Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stream flowers: How to make anthropological field work come 'alive'?, Like a wanderer, Relationship between 'neurophysiology' and 'virtual'

How to make anthropological field work at come 'alive,' - in a virtual world? How to cultivate the in a virtual Harbin, from home, or wherever? In a bathtub?

And to make an academic process of representing and interpreting interactively, as a form of knowledge production, is a fascinating possibility with a virtual Harbin.

* field work in the pools is fascinating when studying the anthropologically especially in the context of Heart Consciousness Church. The warm pools deepen the experience of releasing, and Harbin itself, as milieu, transforms releasing, culturally.


Before I passed by the Harbin gate on my way there {a little like a wanderer on the road}, I was eliciting the relaxation response along a beautiful stream vis-a-vis nature.

MMmmm. :) Flax seed oil - omega 3s.

To the waters of warmth at soon.


What's the relationship between 'neurophysiology' and 'virtual'? Both take place richly in the bodymind, but the 'virtual' in the context of the internet and virtual worlds, is influenced by representations, more and more interactive (see Packer and Jordan's book "Multimedia" [2000]).

( - February 4, 2010)

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