Monday, September 20, 2010

Scuttlefish: What about Harbin, or what happens there, as kinds of 'principles' will emerge from actual Harbin to inform virtual Harbin

Harbin ethnography:

... Such ethnographic study of psychedelics and virtual Harbin will further understanding of end-users, entheogens, and virtual Harbin building.

What about Harbin, or what happens there, as kinds of 'principles' (Boellstorff 2008:49) will emerge from actual Harbin to inform virtual Harbin? In this ethnographic examination of what's possible in conceiving virtual Harbin, before it begins to be built by many avatars, what is significant at Harbin, counter-culturally, include its emergence from the 1960s its hippie vision, the actual Harbin valley as natural world, its counter-cultural freedom, its clothing-optionalness, its pools and pool area, as alternative, creative, exploratory, and much of the life there now. Additionally, in what ways is it possible to design virtual Harbin as a kind of model for what might be possible in terms of the the 12 - 13 ranches to the north, that Ishvara are part of his vision for expanding actual Harbin (Harbin Quarterly Summer 2009)? In my ethnographic reading of Harbin, it has long been a place for spiritual / meditative (vis-a-vis easing into the warm pool and in terms of service, community and meditation) vs. furthur explorations of living the future (Living the Future 1996) in sometimes far out ways. For example, when I was at Harbin in the mid-1990s, there was a ship in dry dock on Harbin property. It belonged to a resident – a lot of hippies in the 1960s and early 70s took to sailing and living on boats - but I can also imagine that in some of the farther-out envisionings of Harbinites, this ship was also on high ground for when oceans rose, possibly in a global warming sense, but also possibly in an apocalyptic sense. All of this comes out of the Harbin soup of life over the years.

The history of actual Harbin workshops has long been part of life there. ...

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