Thursday, September 6, 2012

Scorpionfish: MIT OpenCourseWare Main Pages, Great models for developing WUaS further, Added these MIT OCW pages to WUaS's Courses, Master Plan, Business Plan and MIT, wiki, Subject pages

MIT OpenCourseWare main pages:

Audio/Video Courses

ChemLab Boot Camp


edX Related CourseWare

MIT OCW email page

OCW Course Champions Program

Matching gifts

OCW Scholar

Our Supporters

Supplemental Resources

Support MIT OpenCourseWare

Your Donation Makes a Difference

... all of which are great models for developing WUaS,

as well as coming into wiki-conversation, and collaborating, with,

... and which I've added all of, or some of,

to the following World University and School pages ...


Master Plan:

Business Plan:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT:


I read this morning in a MIT OCW email that there are 30 video courses available out of about 2150 coures, with 17 more video courses in the pipe line. In thinking ahead to matriculating undergraduates in 2014, WUaS may be hiring graduate student instructors to teach using the Conference Method to these 47 MIT video courses ... developing. - September 6, 2012

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