Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Leontopodium alpinum: Russian World University and School in Russian, Stanford and Quakers ... Friends and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947, Homeless work and smartphones? ... or Order Fulfillment at the online WUaS bookstore planned in 8k languages

Hi Elena, 

Russian World University and School in Russian, Stanford and Quakers ... The Intensive Studies' program at Stanford looks interesting - Yes, meeting sounds good to talk about comparative education techniques. CC WUaS in exchange for free CC MIT University degrees (Bachelor, Ph.D., law and MD, as well as I.B. high school diplomas) would like to rigorously study such education techniques and approaches inter-lingually and with a long term horizon with highest achieving students as our focus of study. For accreditation purposes, WUaS plans to accredit with WASC senior, which accredits Stanford, Berkeley and the University of Californias, and be incubated by the Univ of California, and will seek to hire graduate student instructors (from highest achieving universities around the world - e.g. MIT, Harvard, Stanford etc., in the U.S. - who are learning to become professors) to teach to the CC MIT OCW faculty in video in 7 languages - - and the CC Yale OYC faculty in video using the conference method - Graduate student instructors are a technique that accrediting agencies approve of / sanction. CC WUaS will add CC MIT OCW in 7 languages with its advanced STEM courses to CC Wikidata/Wikipedia and develop with AI machine learning and machine translation. (Here again is Russia World University and School - - not yet in Russian (and CC WUaS is moving to a new wiki emerging from CC Wikidata soon) and here's the Russian language WUaS - - also not yet in Russian. Check out the MIT OCW again - - on these pages in particular, for example). Have you edited a Russian Wikipedia page - - by any chance? WUaS would like to plan for the wiki side of WUaS to be very generative/productive, given the 358 languages of Wikipedia / Wikidata, and the success of Russian Wikipedia - I don't know how many thousands or tens of thousands of articles it has, but many, I think. Quakers (George Fox, the founder of Quakerism) have been communicating with Russians since 1656 (with Tsars at the time) - what a long history! And it looks like Friends House Russia began in 1996, emerging out of an unprogrammed Quaker Monthly Meeting in Moscow dating from the early 1980s, and partly begun by Tatiana Pavlova (whom I amazingly met I think at Pendle Hill, a Quaker Study Center near Philadelphia in the later 1980s) - And Quakers are a good network, because WUaS is Quaker-informed. Quakers - the American Friends' Service Committee - got the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947 for organizing (with British Quakers) the Kinderspeisung (providing materiel to children in war torn Europe) so have a long history of service and care which adds to their legitimacy in specific inter-cultural ways. Russian as a UN language will be an early language for WUaS to develop a major university in - a Harvard of the Internet. (Here too is the Russian blog label - - in my personal blog, which touches only a little on the Russian language, but will grow). Best, Scott


Hi Jaclyn, 

Nice to meet and talk with you at the American Friends' Service Committee / SF Quaker Meeting just now. Thanks for letting me know about Downtown Streets' Team - and participating in the WUaS hive meeting space. 

Here are the "Poverty Action" and the "Mobile Technologies" wiki subject pages - - and - - at World University and School, where we can all share ideas about homeless potential opportunities, for example, using smartphones for work. This will also become a resource to compare how all 204 countries do create work for homeless uniquely, and data-wise eventually, after CC WUaS moves to CC Wikidata. 

And here are some related articles I found along some of these lines, which we'll add to the Poverty Action and Mobile Technologies' pages (and maybe some others), after we move to Wikidata. 

Since you help find homeless and low income people in SF employment, WUaS will keep this in mind for order fulfillment, for example, when we begin to develop our online Bookstore - - planned for all 7,943 languages. 

Thank you, and looking forward to staying in touch. 

Best, Scott



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