Monday, March 16, 2009

African Elephant: Freedom Is In Your Bodymind, Loving Bliss 'Switch,' Relaxation Response

Freedom is in your bodymind, but finding this 'freedom' isn't often obvious, in my experience {after social & political freedoms are attained societally}.

For comparison's sake, ingest ecstasy (MDMA) and experience 'loving bliss,' ~ but I haven't yet found a correlated neurophysiological "switch" for freedom {although music leading to specific 'flow' experiences, as well as engaging 'counterculture,' ('tuning in, turning on, dropping out'? hippie 'thinking') can come close for me}.

The relaxation response is a beginning ~ ~ and leads to kinds of freedom, in my experience, but this isn't necessarily rich, rollicking freedom, or subtle, sublime, loving, neural, delicious ongoing 'flow.'


Engaging language skillfully, and with awareness, can also create freedom, as can the present ~ now.

{And I privilege thinking our ways to freedom, over not thinking}.

Harbin soon ...

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