Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flying Dolphin: Flow: the Psychology of Optimal Experience in Daily Life ... How?, Surfing as Lifestyle, Loving Bliss Neurochemistry as Lifestyle?

Flow: the psychology of optimal experience in daily life ... How to find flow richly?


With what qualities ... ?


As I was coming to Berkeley today, I wondered how many people are surfing on the California coast as a lifestyle, as in the film "Surfwise" (a Stanford trained M.D., and then head of the American Medical Association, living in Hawaii in the 1950s, gets fed up with society, and pursues his love of surfing, eventually moving to California and living the life of a surfer for about the next 20 years, marrying a Mexican woman, and having about 9 kids; the kids are in the film and loved this lifestyle), doing what they love. What a life ... Is this optimal?


How might you or I do something analogous to surging as a lifestyle because you love it, with the neurophysiology of loving bliss?

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