Saturday, August 21, 2010

Anteater: Measured the actual Harbin Gate House, With permission of American Anthropologist editor, Built Harbin Gatehouse on Anteater Isl

Harbin ethnography:

... Around the same time (March 2, 2008 journal entry), I was measuring some buildings and parts of the actual Harbin pool area (in the 'steps'/'pace' unit of measurement), to later translate into OpenSim.

Around this time, I measured the actual Harbin Gate House in some detail, and with Tom Boellstorff's permission, the editor of American Anthropologist as well as the person responsible for the AAA's virtual island called Anteater Island, and built the beginnings of the virtual Harbin gatehouse – as virtual island gatehouse - on Anteater island, with the intention of inviting virtual Harbin visitors to travel from this virtual island to wherever I would have built virtual Harbin, - either in OpenSim or in Second Life, or both. Since OpenSim shares the same library of assets with Second Life, it's possible to connect the two virtual worlds via their grids.

Another prehistory of virtual Harbin in Second Life took form in the 14 minute, ethnographic Machinima I created in 2009 to characterize how the building of virtual Harbin works. ...

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