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Quillwort arrowhead: Am waiting for 3 things re World University and School's next steps:, "Kind Reminder: Please take the 2018 Survey of U.S. Latino Business Owners," LATINO BUSINESS ACTION NETWORK, "Muir in Yosemite: Stanford's entrepreneurial LBAN (Latino Bay Area Network), and Spanish language World Univ Sch with plans in all Spanish-speaking nation states /Spain, /Mexico plus, Zapotec language WUaS ... "

Am waiting for 3 things re World University and School's next steps:

1) to hear back from BPPE - Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education - the State of California, hopefully to add an addendum to existing state regulations which define private education in CA as involving paying tuition ... whereas CC-4 MIT OCW's licensing allows A) Sharing B) Adaptation but C) Non-commercially. So if California wants free-to-students' MIT OCW-centric degrees via WUaS, it seems they might have to develop legally with the words, "pay," "tuition," "fees," "costs," "non-commercially" etc. in new ways in the regulations.

(And this potential BPPE development would inform WUaS accrediting with WASC senior).

2) to hear back from the National Science Foundation Grant positively re our WUaS proposal

3) to hear back from Stanford re a position


2018 Survey of U.S. Latino Business Owners," LATINO BUSINESS ACTION NETWORK

Hi Mark, (Remy, former executive director of LBAN) and All,

Greetings, Mark. I began the LBAN survey - - but non-profit World University and School (like Wikipedia in 301 languages with CC-4 MIT OpenCourseWare in 5 languages) is a non-profit organization, so the entire survey doesn't apply. Although World University and School seeks to offer, in all ~200 countries' official / main languages free-to-students' online MIT OCW-centric degrees - Bachelor, Ph.D., Law and MD, as well as IB high school - Spanish - - (English and Chinese) are WUaS's pilot languages. And Spanish is the official language in 20 countries. 

I also attended the Feb 7, 2018 Stanford LBAN State of Latino Entrepreneurship Forum - 

But non-profit 501(c)(3) World University and School forked successfully last year, emerging out of a Stanford Law CodeX presentation by Tom Martin of LawDroid, and created a second legal entity, the WUaS Corporation, which is a for-profit general stock company, and which is planned as an online platform in all ~200 countries with these planned revenue streams - - beginning with a bookstore / computer store / robotics' store / hospital technologies' store, as well as an Academic Press at WUaS planned with machine translation in all 7097 living languages (think Amazon online with Ikea on-the-ground - in ~200 countries and 7100 languages).  

Here are the two forked WUaS legal entities:

A for profit general stock company -  WUAS CORPORATION

(And the nonprofit CC-4 MIT OCW-centric in its 5 languages -  World University and School)

In filling out a Stanford LBAN survey - Latino Business Action Network - and the first question about World University and School it asks is 

"Do YOU own this business?"

And the choices to answer this are not flexible. 

The second question on the survey asks: 

Is any owner of this business of Latino or Hispanic origin?

World Univ & Sch is seeking to have Latino owners of the WUaS Corp as business(es), and in the Spanish-speaking countries, and in Spanish.

So I thought I'd come into conversation with you about these opportunities, and since World University and School's is basically guided by "WUaS Monthly Business Meeting," which in a sense "owns" WUaS. Right now myself and Larry Viehland (above) are the main participants in the WUaS Monthly Business Meeting (which is partly informed by Quaker monthly business meeting). Linda Sanchez (above &, a friend, a graduate of UC Berkeley, a native Zapotec speaker, and someone who has worked at the Quaker-informed American Friends' Service Committee SF for more than 4 years I think, is familiar with Quaker business meeting process as well, but WUaS, and particularly the WUaS Corporation is seeking to develop entrepreneurially and business-wise, which may involve a different approach, and seeks also leadership. 

So there is an remarkable opportunity for "ownership" WUaS by Latinos / native Spanish-speakers, - as well as remarkable entrepreneurial opportunities, but which will involve defining - perhaps in terms of who becomes the principles or partners. 

So in responding to the survey in email, I hope we might develop this conversation further as well - and re this WUaS educational services' company, which also seeks to develop with CryptoCurrency with block chain ledger (potentially backed by ~200 countries' official banks), and where WUaS also seeks to become the Stanford / MIT / Harvard of the Internet, and offer free-to-students' highest quality university and high school degrees to Spanish speaking students, in Spanish in all ~20 (at least) Spanish-speaking countries. 

I met with Remy in his Stanford LBAN office a few years ago about some of these questions (see below). Might we also possibly please explore meeting together to talk further about this, Mark? 

Thank you.
Sincerely, Scott

Here's a blog post of mine about the Stanford LBAN conference from around Feb 7, 2018 

I've also just retweeted Tweets in this blog post about Stanford's LBAN to - - and here -
such as - 


April 2016: 

Stanford's LBAN, Our meeting yesterday and 67 Sueños (AFSC) introduction

Hi Remy, Linda (and Tiq),

It was great to meet with you yesterday for more than an hour in Palo Alto re Stanford's entrepreneurial LBAN and its focus on improving Latino businesses in the US, and thanks for talking so much re Spanish language World University and School, the new and old of which you'll find here - (and not yet in Spanish, although some MIT OCW courses are) - and much more. I appreciate Stanford's excellence and California laid backness a lot. 

I'm writing to introduce you both to one another. Remy is dynamic and the Executive Director of Stanford's LBAN - and - and Linda is a head of 67 Sueños - and - with offices at AFSC in SF, (where WUaS also holds a twice a week hive meeting space above the Quaker Meetingspace). Linda finished at UC Berkeley relatively recently, and speaks Zapotec (her first language I think) - - Spanish, and English. Linda is a very smart and skillful manager. 

Remy, do you ever attend these Stanford Center for Latin America talks - ? I've attended some and they're great, and good for networking as well. I don't think Linda has attended one of these yet. 

You might both have very much to collaborate or talk about.

Here's a recent blog post of mine about 67 Sueños event  - - which I attended in Oakland, and which Linda organized I think, which was great. Still haven't seen any pictures of you from this event, Linda! :) 

Remy and Linda, perhaps as WUaS begins to move into WUaS MediaWiki, we can talk further about developing the WUaS Bookstore in the Spanish language as well as in Zapotec - - see this for planning purposes - - possibly emerging from with Wikidata / Wikicite in 300 languages as a backend. WUaS seeks to become a major online employer and in all 7097+ languages and as a way to develop both markets, opportunities, as well as linguistic growth and developments in all languages (and re free CC accrediting degrees in nation states' where Spanish is the official language).

Best regards, 


April 2016 


Scott, thank you very much for the introduction. It was a real pleasure speaking with you.

Hi Linda, Scott’s description of your efforts with 67 sueños really impressed me. What a great organization. I would love to sit down with you sometime either here or at your location.

Kind regards,



Muir in Yosemite: Stanford's entrepreneurial LBAN (Latino Bay Area Network), and Spanish language World Univ Sch with plans in all Spanish-speaking nation states /Spain, /Mexico plus, Zapotec language WUaS, "[Wikimedia Announcements] News from Côte d'Ivoire's User Group," Côte d'Ivoire WUaS, "UC Berkeley TSWG - CULTIVATING AUTHENTICITY IN THE BELLY OF PARIS," Am curious too about drawing on an iPad in the Harbin Hot Springs' pool area, and related CC licensing questions, With the space mission to Mars planned for 2030s, can we - re World University and School - co-map the universe along this trajectory, with NASA, at the cellular and atomic levels, in something like Google Street View with TIME SLIDER / Maps / Earth / Brain ... and travel along on this voyage virtually, as well?



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