Friday, June 3, 2011

Mt Perdu, Pyrennees, France: Recent updates, Head of MIT OCW User Experience Team, Studying when Finding WUaS in your own interests, MORE :)

Recent updates to World University and School - -

and it's open for all of us ...


An interview with Kate James,

who heads the User Experience team for the MIT OCW team:

"The Future of OpenCourseWare: Kate James Talks About The Next Decade of OCW at MIT"

... Metadata is king :)


just added this Jimmy Wales' Business Week article to WUaS Wiki subject page -

Brady, Diane. 2011. [ Jimmy Wales's Wikipedia Balancing Act: The Wikipedia founder on empowering his army of volunteers while still maintaining control of the site—and not selling out]. June 2. Business Week.

People will start studying more in depth at FREE World University & School - -

when they find it's in their own interest ...

WUaS is wiki-open for all of us - -

Learning & Teaching open so many potentially FUN opportunities


Scott MacLeod:

World University & School would like to create SO MANY great academic jobs,

in all 3000-8000 languages and vis-a-vis accreditation in 100-ish countries,

in a time when hiring is slowing - .

Friend EMC:

One Laptop Per Child and Sugar Labs would like to create about a hundred million jobs a year as a result of giving a billion children at a time a world-class education and access to each other online. My current focus as Sugar Labs Project Manager for Replacing Textbooks is on creating digital educational materials under Free licenses, allowing students and teachers to improve them, remix them, translate them, and so on.

Scott MacLeod:

(Let's talk further ... WUaS has been aggregating all the free, open, text books it finds to its Library Resources' page - ... and Kate James, a manager at MIT OCW in a recent article - - mentioned a textbook component to it, as well. WUaS is planning to be in all 3000-8000 languages (Wikipedia is in 281 langs.), each a wiki-school, which will facilitate open textbooks).


Google has around 25,000 employees, and Intel, HP, Microsoft, Apple, and so many other great high tech companies,

may all have between 50,000 and 100,000 employees.

WUaS can envision around 1 million people earning a living

at this free, online university & school

but needs your, as well as societal and world, financial support.

And WUaS needs to get to the Wikipedia phase of possibly around 40 full time equivalents (ftes), first :)


Hippies who want to create a new society? ... a news clip from '67 :) The Grateful Dead 1967 (pre- Garcia Beard) ... News' Anchor, at the time, Harry Reasoner speaks ... :)


World University & School is a growing, key, meta-directory standard


where YOU can teach, create, add, edit and learn,

potentially in ALL languages,

because we all are making it ...

FREE degrees (Bachelors, Law, MD , PhD)

in many countries to come :) -

WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW.


Knowing things (like this or that aspect of medicine) can be, and is, FUN ...

check out the bud of a Medical School at WUaS -

also at -

where you can learn, and teach, even when not enrolled ...

How to facilitate more explicitly the FUN of Knowing Things :)?


World University & School is

a Makers' Faire,

a Doers' Faire,

a Musical Gathering,

a Rainbow Festival of Thinking ...

Add a thought, an idea, a conception to the wiki Subjects' page - -

or to the Museums' wiki Subjects' page -

or where you'd like ...

this Open Ideas' Faire is Freee! :)

Rif a little ...

in any language you wish ...

What are the most amazing and innovative Museums, with substantial, free, open, interactive content that you've found on the Web?

Please add to, or WUaS will look to add to wiki

Let's see if WUaS can generate 'Make your own Museum' information technologies here :)

After writing this, I found the Intel's 'Museum of Me' online ...


With all the art on the Web, things on the WUaS Museums' page -

with upcoming programming & creativity possibilities -

could begin to get really wild ...

think hands-on, creative, kids' museums

like the Children's Museum in Boston,

or the Exploratorium in SF ...

all on the web :) ...

and with interactivity with a headband like

again, ... added a whole series of 'Learning Networks' - -


which will also be found in the Navigation Sections at the bottom of most pages over time.

For example, there is now

a Twitter World University and School page,

an World University and School page,

and a World University and School page

to extend the WUaS conversations ...

with an invitation to contribute to this WUaS conversation in multiple places ...

( - June 3, 2011)

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