Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wild Blueberries: World University, Courses, Subjects, Languages, Nation States, You, Software, Hardware, Foundation

Here are the current links in World University and School:

About World University and School

Course offerings

Here people can post an individual course. I have also listed about 22 great universities on the courses' page. No one else has added any universities, yet. I'd like to let these universities' courses inform the degree path of this online university and school, if one emerges. In addition, there are international baccalaureate programme links, kids' resources, and university course listings' aggregates.


I've listed here about 64 subject areas. It's open-ended so we'll see what else people add.


I've listed 257 languages at present.

Nation States

I've listed about 149 countries here.

You at World University

Here you can add your name, or an avatar's name, a web site with your knowledge and interests, Facebook page web address (URL), your location, and the languages you speak.

Educational Software

Here I've added MIT's Scratch programming language, biological science learning software about the immune system, translators, and virtual worlds (as 'classrooms' for idea exchange), as a start.

Hardware Resource Possibilities

I've added One Laptop per Child, Bug Labs, and Sakshat's web site (they're planning to produce a $20 laptop).

World University and School Foundation

This is the beginning of the World University and School foundation.


World University and School Facebook page

Here's the World University and School Facebook page where you can join. There are 215 people in the group.


Making it possible for people to make learning fun and fascinating is one goal of World Education and School at all levels. Offering possibilities for creativity in open learning and teaching is another.

I hope World University and School helps a lot of people, - and it may.

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