Friday, June 7, 2013

Vaquita: WUaS collaboration with Reed College?

Hi G,

Looking forward to seeing you Thursday at the airport in Portland, and thanks!

Per potentially meeting with Reed College President John Kroger in person, ideally on Friday, June 14, 2013 during ReedFayre (a very busy day for him, probably), here are some items at the top of my WUaS agenda (as well as for a Paideia-like event): 

- open long-term WUaS collaboration with Reed,

- Hum 110 in live video with various professors (MWF 9-1030 am Pacific Time), and with Reed instruction to WUaS graduate student instructors (ideally Reedies matriculated as graduate students elsewhere - MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Cambridge, and other great universities) for teaching the conference method in G+ Hangouts ... accessible live online in the United States and Malaysia, for example, for creating online university community and developing WUaS teaching and learning method online

- Reedie donors for hiring Reedie WUaS interns

- new Reedie Board members,

- WUaS graduate programs as collaboration - Ph.D. (2015), law (2016) and M.D. (2017), all in English, to begin - with Reedies as prospective, online students ... like Stanford and Berkeley, etc.

- Reedies with other languages (as 1st language) hired as interns for WUaS's 7105 languages and 204 countries, each a wiki-subject-page-school to begin

See you soon. 



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