Sunday, May 20, 2012

Northern Spotted owl fledglings in Siskiyous: Friends, Giving to World University and School, Quakers, and Loving Bliss Eliciting

Hi D,

Thanks for your email. I hope your trip to Seattle is salutary, and that your father's leg is healing steadily and well, if slowly.

I see my time-budget getting tighter too in the next few weeks, with a friend coming for 2 nights next week, then SFFM's annual retreat, then a Reed gathering (for WUaS, in part, I hope), then FGC (also to share my leading about WUaS, in part), and field work for writing my Harbin book interspersed, weekly as much as possible. I continue to look for World University and School fundraising avenues, and we talk about this regularly at WUaS business meeting. Here's a recent example of WUaS's plan to connect with the people who have already given monies to WUaS - It would be great if people in SF Friends' Meeting could benefit from WUaS over time.

Have fun at Quarterly Meeting, which I've enjoyed at Ben Lomond 1 or 2 times. This will be my first time at SFFM's retreat, which I'm looking forward to - sorry we won't overlap there.

Loving bliss elicitation ~ ~ continues to be a focus for me, ... and a sense of limited time, as well as limited monies, crimps/inhibits such neurophysiological explorations and thinking, but I hope such 'seekings' are sharable, so others can benefit from 'neural cascades of pleasure,' in whatever language inspires them, as well. And perhaps even related 'musical' conversations are emerging. I'd love it if such conversations and foci and 'musical playing' would emerge with a good friend and partner, but that will emerge with the fullness of time.

See you at M one of these weeks.

I hope you find some trails, and fun byways, to explore in your travels home, as well.

Friendly regards,


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