Monday, June 3, 2013

Red-crowned Crane: WUaS needs to raise about $17,500.00 to pay the fees of these accrediting organizations, initially, in the next month, Fundraising subject at WUaS

Dear Paul, 

Per your email below, with very helpful language, I'm a little nervous about starting to make calls to the few, previous donors to World University and School. What's the best time to call?, ... Is leaving a message a good idea?, ... What to say?  ... mention the $17,500 goal or not?, etc., ... are all questions that go through my mind. WUaS really needs to develop financially.

Happily, World University and School got the 'green light' from the state of California (BPPE) to seek state approval, which means we can also begin to accredit with WASC senior, so WUaS needs to raise about $17,500.00 to pay the fees of these accrediting organizations, initially, in the next month. 

I guess I'll just make some of these calls, - I asked one small business owner in person last week, and called one previous WUaS donor at two different numbers, also last week.  

Eventually, WUaS will be seeking a WUaS Head of Fundraising and Fiduciary Responsibility ...

I'd like to change my mode of thinking about fundraising ( so as to enjoy the process of connecting and building relationships ... around this idea of free, multi-lingual MIT OCW-centric education and degrees at WUaS. 

Friendly regards, 

"Which of the following appeals are you more likely to respond to?
  • "Thank you for your support.  We appreciate the $1,000 you gave last year. I was hoping you would consider a gift of $1,500 this year.  Since we have lost some of our foundation funding, it would be great if you could help us with an increased gift."
  • "We are so fortunate to have you as a member of our family.  It was great to see you at the gala a few months ago.  You told me then that you were planning a trip to Europe.  How was it?  Last year, your contribution helped us to offer free admission to children from inner city schools who had never been in a museum before.  Would you consider a gift of $1,500 to help us continue that program - I know how concerned you are about exposing children to art."
Of course, the second is more compelling."



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