Monday, September 7, 2015

Giant panda: Stanford and World University, Dear President Hennessy, World University sent this to President Hennessy on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at 1:23pm PDT

Dear President Hennessy, 

I'm writing to explore possibly meeting with you to talk about Stanford University incubating World University and School, and in regards to a new incubation policy from WASC senior. World University is like Wikipedia with best STEM OpenCourseWare, and planning to accredit on CC MIT OpenCourseWare in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC, to offer online accrediting university degrees. WUaS would like to explore becoming incubated and accredited by Stanford re the accreditation agency WASC Senior (which accredits Stanford), and the state of California's BPPE, - and for Bachelor, Ph.D., Law and MD degrees, first in English, then in most countries in their main languages. President Hennessy, in what ways might it be possible to best communicate further about Stanford becoming an incubator of World University?

WUaS currently has 720 wiki subject pages, each of which will become their own school or accredited university, and develop inter-lingually with machine learning. WUaS will emphasize ~200 countries' main languages for accrediting universities and all 7,941 languages as wiki schools for open teaching and learning. These are WUaS's main areas -  Languages (All), Nation States (All), Courses , Subjects, You at WUaS, Research(STEM and MIT OCW-centric) Educational Software (All languages), Library Resources (All languages), MuseumsHardware Resource Possibilities in 3000-8000 languages. WUaS plans to hold classes for credit in interactive Google + group video Hangouts, for example, hiring graduate students from Stanford and other great universities who are learning to become faculty as instructors.

WUaS would like to explore being incubated by Stanford, just as Stanford has incubated so many companies in a variety of ways over the last century, engaging Stanford's infrastructure and degrees in many ways, including its Stanford China Guiding Cases Project (directed by Mei Gechlik - and its student-driven Law Projects (directed by Erik Jensen - in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Timor-Leste, and Iraq, by offering, for example, online Law Schools in main languages in all countries, as well as engaging Stanford's admissions' and IT departments, - and seek online applicants at World University this autumn 2015 to matriculate online in autumn 2016. 

Stanford would benefit from some fraction of the $44,000/year per student it costs for tuition to go to Stanford/Harvard/MIT/, donated by countries around the world. World University seeks to become the Harvard / MIT of the internet and by accrediting in all countries' main languages. 

Here's the WASC senior incubation policy update - - of May 12, 2015, from UC Hastings' Professor of Law, Bill Wang. I can also share another related Cooley Report update from him from July 9th, relating to BPPE oversight, if that would be helpful. 

If we might explore this idea further with time, whom might you suggest talking to at Stanford about Undergraduate Admissions 
Graduate Admissions 
Stanford Law School Admissions' 
Stanford Medical School Admissions 
Stanford Music School Admissions' 

I know, for example, a number of Stanford Law Professors including Michael McConnell in the SLS - - but don't know its Dean. 

World University and School would like to become a major academic employer in all 7,941 languages, and the Harvard/MIT of the internet in all ~200 countries' main languages (accrediting again on CC MIT OCW in 7 languages+ and CC Yale OYC to begin, and for planning purposes), and significantly hire Stanford and other greatest universities' graduates in multiple languages to teach, and practice law and medicine, for example, for online accrediting University degrees. 

Thank you very much for your consideration of this inquiry, President Hennessy, and I hope Stanford would consider exploring incubating World University, and even beginning this autumn in English, with student applying to WUaS. 

Thank you. 


- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President  
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World University sent this to President Hennessy on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at 1:23pm PDT.



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