Monday, December 1, 2008

From the Water: Forms for Loving Bliss, Openness, Relaxation Response

What new social forms might we create, to give form to loving bliss explorations with Ecstasy-MDMA & flax seed oil {for omega-3s}, as reference experiences, but naturally in-formed, ~ to flourish (that is, to rock out), when and as we want?

I see the enjoyment of Watsu, of singing and of being with good friends, as a beginning. But how might we come together for a kind of improvisational chamber music evening of loving bliss generation, when and with the qualities we want? What would elicit loving bliss, just like that?

How might we keep this form open and improvisational, like jazz, ragas, or scat, while offering enough shared understanding (form) to elicit freely the profound neurophysiology of loving bliss {as well as other neurophysiologies}? And how might this emerge effortlessly (wu wei), so that the process itself is regenerative?

The relaxation response, and receptivity which can emerge from this deliciousness of this release, is an interesting, related, neurophysiological form.

Conversation may facilitate the emergence of remarkable, related forms, a kind of parallel to the communication between participants playing classical chamber music, or at Grateful Dead concerts (for me). MMmmmm :) Are there forms that already exist where loving bliss is elicited directly, socially and freely? {Contra-dance does this for me, as well as arias from Mozart's "Magic Flute," but this isn't necessarily social}.

Heading to the Harbin pools soon {which can be social in a cuddling kind of way}...

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