Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ruby-throated hummingbirds: Texting between MJ and Scott about Honduras World University and School and my actual virtual Harbin Hot Springs' book and virtual world projects ~ The 'vision' of my actual / virtual Harbin book projects and WUaS, New, HONDURAS WUaS, Its new Head, President, Clerk, Admissions' page for WUaS's planned degrees

Texting between MJ Ceilidh and Scott about Honduras World University and School and my actual virtual Harbin Hot Springs' book and virtual world projects ~


For my second, actual/virtual Harbin book, I'm hoping to make a virtual Harbin Hot Springs,

in movie-realistic, interactive, build-able virtual wold, something like OpenSim, Second Life (both cartoon-esque presently, that I've seen, but nevertheless group-build-able, and they work to some degree, although not always easily, - and these relatively open, build-able, virtual worlds also stimulate the imagination)

with Google Earth, for planning purposes, and in the something like the

Oculus Rift googles,

as a comparative ethnographic field site, ...

where one could sit in one's own bathtub, and be at Harbin in Oculus Rift googles ...

I couldn't get you into a northeast snow storm with this ... but storms are interesting liminal states, without too much communitas often :) ...

love that your weather is great

Yet World University and School is a far bigger vision than Harbin books and virtual worlds ...

with lots of 'building-blocks' precedents ...

Wikipedia is in 287 languages and MIT OCW in English has around 2,150 courses, and is in at least 8 non English languages ...

with successful startups abounding since the '50s especially here in the SF Bay Area

MJ Ceilidh:

... am impressed with the vision you are trying to realize. generally very skeptical about the neo-liberalism lurking behind so much of the MOOC thrust. Access seems to mean so many different things but somehow people always come back to making money on it.


WUaS in 7,105 languages (many as wiki schools only, and not accredited) and 242 countries, if we can, beginning with undergraduates this autumn taking these courses -  ... building on the precedent above ... much I would like to ask about and reply to from what you've written above ... like your present-ness digitally :)  ... Creative Commons' licensed MIT OCW-centric WUaS ... MIT OCW is amazing ... how to help develop a further flourishing conversation with it ... while creating wiki school learning conversations as well


President Ceilidh, here is your Honduras World University and School - - (C.C. and MIT OCW-centric and wiki) :) ... let's converse further about this :)


another project?! i can certainly add some books on here, when i get home most likely


Great ... just a little one :) ...

as faculty head and clerk
(in a F/friendly sense as facilitator/listener/synthesizer, head of hour-long monthly business meeting, in the manner of Friends)

or in a musical sense, as conductor ...

I just added MIT OpenCourseWare: Spanish - -

to the new, Honduras World University and School, - -

planned to be in the Spanish language itself - - and, besides as a wiki school in each of all the languages there,

here are the degrees WUAS plans to offer online, and for free, ... in many languages in the links' section of the Admissions' page - ...

What are some of your favorite books about Honduras, which might be instructive at WUaS Honduras (perhaps for when you get back :) ... ?

Hondurans will need broadband!!!


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