Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blue Bell Tunicate: Modes of Thinking, World University Community, Loving Bliss ~ Independently

Modes of thinking beyond writing and categorization ... are many ... and as individualistic as bodyminds?

History and comparative modalities, with a focus on context, have a long history in anthropological inquiry, and ethnography is an extensive, remarkable and unique body of writings. In what ways, within this historical context, will new modes of anthropological thinking emerge?

{I just received in the mail, from the amazing online bookstore, Michael Niman's "People of the Rainbow: A Nomadic Utopia" (Knoxville, TN: University of Tennessee Press 1997), - an ethnography of the Rainbow Gathering}.


World University and School ~ ~ is as open as 'edit this page,' - like Wikipedia.

How to develop a community for WUaS, like Wikipedia's?


It can be hard to think independently, or 'see' beyond one's milieu, the contemporary, or current social context.


How to develop a conversation about loving bliss, naturally vis-a-vis neurophysiology, but which generates this neurochemistry, for those who are interested?

Coming deeply inside especially vis-a-vis the 'relaxation response' can help facilitate loving bliss for me at other times. There's a relationship between deeply releasing, and the neurochemistry of bliss.

{And the Harbin pools facilitate the relaxation response richly for me}.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps by generating the magic of synchronicity ... as you did with Blue Bell, since Bluebells have been on my mind and in my vision and all around me this week. So it connects us in a way that is unexpected, maybe unintended, but on another level completes the circle. That's form of bliss.