Monday, December 3, 2012

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"Frightened Rabbit beat drum for free music tuition"
(from The Scotsman, Edinburgh Scotland, Dec. 2, 2012, online)

("SCOTTISH rock group Frightened Rabbit have thrown their weight behind Scotland on Sunday’s Let The Children Play campaign to scrap fees for instrumental music tuition, claiming the band wouldn’t ­exist had they not received free music lessons at school.")

Music_Education -

World_University_Music_School -

Recorder -

Creative Commons' licensed World University and School is planning for free, online, individual, instrument instruction, with Scotland as one example - And WUaS plans to be in all 7,413+ languages and 205+ countries, and a major employer. Access to music-making education can be such a real joy and opportunity in the modern world.


Music Playing Space example in a Google + group video Hangout with 2 people ... open and free ... flexibly happening often around 5pm or 9 pm Pacific Time ... worlduniversityandschool@gmail­.com G+ profile for Scott

and with lots of silence in this video since we mute ourselves ...

and with about 5 instruments shown in this hour ...

with an invitation to participate in Music Playing Spaces spontaneously, when they occur.

Here's how:

"Music Playing Space, online and free, 9-10 pm Pacific Time today, Sunday, in Google+ group video hangout, where you can musically play what you're developing, and I'll do the same - socially yet independently (we can mute ourselves), and playing eventually toward collaborative, online, real time music-making. ... at G + Scott MacLeod ... ... (More here at World University and School's blog - - at the music label)."

It will be great when we get past "internet lag" and can play collaboratively in real time.

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