Monday, October 17, 2011

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda: To a budding, young bagpiper (and musician), Music Lessons, Practicing - Playing a Musical Instrument

To a budding, young bagpiper (and musician), who is beginning to take lessons:

Here are some Guidelines for Practicing a Musical Instrument from Wynton Marsalis and Yo yo Ma - Please read them, and then let's write out some goals for your beginning to play the tune "Scotland the Brave," per these guidelines.

I would like to suggest you focus, as part of your goals, on all all 4 volumes of the College of Piping Tutor (or one of the best textbooks available), the last one being Piobaireachd (classical piping music, in contrast to light music), with a regular private lesson for your whole piping career. You'll learn so many fundamentals of piping, with these texts and music to return to, in these Tutors, and with private lessons (per the above Guidelines I sent you).

And I would suggest that you think about joining the Prince Charles Pipe Band (or a musical ensemble) when you're ready, include its repertoire in your goals, and focus on moving toward the Grade 2 pipe band. The PCPB (or group) as a goal will make the process of piping (playing) more social, and add an important group conversation, with a variety of pipers (musicians).

Try to play at least 6 days a week in the beginning, in a relaxed and enjoyable way, to develop fundamentals, as well as fluency and a relationship with the music and the instrument.

I've attached the PCPB version of "Scotland the Brave."

See you this evening,

Practicing - Play a Musical Instrument


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