Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cave Biology: Is Canyon a Stop on the Hippy Trail? Internet Public Library, Grateful Dead Jam

Heard some fascinating stories today about the history of Canyon, California at the Canyon School Arts Faire.

Is Canyon a stop on the hippie trail in 2009? Counterculture was about now, so it can't be ...


What are the best web sites for international networks of public libraries, worldwide? Let's add them to

found and added The Internet Public Library to see Library Resources - rich resource. WUaS is growing & has a lot! of resources ...


Let's invite public libraries around the world to list as access to great universities' FREE Open Courses, Library Resources, Educational Freeware, and invite these publics to collaborate on the development of World University & School.


... couldn't obtain "The Phantom Factor: Impact of the Cold War on Anthropology" by Laura Nader (Current Anthropology, Vol. 40, No. 1 (Feb., 1999),

at the Berkeley PUBLIC library, even,

- no JSTOR academic journals' database access -

Does this reflect an information lock down, in the land of free speech?

Societal information lock down? let's make jstor available here at the open, free through a great university

Let's get public libraries to list World University & School as first choice for access great universities' courses, library resources et al


Innovation in , like Wikipdedia, will occur through group collaboration - sharing ideas openly - eg WAVE

= plans to use Google WAVE translation between all 3000- 8000 languages over time, if possible

***** LIBRARY RESOURCES has open source textbook section with around 10 textbooks - Looking for world class textbooks ... in all languages and for all nation states - please add links


Arts Faire at the Canyon School on Pinehurst Rd today from 11-4 east of Berkeley in a redwood forest. Canyon is beautiful - come check it out


Hawaiian-ish music ~ "Friends of Old Puppy" ~ {} at Nabolom's bakery collective in Berkeley this morning - it's a 10-1 happening - I like their chocolatines, esp. & fair trade coffee


Grateful Dead, candle light, a warm, cozy home, "Dark Star -" & "St Stephen with a Rose" Jamming Music, & with it The Dead go amazing places


Gray, blue, white over the distant rippling mountains to the east. Redwood ridge to west is bright & gray. Grateful Dead are Jamming in the air... and I'm singing with ... good way to bring music-making to life ... sing along at home ... :)

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