Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Old Red Sandstone: Spiritual, innovative, experimental, science fiction, and exploratory thinking, Fantasy, Creativeness, Open Codes for Freedom

Harbin ethnography:

... But a lot is all one at Harbin, spiritually.

While spiritual, innovative, novelistic, experimental, science fiction, and exploratory thinking can all seem like fantasy, their rich creativenesses in the context of Harbin's New Age spirituality, open codes, both for navigating the freedoms of Harbin, as well as enjoying what's here – in the now. People find freedom both at Harbin, and in thinking creatively, and Harbin's milieu – including its clothing-optionalness in the pool area – seems to facilitate rich freedom of thought, especially in this milieu which emerges from the '60s. In an historical sense, for example, a new friend, JaiMama, who leads Ayayuasca rituals in Brazil, told me yesterday that

“one time, in the early 80s, he and a girlfriend took 2 hits of acid at 6 in the morning and spent the day in the pools. Around noon, they both ate ecstasy for the rest of the afternoon, and went off later to make love in a room for 3 or 4 hours. She was so open - and he had never had a clearer, better experience in life - and their love making was incredible - but toward the end, she closed up emotionally. I think this may be emblematic of Harbin, and possibly in 'tame' ways, of some of life here in the 70s.” (MacLeod, Harbin Field Notes 2010, September 2010)

Actual fantasy and virtual fantasy vis-a-vis spirituality, especially Hindu-originating, and symbols come together in new forms of interactive communication in actual and virtual Harbin, particularly virtual Harbin. This merging of actual and virtual fantasy, which is instantiated in place, creates new opportunities at actual Harbin, especially in terms of intimacy, but also in terms of psychedelics, (music) and ecstasy.

The original virtual Harbin in OpenSim (which was stolen) was a virtual world which was interactive, where avatar figures could communicate by text and voice in real time, and which connected to my friends OpenSim island where I had a built a warm pool in which my avatar soaked, as well as green rolling hills, and was situated, place-wise, on hard drives in California and Massachusetts. ...

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