Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kangaroo: 3/9/2013 WUaS Business Meeting MINUTES, WUaS is seeking a ‘mothership’ Law School, WUaS would like eventually to become a significant Creative Commons’ content and course generator and in all 7,413+ languages and 204+ countries

Present: L.V., S.M., and J.M. (in Spain, watching G+ broadcast and in non G+ Hangout text chat)

1 News –


Minute: One main outcome of today's conversation is to seek an EXCEPTION to the state of California's 2009 law (regulated by the CA Bureau of Private Post-secondary Education - BPPE) requiring a physical site (rather than try to change the law), on the grounds that, like libraries, Creative Commons' licensed MIT OCW and C.C. WUaS (which is MIT-centric) have a public mission (of free-to-students, C.C., MIT OCW-centric, university degrees, in WUaS's case), per this article by John Palfrey - - about the large-scale Digital Public Library of America, parts of which should become accessible online in April 2013. 

For these reasons: 

Creative Commons’ licensed MIT OCW-centric WUaS plans to offer ONLINE, free, MIT OCW-centric, C.C., WUaS, university degrees, so a site isn't necessary and it's a cost

WUaS is Creative Commons’ licensed and is free, and shares a public mission (vis-à-vis libraries)

other states may have non-physical site, requirement, legal precedent for educational institutions, e.g. Nevada

re: homeschooling laws in different states.

2.2 Finance

Treasurer's report for February 2013

About $1,000 in the WUaS bank account, with no tax-exempt donations in February

2.3 Information Technology

a. Wikidata news

- WUaS hasn’t yet heard back from L.P. concerning my collaboration conversation inquiry. They may not have grown enough to be able to have this conversation yet.

- Wikidata’s search engine ‘sucks big time’ at this point – per one of their core developers.

- Wikidata's inter-languages' focus (it's being written for Wikipedia's 285 languages) parallels WUaS's.

b.  WUaS’s current academic platform

For planning purposes this is WUaS’s platform - - with graduate student instructors facilitating the conference method in Google + Hangouts - .

2.8 Languages' and Countries’ committee

Vis-à-vis other Languages and Countries, WUaS particularly sees possibilities vis-a-vis accreditation in Spain and China, for example, as well as MIT-centric courses, translation, and OER resources in other languages.

J in Spain:  Awesome. Accreditation, Translation and OER resources. I'll keep that in mind.

5.  WUaS Board

Scott will get in touch with G.N. again, about his becoming a WUaS Board Member.

7. SF f/Friends/Quaker WUaS developments

Scott is giving a presentation about WUaS and Quakers in the Second Hour at San Francisco Friends’ Meeting

Action plan:

1. seek an exception to BPPE's (state of California) physical site requirement, soon, by communicating that WUaS is Creative Commons' licensed, pointing to the libraries and the DPLA's exceptions to copyright.

2 start accreditation process (with WASC and DETC)

3. seek students to apply this autumn 2013 to matriculate in autumn 2014

- WUaS is seeking a ‘mothership’ Law School (much as MIT OCW has the mothership of MIT itself), such as the Stanford Law School, to collaborate with to create online Law Schools in the 204 countries (per the Olympics), and also to create significant numbers of lawyers’ and legal jobs, worldwide.

- World University and School would like eventually to become a significant Creative Commons’ content and course generator and in all 7,413+ languages and 204+ countries, building on C.C. MIT OCW's 2,150 courses.


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