW 'Harmony' courses added to WUaS's "Singing Harmony" subject - ...

Let's bring these alive and make them fun,

articulating them in new ways with the internet ...

where we can both learn interactively,

and sing with others,

and in the present,

when we wish (with, for example) ...

We can already do the latter.


Here's the "Singing" subject - -

at World Univ & Sch.

And here are links on the "Singing" page to about 10 other 'singing' pages at WUaS - -

(I like singing).

I hope we'll eventually all be able to be online and sing interactively with others,

with great related resources.

We already can,

but I think this will grow,

with some organization,

and because it's fun.


Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai, Thailand:

( - October 15, 2011)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thungyai-Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries, Thailand: Harbin Hot Springs' Temple, Building Green Houses and Dwellings at WUaS

New "Building Green Houses and Dwellings" wiki subject at WUaS - -

check out the INCREDIBLE creations of Sun Ray here,

who built the Harbin temple,

introduced by his daughter Kumara :)


Here are Sun Ray Kelley, the Builder's, WONDROUS creations - -

who made the Harbin Hot Springs' Temple -

many are in cobb & bale ...

have added to World Univ & Sch's new "Building Green Houses and Dwellings"' wiki, subject - -

also at WUaS's Subjects -

in the Skills' section :)

( - October 14, 2011)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: Oxford Professor & Oxford Internet Institute, The ancient and the modern, WUaS 'Oxford English Dictionary,' OED as Wiki Model?

Oxford Master of Balliol, departing, talks about the Oxford Internet Institute ... and the ancient and the modern ...


WUaS hopes to facilitate a wiki 'Oxford English Dictionary' in ALL 3000-8000 languages - starting here : - How far back with textual examples of any given word's etymology can we go?

WUaS will have to navigate copyright questions, and this idea may already be out there on the internet, but there's great potential here ... in every language ... as wiki ...


As I understand the fascinating story, the OED was a distributed NETWORK of group knowledge generation of folks, all over (mostly) Britain, delving into texts to find earliest examples of words in sentences, putting them on index cards, and mailing them to editors ...


Free Oxford English Dictionary online? I recently learned that non-San Francisco residents can get a SF public library card, by applying in person, and then get access to the online, Oxford English Dictionary (and Morningstar Guide to Mutual Funds) for free, for example. I hope such library resources and much more will emerge via the Digital Public Library of America, and eventually at World University and School, too, - both accessible here: :).

( - October 13, 2011)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania: A Tour of Network Neutrality, France, Free internet in France, Friends of Our Public Domain, WUaS Summary

"A Tour of Network Neutrality, panel discussion at Open World Forum 2011" - - added this great conversation to World Univ & Sch's "Network Neutrality" subject - ... (Listen to Jeremie, John Palfrey , Simone, and Daphne :)!


free internet in France ... ...

not mobile, I would think, yet ...


Check out these fascinating "Friends of Our Public Domain" videos (Harvard) - here's Pt. 2, where Nesson and Lessig clash: ... but Pts. 1 & 3, are also very 'checkable outable,' as well ... adding these to World University Law School :)


Here's an overview about free, open World Univ and Sch, like Wikipedia (now in around 281 languages, and we all did it) with MIT OCW (now offering more than 2000 free courses): (July 14, 2011). WUaS is in the process of accrediting, for free degrees, and plans to be in all 3,000-8,000 languages. Here's the main page - - with an invitation to teach something, by editing a page. MIT OCW is the academic standard, in English, and many classes will engage the "conference method" and be interactive-in-virtual-worlds. (


Here's the World Univ & Sch's wiki listing of online, free universities and course collections: . Above it you'll find the great universities (about 34 presently) that WUaS would like to draw open educational resources from, in English, and come into conversation with over time. WUaS seeks to become a Tier 1 university (e.g. like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge, Yale, etc.), and is planning its first, matriculating, free, Bachelors' degree class in 2014, all online, using MIT OCW to accredit on. Like Wikipedia, where we all made it, now in 281 languages, WUaS invites professors' edits, development of related WUaS universities in new languages, etc. Please let me know if you have further questions at the website above and here - . Like One Laptop per Child, WUaS will have a developing world focus, but, at present, is primarily university focused, although we link all levels of great, free educational software, as a meta-directory for teaching and learning resources, and where YOU can teach, learn and 'edit this page.'


This wiki, WUaS Subjects' page - - academically, and organizationally, has aggregated many of the 2000 MIT OCW courses, plus much more (see the Subject Template - - which is a key to WUaS). (There are about 10 main, 'organizing' pages at WUaS - Courses, Subjects, Languages, Nation states, You at World University, Research, Educational Software, Library Resources, Museums, and Hardware Resource Possibilities - potentially in ALL languages). And this is infinitely extensible with many creative subjects on the WUaS Subjects' page here already. WUaS would be a great way for professors early in their career to develop a course, for example.


Are you taking 1 of the 3, free, online, interactive, Stanford courses this fall - - beginning this week. If so, please share your thoughts about interactivity with professors, vis-a-vis the 'conference method,' in the course of the term (here, too - If you learn of anyone blogging about their experiences in these Stanford courses this fall, please let us know. Enjoy the classes and this great opportunity! Scott


Harvard's Berkman Center talk on Wikipedia and related wikis - - this morning, Tuesday, online, in 30 minutes at 9:30 am PT ...

... some points from this talk:

Wikipedia is successful because ... 1 built around a familiar product, 2 substantive material, 3 low transaction costs 4 de-emphasized ownership (per Benjamin Mako Hill online right now, and Yochai Benkler) .

Joseph Reagle, who wrote a book last year, puts Wikipedia in context of the encyclopedic impulse .

It also had "the evangelist Jimmy Wales out in front" ...


Wiki is about openness and consensus among a community ...


World University and School collaboration with Wikipedia? ... :)

( - October 12, 2011)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Serengeti, Tanzania: Nobel to Three Activist Women, Ahimsa-Nonharming, A Great Teaching Focus on Student End-user Experience?, The WUaS Subjects' page

"Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Three Activist Women" :

I added the above Peace Prize article to World University & School's new, wiki,

"Ahimsa - Nonviolence - Pacifism - To avoid harming" subject - -

which is cross-linked with both the WUaS

"Nontheist Friends - Atheist Quaker?" subject page,

as well as the WUaS "Quaker" subject page,

both wiki, and editable ...

All of WUaS is editable as wiki ...


Is great teaching, at an university,

the best way to focus on student end-user experience? ... ...

Thank you, Steve, Apple (and Google) for your focus on end-user experience


and for making Apple Computer great!


Nice to be in contact ...

This wiki, WUaS Subjects' page - -

academically, and organizationally, has aggregated many of the 2000 MIT OCW courses, plus much more

(see the Subject Template -

which is a key to WUaS).

(There are about 10 main, 'organizing' pages at WUaS -

Courses, Subjects, Languages, Nation states, You at World University, Research, Educational Software, Library Resources, Museums, and Hardware Resource Possibilities -

potentially in ALL languages).

And this is infinitely extensible with many creative subjects on the WUaS Subjects' page here already.

WUaS would be a great way for professors early in their career to develop a course, for example.


The Serengeti, Tanzania:

( - October 11, 2011)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona: New "Practicing-Playing" subject, iPhone as Musical Instr., Folk Rock, Singing Harmony, Harvard Poetry, Media Lab, OLPC+

New "Practicing - Playing a Musical Instrument" at WUaS : ... for sharing ideas about practicing / playing, particularly to make practicing fun ... (also here at the WU Music School: ... heading to practice ... :)


Here's the iPhone as Musical Instrument wiki, subject at WUaS - - with an invitation to teach, learn, add, create, play and make music, in memory of Steve.

What a long strange trip it's been, thanks to Steve.


Check out the great Steeleye Span on this WUaS "Folk rock music" wiki page - -

Add your favorites :)

... make music here now via this page (as this develops) ...


Two, new MIT OCW 'Harmony' courses added to WUaS's "Singing Harmony" subject - ... Let's bring these alive and make them fun, articulating them in new ways with the internet ...

would like to learn to sing harmony like Martin Carthy here - - :)

MM: Classic Seeleye. And visually, a real period piece....


Dan Kottke, on World University & School's Board, is mentioned in this lead New York Time's article about Steve Jobs, as having traveled to India with him in the mid-1970s - ... And both went to Reed :)


Harvard's Woodberry Poetry Room Online - - WONDERFUL archive accessible from your computer ... World University & School added these to its "Poetry" - - and "Library Resources" - - wiki subjects


Here's the Media Lab at World Univ & Sch - - which is in its infancy ...

How would an Internet-centric Media Lab at WUaS look, building on the MIT Media Lab?

(Here's a MIT Media Lab Talk happening now - #MediaLabTalk -!/search?q=%23MediaLabTalk).

I'd like to suggest that all of MIT and all of World Univ & Sch are Media Labs themselves.




And here's the World Univ & Sch's Languages' page - - WUaS is potentially in ALL 3000-8000 languages ... as wiki


U.S. Jobs' Bill - - and World Univ & Sch wants to create a LOT of U.S. academic jobs, in all languages - - NYC has around least 800 languages in a very small geographical area (see /Languages' page for NYTs article about this).

WUaS will create so many jobs!


Endless possibilities for open, free, teaching, learning and creating at World Univ & Sch, and eventually with degrees, accrediting on MIT OCW ... ... with an invitation to edit this page, or learn or create what you'd like ...


I hope the WUaS Universal Translator will be somewhat wiki (editable), and so in various versions of languages (3,000-8,000 -, and that it will grow and develop with time (building on Google Translate and Sugar Labs' Translate).

Universities can be very creative places, with high-minded conversation and innovations with ideas (and many other things, as well, of course). WUaS would like to remain open, as wiki.

I hope various languages and countries will apply to WUaS, for languages and schools, in a way similar to the UNESCO World Heritage process.


Dear Reed College Magazine,

Here are a lot of links to recent pieces about Steve Jobs - - in a recent blog entry, including an email I sent to Apple a few days ago. I just added your Reed Magazine "Think Different" piece - - to the above entry, as well. Thanks for this!

As I said in this email to Apple, I hope his inspiration and vision can richly inform the growth of World University and School, (like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware). Here's the WUaS's iPhone as Musical Instrument wiki, subject at WUaS - - with an invitation to teach, learn, add, create, play and make music, in memory of Steve. (And the wiki World University Music School is one way to access this and other musical instruments + ...

In memory of Steve,


Nice, free, "Acoustic Blues Radio" at Pandora -!/stations/play/646022991862016453 - may add this station to the Blues - - and the Blues' Singing subjects at WUAS - (all in the WU Music School - - with an invitation to sing and play along, and to 'edit this page' :)

( - October 10, 2011)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch: Dance like this online together from home, Google TV v2, Your thoughts about eliciting loving bliss?

Love it ... :) ... shall we do this online together from home, as well? Shall we facilitate this via multiple Skype windows, or related, here - :)


Yes, Scott, yessss! We dance this way when we gather in backyards, on beaches, in the mountains...


... sounds like something to explore with Google TV v2, for example, (or related) together :)


Great idea, Scott... let's explore some more. Ideally we ought to bring together movement forms of all genre, esp the baby dancing moves that a newborn makes! We need to remind ourselves that we dance first, walk later, and sing first, talk later! Our bodies, our hearts know how to sing and dance, before it all gets cluttered by walking the walk and talking the talk!


‎... curious about your thoughts, Sh, about eliciting loving bliss neurophysiology, when and as we want it, as if drawing a bow across a cello, in all its qualities, and with intensity as desired, in a biological/neurochemical sense, with MDMA as a reference experience ... Here's a wiki subject at WUaS - - to share ideas about this, as they emerge via conversation ... :)

( - October 9, 2011)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

High Coast, Kvarken Archipelago, Sweden: Here's how I'm presently using social media, especially vis-a-vis World University and School

Hi G,

Thanks for the information. Here's how I'm presently using social media, especially vis-a-vis World University and School.

I post a lot in Google + (at Scott WorldUniversity - and Facebook ( about World University & School. Check out, with an invitation to join, too, the World University & School FB group: . And please add your name to World University and School's Google Group:

These posts often make their way to my blog ( under the 'global university' category - - (so, accessible in Google's blog reader, for example) but Google + and FB are more interactive and real time.

I post less to my and WUaS's twitter accounts - and

Much of the above is accessible centrally on my web page:

World University and School links to many social networking sites (around 10) are accessible at the bottom of most WUaS subject pages in the WUaS Navigation Sections, here, for example in the WUaS Economics' subject : .

Have a good holiday.


Scott MacLeod
Founder & President

World University and School

P.O. Box 442,
(86 Ridgecrest Road),
Canyon, CA 94516

415 480 4577

( - October 8, 2011)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Central Suriname Nature Reserve: WUaS seeks to be a Tier 1 University with free degrees, Advice for College Freshmen at Princeton, Online sociality?

World University and School seeks to be an online, Tier 1 University,

like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, Cambridge, etc.,

with free degrees ...

Here's some "Advice for College Freshmen. Produced for Princeton students, but lots of good advice here wherever you are enrolled." - Harvard Economist Greg Mankiw
( -

which I've added here to WUaS's main page

and may possibly add to its Education page ...



How to cultivate online sociality - in virtual spaces and worlds - as richly as comes out in the above Princeton on-the-ground-sociality piece?

This podcast is great because it's Princeton University's students' voices saying what they love about Princeton, and how to navigate there. :)

( - October 7, 2011)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Central Highlands of Sri Lanka: New "Life Sciences" wiki subject at WUaS, Co-constitution of MIT OCW, WUaS and Internet, WUaS to be Tier 1 University

New "Life Sciences" subject at World Univ & Sch -

The way the internet will transform all these academic subjects,

and vice versa,

as WUaS grows and develops over decades

(collaborating with MIT OCW and then differentiating from this)

will be fascinating to observe.

WUaS seeks to become a 'Tier 1' university, offering free degrees in 50-100 languages.

Check out the World Univ & Sch Links to other WUaS subjects on this new,

WUaS Life Sciences' page: ...

so many creative research, learning and teaching possibilities.

... accessible through

WUaS's Science, wiki, subject page: - and

and the Subjects' page itself - ...

and accessible here at the WU Medical School, too: ...

( - October 6, 2011)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wild Apple: To Apple in memory of Steve Jobs, We both went to Reed College, His inspiration and vision & WUaS, iPhone as Musical Instr subject at WUaS

Send a message to Apple in memory of Steve Jobs: ...

Here's what I just emailed: 

Dear Apple Computer, Inc., 

I'm very sad that Steve Jobs has passed away.

My condolences to Apple and all the people there who are grieving at this loss. 

We both went to Reed College.

I hope his inspiration and vision can richly inform the growth of World University and School, like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware. 

Here's the iPhone as Musical Instrument wiki, subject at WUaS -

with an invitation to teach, learn, add, create, play and make music,

in memory of Steve. 

What a long strange trip it's been, thanks to Steve.



Hippy Steve Jobs passes away ...


Here are some related links:


Think Different.


Steve Jobs - and Articles from the Archive

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Apple’s Visionary Redefined Digital Age

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Live Updates on Reaction to Steve Jobs’s Death

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Jobs on Design, Starting Over and the Value of Death

What Steve Jobs Understood That Our Politicians Don’t

Steve Jobs, Son of a Syrian, Is Embraced in the Arab World

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Steve Jobs: He Brought the Show to Business

Steven P. Jobs: His Life, His Companies, His Products - Timeline

A Genius of the Storefront, Too

The Power of Taking the Big Chance


How Barefoot Teen Steve Jobs Helped Cure 3 Million Blind People


Working at Apple as a Start-Up: Daniel Kottke, one of the first Apple employees, on traveling and working with Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs.


Walt Mossberg's:
"The Steve Jobs I Knew"


Steven Paul Jobs, 1955-2011
Apple Co-Founder Transformed Technology, Media, Retailing And Built One of the World's Most Valuable Companies


As millions mourn Jobs’ death, Apple co-founder Wozniak recalls a friend, great businessman


Steve Jobs Dies: Early Life of 60s’ Counterculture Inspired Visionary ...


10 products that defined Steve Jobs' career


Richard Stallman's Dissenting View of Steve Jobs


Why, Really, Do We Love Steve Jobs? It’s the old appealing story of a man who rejects the dominant society, and then wins by its own rules.


Connecting the Dots from Steve Jobs to Me


Steve Jobs Remembered: 10 of His Most Magical Moments [VIDEO]

RIP Steve Jobs: Share Your Condolences [OPEN THREAD]

Apple’s Board of Directors on Steve Jobs

Bill Gates: “I Will Miss Steve Immensely”

Steve Jobs: 1955 – 2011

Jobs Family Statement: “Steve Died Peacefully”

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Steve Wozniak on Steve Jobs [VIDEOS]


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Apple Steve Jobs The Crazy Ones - NEVER BEFORE AIRED 1997


Help the Next Steve Jobs:
If you want to honor Steve Jobs, do what somebody did for him: Donate your organs.


The life and times of Steven Paul Jobs, Part One:
From grade-school hellion to iMac redemption


What Everyone Is Too Polite to Say About Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs Was Always Kind To Me (Or, Regrets of An Asshole)


Steve Jobs' Mantra Rooted in Buddhism: Focus and Simplicity


Steve Jobs – a worthy opponent, a valuable ally


Charlie Rose with Steve Jobs and John Lasseter (1996 - vide0)


Steve Jobs at Wikipedia


1984 Apple's Macintosh Commercial


Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005


Both Steve Jobs at Apple, (and Google), focus richly on end-user experience, with amazing success ... World Univ & Sch plans similarly to focus on end user experience, but as a university (Stanford comes closest, in my experience, in ethos), and via teaching, and in virtual worlds, interactively ... ... Thank you, Steve, for making Apple Computer great!

( - October 5, 2011)