Monday, May 31, 2010

Immersive experiences can be inspiring, surprising and exciting for end users, Actual Harbin Hot Springs pools are also immersive

Harbin ethnography:

... open-ended quality of these immersive experiences can be inspiring, surprising and exciting for end users.

Actual Harbin Hot Springs pools are also immersive, and in my interpretation of actual Harbin involve “the experience of entering into the simulation of a three-dimensional environment” which is warm water, with other people who are naked, and where the simulation includes the bodymind's experience of a specific kind of relaxation response, tactilely mediated - in water at body temperature - in this aqueous, three-dimensional environment. In actual Harbin, the visual aspect of this watery 'simulation,' to distinguish this from a screen-simulation – the experience of being in the unusual, beautiful environment of the Harbin warm pool, for example - isn't mediated by a screen, but rather by the touch of the warm water, and perhaps a friend, or puddles of friends, which occurs with some frequency in the Harbin warm pool. So the simulation of virtual Harbin as screen-simulated place, and the simulation of actual Harbin as warm water-simulated place have similar immersive effects. In this ethnographic interpretation, actual Harbin's immersive warm water-simulation qualities of virtualness correspond closely in life with virtual Harbin's immersive qualities as three dimensional space. In virtual Harbin immersion experience on screen, add sitting warm water in your bath tub at home with visiting this digital environment, and you can begin to elicit the relaxation response further. At actual Harbin, as you release in the immersive aqueous environment of the warm pool, and begin to look around in this beautiful actual place, with naked people, some cuddling, and all experiencing the effects of the body temperature water, you have a parallel immersive experience, similar yet different. In suggesting various qualities of immersion vis-a-vis actual and virtual experiences of Harbin Hot Springs, warm water comes to extend and re-define aspects of defining 'immersion' vis-a-vis digital environments).

Narrativity refers to “aesthetic and formal strategies ...



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