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Scottish Wildcat: Here are PM Donald MacLeod and John MacFadyen in Scotland in an interview about composing Ceol Mor, or Piobaireachd, a Piobaireachd (Pibroch) he composed and plays, Having time to compose piping music in Hawaii, Great Ceol Mor by Donald MacPherson, Hugh MacCallum, John MacDonald of Inverness, Robert Wallace, Ronnie MacShannon, Seumas MacNeill, Stuart Liddell

Here are PM Donald MacLeod and John MacFadyen in Scotland in an interview about composing Piobaireachd, a Piobaireachd he composed and plays (from the College of Piping) ...

Ceol Mor

Donald MacLeod

Cronan Padruig Seumas, intro J MacFadyen, 1970s

... and where Donald MacLeod mentions how great it would be to have the time to live in Hawaii for a spell to compose. I attended a few bagpiping summer schools in North Carolina, right before the Grandfather Highland Games, in the mid-1970s where John MacFadyen came from Scotland to teach. Interesting insights into Scottish culture, Piobaireachd music and thinking.


I'm adding this contemporary Piobaireachd composed and played by Donald to the Piobaireachd page at WUaS -,_Piobaireachd_or_Ce%C3%B2l_M%C3%B3r -

along with these other interesting interpreters of Piobaireachd from the CoP archive.

Donald MacPherson -

Sisters Lament, winning tune, Oban, 1986

Lady MacDonald’s Lament

Hugh MacCallum -

Nameless, Hihio tro tro, Oban, 1986

Too Long in this Condition ~ Edinburgh 1970′s

John MacDonald of Inverness -

Lament for Patrick Og, ground

Wee Spree, ground

Lament for Donald Ban MacCrimmon, ground and var. 1

Robert Wallace -

Lament for the Viscount of Dundee (ground), 2002

His Fathers Lament for Donald MacKenzie, ground,  2003

Salute on the Birth, opening of new CoP building, 2003

Beinn a Ghrain, ground and var.1, 2005

Nameless, Cherede Darievea, ground, 2007

Ronnie MacShannon -

Beloved Scotland, 1986

Kintarbert’s Fancy, 1988

Lament for Captain MacDougall, 1986

Seumas MacNeill -

An Introduction to Ceol Mor

Stuart Liddell -

Lament for Colin Roy MacKenzie, Echoes of Oban, 2012



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