Friday, January 24, 2014

Indian elephants: India, and WUaS collaborations with you, Google India, Nazareth Academy near Bhodgaya, Bihar, India ... WUaS's 'You at World University' page

Hi Saurav, Rinku and Pallav,

Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area, after much fascinating travel in India. I got back to America on Saturday, 18 January, and am glad to be able to email again with you from here freely. It's great to have met all of you in one way or another on the train leaving Kolkata (Calcutta) in Bengal, to Gaya in the state of Bihar.

In terms of collaborating with you, Google India (what did your supervisor say, and do you have 20% Google time, Saurav?) and rolling out WUaS in India this autumn 2014, what WUaS is significantly looking for are best and high-achieving high school students (25-100) from India to matriculate online for free and MIT OCW-centric (taking 32 of these courses over 4 years - undergraduate degrees.

Rinku, do you think you could help find 25-100 or even 1000 graduating high school students at Nazareth Academy in Gaya, Bihar, India, ( ... ... is there a G+ page for Nazareth Academy, Saurav?) who might be interested in the far-reaching online educational opportunity?

Saurav, what would be involved from Google India's perspective is organizing online student registration, transcripts, email lists, Google + Hangouts as classrooms, plus related aspects in Google Docs +.

This is a great opportunity for Google India, too. Looking forward to further communication with you.

Basically, what WUaS would be looking for in a collaboration with you and Google India would be developing out the main, all-languages (7,105) 'You at World University' page ... (even with a Music School and real, real time music-making planned, e.g. in Google + Hangouts).

I also wonder about contacting the Chief Architect of Google Plus, Y.Z., who seems very sympatico, knowledgable and skilled about the above, and which in many ways he/they has/have already made a version of, quite remarkably, in Google +.



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