Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blue Bird-of-Paradise: Harbin Waters’ Cosmic Consciousness

Harbin Waters’ Cosmic Consciousness

One fig leaf dropped,
golden in the warm pool,
right in front of me – plop.

Meditating in lotus pose
in warm water I was, and then
drops another golden, fig leaf,
to my right, but a little browner,

from green~golden fig trees above.
Easing inwardly myself near the stairs,
she who is naked beautiful walks in,

with lovely face, bosom, and hair,
finding ease, in the warmth.
She looks at me – connection. 

In the hot pool, next door,
finding heated~water, immersive openings,  
she comes in, once standing in

water near her long-haired, male friend.
Are they connected?
She is beautiful in so many ways,

proportional, nude, serene in being,
connectable – but with friend, probably, 
a traveling companion, it seems.

Back in the warm pool,
I emerge heading for the hot pool again,
and get a little dizzy, biologically,

and, aware, observe how this
could be similar to a biological or
chemical door of perception opening

to Cosmic Consciousness,
in another context.
But what is the code

to open these doors, neurophysiologically –
and for all kinds of brain and bodymind
freedoms and transformations,

naturally, but made real
with entheogens and
Mozart and Raga and the Grateful Dead

as well as India, Hindu and Harbin cultures?
How to open the doors,
warm pools-wise, 

to eliciting loving bliss, and
to cosmic consciousness?

Further pool play welcome. 


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