Saturday, June 18, 2016

High Sierra Lake: Content is still king on the web, WUaS Achievements, Successes and Accomplishments re applying for a junior faculty position at MIT, a kind of "brag letter"

Dear Ji, 

Here are some of my achievements, successes and accomplishments re my applying for a junior faculty position at MIT, as a kind of "brag letter."

It's been said that content is king on the web, and my big CC World University and School project - - wiki-facilitates content generation in all 7,943 languages + and with developing AI, machine learning and machine translation. I'm also proud that WUaS's virtual earth/reality and STEM-research will seek to wiki-generate content and data at the Google Street View level, the neuronal level and the nano level, with regard to a new methodology I'm developing called ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy, where STEM researchers in all languages will be able to add their research, videos, computer modeling and many other aspects of their research. I'm also proud that CC WUaS is CC MIT OCW-centric in its 7 languages, and planning free CC accrediting degrees - undergraduate (BS/BA), Ph.D., law, M.D. as well as I.B. high school - in all 204+ countries' main and official languages. In an UC Berkeley law course this spring as a pro bono "client," WUaS developed an extended correspondence with MIT Associate Dean of Digital Learning and former Executive Director of MIT OCW, Cecilia d'Oliveira, and further determined that CC WUaS can both "share" and "adapt" CC MIT OCW's ~2300 courses in English and its other courseware in 6 languages anew and develop them with AI, machine learning and machine translation databases. What a lot of interactive, highest quality STEM content this will generate, and, again, in all 7,943+ languages. 

As you may know, WUaS in addition to sharing and adapting for free, especially CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC highest quality university courseware for CC degrees, is a wiki, like CC Wikipedia and is planning to develop in CC Wikidata, which is Wikipedia's 3.5 year old database developing with AI, machine learning and machine translation. I think it's also far-reaching how much content and data WUaS may generate by "wiki-fying" CC MIT OCW (making it editable) and thus facilitate potentially all 7 billion people to teach alongside MIT OCW and potentially in their 8,000+ languages. Again, what a lot of content machine processes alone will generate, and WUaS retains human teachers in our degree programs and wiki schools, which is something of which I'm proud.

On our forking WUaS commercial side, WUaS also further delineated 10 planned planned revenue streams (, many of which are planned in all 7,943+ languages, that will further both generate amazing academic content, but especially also commercial content. I'm proud that this may lead to real growth of WUaS in addition to its content. 

WUaS is planning to develop Bitcoin and Block Chain digital currency in all ~204+ countries (per the 2008 Olympics), with WUaS hiring the lawyers first as graduate students to help write the code for articulating this with existing nation states' legal systems, as well as with countries'  existing banking systems. I hope our Quaker/Friendly ethos will increase the level of fairness with which we do this for all peoples. WUaS seeks to benefit all peoples with both free highest quality MIT OCW-centric education, and economically with related CC MIT OCW Sloan School degrees, for example, as well as with an entrepreneurial spirit where students in many languages may learn by creating online businesses, and cooperatives, even. 

WUaS is planning an Universal Translator in all 7,943+ languages and also to further invigorate small or so called "dying/dead" languages. I've also given online talks on this Universal Translator in both ISSIP as well as for IBM's CSIG.

I'm so glad L.V., and J.Sp. (both of whom went to MIT in chemistry and physics as undergraduates) as well as N.G. (who wrote the introduction and back cover blurb to my actual virtual Harbin ethnographic book) have all said they'd write recommendations for me for this MIT OCW faculty position I'm applying for - something I'm happy to brag about. Thank you all. 

I've taught a course called "Information Technology and the Network Society" on Harvard's virtual island in Second Life, and more recently also in Google group video Hangouts, for more than 8 semesters, and it was out of a conversation in this course in 2008 that the idea for World University and School emerged, and I've just kept developing and growing its content from then, with no financial gain whatsoever so far.  

I've also written and published a ~ 550 page actual virtual Harbin Hot Springs' ethnographic book with introduction and back cover blurb by UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus Nelson Graburn In this process, I've created a number of beginning virtual Harbin Hot Springs for comparative ethnographic and STEM research, and am also planning to develop a film-realistic, 3D, group build-able, interactive virtual Harbin/earth/cosmos with all 8K languages, with realistic and fantastic avatars, and with plans too to model the brain at the neuronal and nano levels, to begin, for related brain research engaging what I'm calling ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy. I think this will find form in something like Google Street View with OpenSim, for group building and wiki content additions. I hope too this can lead to 3D printable places from this virtual earth, for example. This will further yield lots of content. I've given two talks on this in the Tourism Studies' Working Group in the UC Berkeley Anthropology department with the video of this from Nov 2012 and the slides from Nov 2015 in the above Harbin book link. 

In addition, WUaS planning a Music School for ALL instruments, each a wiki subject page for open teaching and learning to begin, in ALL 7,097+ living languages, with undergraduate and Ph.D. degrees planned in all countries' main languages, WUaS will facilitate real, real time music making in something like Google group video Hangouts (for up to 10 people), with computer applications, and teachers, to help give feedback, and to teach. WUaS will also seek to develop both a musical focus in how to elicit loving bliss neurophysiology via music {and in other ways too}. 

WUaS is also planning to wiki-add open free ALL museums and ALL libraries in all 8,000 languages, and perhaps in WUaS's virtual earth too, which is also planned as a film-realistic interactive virtual classroom. 

WUaS is planning online Medical Schools in all countries' main languages with related teaching hospitals offering online clinical care. 

WUaS is also planning Law Schools in all nation states, hiring nationals from these countries as faculty, first probably as graduate student instructors. 

WUaS is also seeking to hire highest achievers from greatest universities as faculty - the best and the brightest - and over centuries, as well as to attract high achieving matriculating students in all countries' main languages for free CC degrees.

All of this will lead to immense amounts of fascinating content and potentially over centuries and even millennia. 

Content is still king on the web.




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