Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cloud: Dancers, Pool Inspiration, Loving Bliss New Form


Blue green tree
In late orange light ~
From heart shaped pool ~
Glows on the ridge
Cloud hides sun ~ :)


The rain last night freshened and made green a lot at Harbin Hot Springs. In its fall coolness, many people were there. {Much of California gets 6-10 months of pretty rain-free, temperate, lovely weather.}

I met some dancers (modern & ballet) who came together to visit Harbin from San Francisco. In the heart shaped pool, they were creating, innovating, and internalizing free-movement which they might bring back to the city. Some were playing with contact improvisation in the heart pool ~ delightfully. Others were exploring movement in the hot pool from its beautiful railings, and with the heat of the water.

Bodymind~water~brainstorming in new, warm dimensions. Good energy. Most people are nude.

How to explore this to elicit loving bliss - neurophysiological - and create a new form? {It's a brain process that emerges readily for me at Harbin, and is delightful, having to do, in part, with the water in the baths, releasing, noticing the inner neurophysiological joy, and then cultivating it. And bringing in my imagination opens many possibilities, that go much in the direction of trippiness. This is fascinating. Try it:}.

As I envision this new form, it's a kind of chamber music, choral music, contact improvisation & dance exploration, with good will, intimacy, an emergent language, and delightful, expanding communication.

Start with a mission, and a group of creative dancers open to this, and explore?



( - October 4, 2008)

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