Friday, March 26, 2010

Ben Lomond, NZ: Looking for a key developer of the WUaS wiki and database, WUaS Law School in Guatemala? Striking Employees, WUaS Medical Sch & Clinic

Hi Rose,

Visiting Stanford now for an Internet talk on privacy (the end of a CodeX - - conference I didn't attend - and Canada in the Law School. Walked back away from the campus, and into a lovely neighborhood which felt like coming home vis-a-vis many of our houses. And the weather is so great, here.

Looking for a key developer of the WUaS wiki and database, - someone like Peter Deng who graduated from Stanford in 07 and is the chief engineer at Facebook.

Talk to you later.

Love, Scott


Hi Roam,

Nice to see you, and looking forward to visiting perhaps in April. I have a few things on my mind when we talk. I'm curious what's on your mind these days.

1) I'm looking for a key developer of the WUaS wiki and database, - someone like Peter Deng who graduated from Stanford in 07 (computer science as undergrad?) and is now the chief engineer at Facebook. I'm curious about your thoughts about finding such a Stanford alumni, or student (e.g. the developing the English wiki into 7400ish languages idea, as wiki; Wikipedia has 272 languages by comparison).

2) Your thoughts about going from an unlocked, quad band, hot-syncable Treo with Palm OS with data, to iPhone OS or Android OS (with Samsung's Behold II or other innovative handheld). I haven't seen how to move my data from my Palm to either of these new OSs, but am glad to see that the iPhone is officially 'leaked' as unlocked.

3) To chat a little about your possible vision, and my vision of setting up online law schools (and other aspects of WUaS) - beyond posting links to courses for a law school in Guatemala, for example, how would such a free, open, online version help folks, and what might information technology do to transform legal processes (e.g. whose developer I met today in Rm. 180)?

Where interests are taking shape for you in the Law? And how might World University & School as wiki be of help to developing them e.g. If you wanted to teach part time at some point in the future, would laying out course structures, or syllabi, (e.g. MIT OCW) for a particular area be of use to you? And in any particular language besides English? Here's the WUaS Nation-States - - where I hope 50-100 countries/states/territories will have their own virtual WUaS law schools.

I'm curious what's on your mind these days. I hope this finds you well, and looking forward to talking.



Safeway employees were striking loudly ab out 30 minutes ago when I passed by - didn't see why they were organizing or what their goals are ...

interesting to see how labor disputes come up in internet search engines ...

Not easy to find information about it, for example -


I particularly likes the virtual hospital in SL at as the site for a medical school & care facility ... Check it out. Applying to Med Sch in a few years, let WUaS know... And what might you like to teach there?

A friend asks:

are you really there or are you just advertising for SL?? lol


I hope I'm letting people know about a possible free medical education and clinic in the future ... open source & free ware vis a vis nfo tech rewrite questions of advertising and outreach, too ... and I like the SL hospital and its idea. Check it out and let me know what you think ...

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