Monday, August 9, 2010

Myriophyllum spicatum: Harbin Hot Springs since 1972, Multiple visions of 1960's, History of nowness in the pools

Harbin ethnography:

... Harbin's clothing-optionalness, its pools, its milieu, and its natural beauty significantly influence remarkable aspects of the 'Harbin experience.' ( - November 18, 2008)

Harbin Hot Springs, since 1972, has given rise to multiple visions of 1960's possibilities and hippie creativity, that emerge from a wide variety of versions of its history of nowness in the pools, many of which are forms of virtuality. This richness of vision, informed by history, has given rise to fascinating expressions of life at Harbin, too. And virtual Harbin digitally instantiates a wide variety of creative explorations of this recent Harbin history, as well, some of which may be only imagined, while others may be instantiated digitally only, but not acted out in actuality. This tripartite schema of actual, envisioned, and digitally instantiated emerges due to virtual world representation, and differs from textual production, in that words can express fantasy, but can't create interactive representations (Packer and Jordan) that include multiple voice or typing communication (up to around 40 avatars can communicate on a virtual island in Second Life or Open Simulator, at present) on a worldwide distributed communication network.

Harbin Hot Spring's community has throughout its long history - dating back to Native American use over centuries (Klages), and in many ways since the 1960s - significantly formed in relation to its geothermally-heated waters in the place that is the Harbin valley.

( - August 9, 2010)

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