Thursday, June 26, 2014

Barred Owl: Wikidata-l, Wikitech-l and Semantic MediaWiki mailing lists, WUaS monthly business meeting on July 12, CLICKING THE DONATE BUTTON AT WUAS, Please invite high achieving high school students India to avail themselves of this free MIT OCW-centric WUaS university education in English

Hi Jaini and Pete,

Just wanted to reply to all of us from this email address with the three wiki developers' lists I mentioned to you, Jaini, vis-a-vis you and your sister, Sach -




You might find these lists edifying, too, Peter.

More at open WUaS monthly business meeting on July 12 and in August - which agenda you'll find here - - before the 12th.

Friendly regards,


Hi Scot, howzzat it took so long, to get you this I'd?all the bet,


Hi Prana,

The list of things to do is so long, and WUaS has no resources or paid team yet ... We also received some PayPal donations to do this. And this page has been up in various forms for a long time ... Will help to bring in more resourcres? Click the Donate button and tell me what you think.

Best wishes,

Hi Scott, recd., your mail.
I have been repeatedly telling you about our ancient concept of gurudakshina.(Reward/remuneration, for the teacher)
Any project to be sustainable and long standing,, should stand on three legs,
viz., product, positioning-marketing and reward-finance. You are constructing a stoool to stand on 2 legs! How will it stand? Now you are lending your hand and holding it.
But, how long can you hold it?
Now think, instead of feeding a man with a fish, to quench is hunger, for the day,
you are teaching him to fish. After his catch, let him give you a share.what is wrong?
You can work and slog free, but how many will join you in this money crazy world?

As an accountant, taught with double entry, for a debit, there should be a credit and for every action, there is a reaction. There is nothing like free lunch, for long, in this world.
So the WU&S and you are teachers and the students, should honor you, by paying the dues and let it be not a commercial fee, but a decent, sustainable fee.

I have shared my thoughts, with you.please think about it.that is the way of life, taught for us b our parents, ancestors and sastras.they can never go wrong.

With best wishes, to you, for ever, to keep up the good work,

Hi Prana,

Yes, and thanks and especially your highlighting the importance of product, positioning-marketing and reward-finance ...

And the WUaS Donate button is one way for ":gurudakshina.(Reward/remuneration, for the teacher)"

(... but so are the other university education social contract models, for example, of Scandinavian countries and Japan, where high quality university education is free or very low cost, where WUaS will pay the faculty - and World University and School will be different in different languages and countries).

Please invite friends in India to click the Donate button at WUaS -

And please invite high achieving high school students India to avail themselves of this free MIT OCW-centric WUaS university education in English, and who may eventually click the Donate button as a form gurudakshina in the way you're talking about!

Would Shekar's son's friends like to study for free online MIT OCW undergraduate degrees, for example, beginning in 2015?

With best wishes,


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