Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Birds abattle in air: Hi Mrs. California MacLeod and All :), Clan MacLeod Society tent at Scottish Games at Pleasanton, "MacLeod Piping Stories & Traditions and some of PM Donald MacLeod's Bagpipe Music"

Hi Mrs. California MacLeod, Bob and All :),

(long-ish email here :)

Nice to see you (all) this weekend and thanks for your great hostessing at the Clan MacLeod tent, Tammie! (And very nice to meet and talk with you Bob, all the way from the Macalester College Pipe Band in Minnesota)!

Tammie, I just 'published' the talk and presentation I gave to the Clan MacLeod Society in the SF Bay Area in June 2011 to, (an interesting, academic yet open social network site) here -

"MacLeod Piping Stories & Traditions
and some of PM Donald MacLeod's Bagpipe Music
by Scott MacLeod
June 2011"

which is also accessible here -

and which I had posted here - - as you know, last year, (and will cash the remaining, old, $7 check on my shelf if that's ok, Tammie).

It occurs to me that you, Tammie, (and all of us), know so much about the history of the MacLeods (and piping) with great insight especially into sources and texts of your liking and inspiration, that if you were to add a 'paragraph paper' (which is possible at, - and which is papers-centric), now and then, from your various other social networking posts to (e.g. by uploading a pdf or word document), you'd create a long lasting record (I'd love to see a somewhat comprehensive bibliography of the texts, etc., you post from, for example), and you might/would generate a far-reaching Clan MacLeod Society, academic (with good sources, texts, evidence, key references, etc.), conversation, and fascinating narratives, over time. (Some social networking sites are locked behind a password, and thus aren't useful for idea or MacLeod history sharing, in the long term, in my view).

I added some new,, tag categories to this paper above such as 'Clan MacLeod Society,' PM Donald MacLeod,' 'MacCrimmon Bagpipers,' 'Isle of Skye,' and 'Piobaireachd (classical bagpipe music)' and more (click on my academia paper page to see the ~10 categories), and you could add these tags or others, or create some.

And Megan, thanks for starting a user page at World University and School - - and adding me back to my WUaS Google + personal profile here - !!! :) (WUaS actually plans to move from the current Wikia wiki to the new, amazing, C.C. licensed, interlingual Wikidata database (written with Wikipedia's 285 languages in mind), and also doesn't use the user pages at Wikia very much. While WUaS plans a 'You at WUaS' social networking site - - with World University Music School - - and secure, academic Registrar plans, G+ is probably best now. Let's talk further about Graphic Design and WUaS as WUaS begins to move to Wikidata.

And, Tammy, here's the beginning Accordion, wiki, subject page ... - as well as the beginning German, wiki pages - - in English, and which is also the beginning, eventually, of an online university and schools in the German language. Check out, all, the MIT OCW courses for insight into what WUaS will eventually seek to translate and accredit upon.

Ian, here's the Scotland, wiki, subject page at WUaS with its links - - for open teaching and learning. Click "edit this page" to share ideas, teach to your web camera or start a new, wiki, Subject page -

And Jeffrey and Bob, here's the Bagpipe Tutorials' wiki, subject page at WUaS with its main, current links, - - scroll up, and different from the Great Highland Bagpipe Page -

Glad to say that I, in addition to taking 2 first prizes and a 1 third, also won a plaque with two other solo pipers, for best Grade 4 piper (not bad having last competed in around 1975 on practice chanter) yesterday. Here's a blog entry of mine from yesterday with piping ideas and inspirations, including this - - and with some great Gordon Duncan and Stuart Liddell tunes. Jeff and Bob, can you verify that the GHB is in the keys of A major (e.g. practice chanter sometimes, - my Naill practice chanter is, but I can also blow it sharper) and in B flat major (pipe chanter but sometimes even sharper :) ... and the pipe chanter's Cs and Fs are even sharper and at their own frequency in piping too (is all this correct?)? My blog (daily these days) has quite a few Bagpiping and Scots' labels, as well as much about free, MIT-centric World University and School, and much more. I'll add you all to the WUaS Monthly Business Meeting email list, to keep you up to date. Open, hour-long WUaS business meeting in a G+ group video Hangout meets this Saturday (2nd Saturdays) in the manner of f/Friends for anyone who would like to join in - you'll get an email about this later this week.

Will the Clan MacLeod tent be at the Dixon Games in late September? If so, hope to see you there and then, otherwise, until Pleasanton again :) I hope you've all caught up on rest after a busy, fun weekend.

'Hold fast' to piping and the light! :)

With friendly regards,



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