Monday, June 2, 2014

Lola ya Bonobo: (Somewhere in the Congo), the beginning of a dramatic script

Hey Ell,

Great to visit with you this morning. Here's the beginning of a dramatic co-script emerging from our conversation. It's "interspecies," and probably would best include sign language ... planned for Youtube  {as well as the stage}... Riff with? Where would you go from here, script-wise especially, kind of in improvisational mode?

Friendly regards,


(Somewhere in the Congo)

Common chimpanzee: "Attack" said the common chimpanzee, as the troop lined up in single file, having just crossed to the left bank of the river.

Bonobo chimpanzee: "Frig" signed the Bonobo chimpanzee, as they cuddled with each other.

Jane Goodall commentary on the Youtube video: "Please don't malign the primatological reputation of chimpanzees whom I have studied for all these decades, and whom I have befriended through generations."

Chimp: "Attack soon" the lead common chimp communicated. "That Bonobo pair is alone, we are hungry, and this is now our territory."

Bonobo: "Kiss me" to his companion; they kissed, hugged and frigged, and made off through the bush.

Chimp: "Hunt death," the lead said, as they began to move.

Bonobos: They moved farther into the forest of the left bank quickly, holding hands.


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