Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Aqua: Energy Autonomy Concept, Abundance by Design, Harbin Waters Flow Out of the Ground

Energy Autonomy Concept ~
& Abundance by Design


Here are some examples of energy autonomous concepts for buildings, vehicles and devices.

Energy Autonomous Concept Buildings

Here's how to solar-power your house: science.howstuffworks.com/solar-cell5.htm

In general, deploy solar panels (and/or wind turbines), inverters, batteries (powerfromsun.com), and add a hookup for your hybrid car; ~ sell excess energy back to the electrical grid. For example:

Darmstadt Technical University's Louvered Panel Solar House

Solar Decathlon - U.S. Department of Energy

Friends' Committee on National Legislation's Green Building in Washington D.C.

Energy Autonomous Concept Transportation

I'd like to see an energy-autonomous Venturi Eclectic-like power system, in a Toyota Estima Hybrid (Japan only) vehicle, that goes 70 mph, for the U.S. Why doesn't the U.S. have 500 million of these, {or the world a few billion}?

Venturi Eclectic

And here's another solar car, homemade with high school kids, that goes 20-30 mph.

Infinity Miles per Gallon: Art Haines and the Solar Car


Solar cars: auto.howstuffworks.com/solar-cars.htm

And why not catamaran sailboat ferries and ships?

And, here are a solar bicycle and a recumbent solar trike.

Energy Autonomous Concept Devices

Solar home devices - solarhome.org/solaroutdoorlights.html

And here are Amory Lovins' "Rocky Mountain Institute's" 'abundance by design' core principles - rmi.org/sitepages/pid60.php.

And, why not create a solar-powered, virtual world Universe, converging and networking Second Life, OpenSim, Google Earth, Croquet, etc., in which to 'inhabit,' but also to replace carbon-producing processes which are causing global warming~climate change, as well as to replace, and thus reverse, other environmentally destructive processes, like 'building developments,' on earth?

At Harbin, the water just flows freely out of the ground. . . the Harbin valley is beautiful, and people visit to soak, and often to snuggle, in the pools. There's a kind of Taoist approach at Harbin to just letting things happen.

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