Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fly orchid: Dear Angela and Victor, A little news from here ... Wiki WUaS, Yale U.P. and actual / virtual Harbin manuscript?, Piping ... to Scottish small pipes?, YogaMacFlower, Not generating loving bliss neurophysiology eliciting all the time but it continues to be a focus, About renouncing the GHB

Dear Angela, Victor, Patricia and Andrew and L,

A little news from here:

Wiki (open editable pages, like Wikipedia) MIT OCW-centric World University and School is proceeding apace here with on the one hand open online people-to-people wiki schools in all 7,106+ languages (e.g. hop into a group video hangout and record this to your youtube channel to teach or learn something, for example, or begin a wiki subject about something you love) and with free online CC MIT OCW-centric accrediting university and high school degrees planned for many of the 242+ countries in the world and in large languages.

At Yale University Press's invitation, and having completed a 9 chapter manuscript, I sent in submission materials for my actual virtual Harbin Hot Springs' manuscript about 2 weeks ago for assessment. I'm hoping to create a virtual Harbin in a 3D interactive group build-able movie realistic virtual Harbin in digital goggles (all of which is barely on the digital horizon) - and eventually with brain wave head set such as Andrew's Brainfinger's invention - as ethnographic field site (and part of a virtual earth) for a second comparative anthropological book.

Piping (and I'm about to renounce playing the Great Highland Bagpipe and move to playing Scottish small pipes - see below) and also playing keyboard for Scottish Country Dancing (loving these melodies and making harmonies with other musicians) some.

Releasing action meditation every morning in Siddhasana into Yoga mudrasana, and very enjoyably ... but not teaching yoga directly at present ...

Creating this open all-language university and school is a kind of f/Friendly leading ... and kinda fascinating ...

I post some to the social networking site associated with this email address - here -

Not generating loving bliss neurophysiology eliciting all the time but it continues to be a focus (... ...)

Creative time here ...


About renouncing the GHB ~

I have the beginning of nerve pain on the right side of my face due to my Eustachian Tube Dysfunction in my right ear in particular, and so I'm moving to renounce (believe it or not) playing the Great Highland Bagpipe, and my small practice chanter too, due to the blowing which seems to aggravate my ETD, and related nerve sensation. I'm hoping to move to playing the bellows' blown Scottish small pipe with the same fingering as the GHB and which can also be played with other instruments soon). So, until I get a Scottish small pipe, I'm going to try to avoid triggering the nerve pain (which I don't want to get worse with time). That said, I'd hesitantly and briefly play my Great Highland Bagpipe on Saturday, November 1 at a Friend's husband's Memorial.



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