Sunday, October 12, 2008

Zephyr: Bohemianism, Bonobo, Neurophysiology

In the hippie imaginary, I wonder how one might develop a kind of Bohemianism trajectory or gentle, warm, 'wind stream' - possibly neurophysiologically {a new kind of writing of history}, as well - from Bonobo chimpanzees (millions of years of current behavior - 'biology' and 'culture,' due to evolution by natural selection) ~ Bohemianism (the term emerging in France in the 1800s) ~ counterculture and hippies (with some roots from 1968-1972) ~ Harbin Hot Springs ~ West Coast of the US (esp. in other US cities) ~ to a far-reaching culture {examples: Paris, at times, counterculture, many European cities, at times, Hawaii, 'South Seas' islands & India:}.

I also wonder how nonviolence or nonharming {ahimsa} might weave itself into the fabric of such a society {the Network Society}, with some of southern India as a comparison, where I found it sometimes difficult, out of curiousity, to find a non-veg restaurant, for example, and where nonviolence seems somehow to me interwoven into the fabric of life, more so than most other places I've visited.

Quakers, also, have created a long-lived, nonviolent sub-culture (350 years), where very little violence has taken place within the Society of Friends, or perpetrated by Friends, {due in part to the language of Friends, I think}.

And then how might people cultivate far-reaching practices of loving bliss {}, as normal and wide-spread brain/bodymind explorations?

Perhaps World University and virtual worlds will make possible the exploration of this.

Back to the Harbin pools, after yoga . . . :)

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