Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ujung Kulon National Park, Indonesia: Wikipedia's 'openness vs. credibility of articles,' Limiting for WUaS, Any thoughts posting to Wikipedia?

Dear R,

How are you? Here's my comment on your posting of "Is Wikipedia Losing Editors?" (, today.

I've found Wikipedia's defining 'openness vs. credibility of articles' inherent conflict to be limiting. To be able to add/edit a page about anything is amazing, thanks to wiki, and vis-a-vis knowledge production, too, but I haven't yet been able to add the Wikipedia-like (while presently using a Wikia wiki), World University & School (http://worlduniversity.wik​​ty), which I've been developing since 2008, due to WUaS not having yet received any press or 3rd party references (even with CA incorporation & 501 c 3 status), which WUaS is working on. I've tried a number of time. ... It's a funny wiki world :) Scott (​rlduniversityandschool.htm) ... And I haven't been able to contact Wikipedia in an effective way, either. And I've edited and added a number of Wikipedia entries. Openness is the way to keep editors, I believe.

Any thoughts about how to get World University and School into Wikipedia (which, if Wikipedia's protocols worked as they might intend, probably could have happened 3 years ago). Getting an entry for WUaS will open a variety of ways to develop, including fundraising-wise, in a variety of ways.

Thank you!

All the best,

( - August 4, 2011)

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