Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shirakami-Sanchi, Japan: WUaS Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture School, Abundance of Ideas & Links, Economic Prosperity, Music, Primatology

Here's the recently updated WUaS Veterinary Medicine page, for potential degree granting -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Veterinary_Medicine -

and which will be invaluable in the developing world, and potentially in many languages ... (a WUaS online Vet School based in Oregon, with a Vet I know there? Perhaps ... )


Here are the beginnings of World Univ & Sch's Agriculture School -
http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/World_University_Agric​ulture_School -

(with an organic focus). WUaS is a free, open, Creative Commons' wiki, for people-to-people teaching & learning (potentially in all languages) - like Wikipedia (in abt 281 langs), with MIT OCW. (Yea for open, free,wiki, Creative Commons' wikis for idea-sharing!) WU's Ag School will potentially help so many people in the emerging world,and everywhere!


Here are 2 WUaS, wiki, Open Access subjects for Funding and Resources -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Open_Access_Funding - and -


... for open, teaching and learning ...


Lovelight - Grateful Dead - has some of the life of Woodstock -​=pkTctwHa5Rw -

just reach over and touch someone ...


Guerilla Open Access Manifesto -

added to
http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Open_Access_Resources ...


Is Free Software Ready For E-publishing? ...​11/08/04/137258/Is-Free-Softwa​re-Ready-For-E-publishing ...

will add to WUaS's Free Educational Software page ...

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Educational_Software ...

there's an abundance here already, and it's wiki ...


Calling for your collaboration ...

WUaS wants to create an enormous number of jobs -

(see this Krugman editorial:​cle?a=824950) -

in all countries and languages ...

a kind of export strategy, business-wise, where other countries govts.,

like in UNESCO WHS, will eventually compensate WUaS -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/ - for free degrees ...​niversityandschool.htm

Please contribute generously.


First website published 20 years ago today :)


Your Very Own Cookie-Baking Robot -​2011/08/03/your-very-own-cooki​e-baking-robot/

added to WUaS Robotics' subject -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Robotics :)


Hiroshima no more

and Abolish ALL Nuclear -

its waste is crime against humanity, FOREVER,

and a time bomb, too

(See the WUaS Nuclear Science wiki page here -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Subjects )

Don't forget or repeat Hiroshima/Nagasaki !!!


5 pillars of U.S. economic growth per Tom Friedman, today -​cle?a=825574 -

1 education,
2 infrastructure ...
5 government funding of high tech and science ...


engages ALL of them, flourishingly ...

Where's the money?​ ...

WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW.


Some fascinating Ethnomusicological projects in 2012

(think Alan Lomax - http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Ethnomusicology ...

music collecting along the Hippy trail from Edinburgh to Kerala, India,

and the ethnomusicology of the book 'Rise Up Singing' in the US,

as well as ethnomusicology of Scottish Bagpiping ...

with attention to harmony singing. :O)

Let's make this WUaS page come alive :)

Listening to Ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax's recordings (1997 Rounder Records - 12 CDs) from 1959 from Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas & Alabama - kinda wild - will add some, as references, to WUaS's Ethnomusicology subject http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Ethnomusicology :)


Here's World University & School's FB group for mobile devices -​?sk=group_48753608141 with an invitation to join ...

And here's the World University and School big screen FB version:​oups/48753608141/


A particularly moving moment in an evening with Muti-Verdi-Sconi ... ah, Europe-France-Italy :)


As an example of free, interactive, high quality, language instruction, you'll find the Goethe Institute's web page and Second Life web site addresses here - http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Courses#Language_Learn​ing_Get_Togethers - Conversation meets 6 days a week, and there's a lesson one day a week. What other, great, FREE language-learning possibilities do you know of? Please add to, or teach at, WUaS :)


Added this interview with Penny Patterson "Koko Loves: Conversations with a Signing Gorilla" at Stanford -​=rf7ZpdvnoEE -

to the WUaS wiki, 'Primatology,' subject page -

http://worlduniversity.wikia.c​om/wiki/Primatology ...

There are actually 3 subspecies of gorilla, I recently learned ...

( - August 7, 2011)

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