Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Antirrhinum subbaeticum: WUaS HIVE meets on M 11/3 and W 11/5 from 10 a-12 at AFSC in SF, Hive visit from Dirk, "Western Friend" Magazine Video-chat with Molly Wingate, co-author of Slow Parenting Teens on Thurs. October 30th at 6:30 pm PT, WUaS Admissions' info

Dear Friends,

The open FriendlyWorld University and School HIVE meets at AFSC offices/SFFM on Monday, 11/3, and on Wednesday, 11/5, at a new time - from 10a-12.

Come help create in person at this HIVE people-to-people Ffriendly-informed online learning - and planned for all 7,106 languages and 242 countries at MIT OCW-centric World University and School - - the way you would like education to be ... and via this Friendly wiki (editable web pages) - Friendly WUaS is planning online, accredited MIT OCW-centric degrees, and these hives are meeting spaces to ask questions, explore what you'd like to teach online, volunteer, learn how to curate WUaS, attend a WUaS workshop, and/or share your ideas about WUaS.

WUaS is particularly seeking Friends who know SQL and are interested in a Friendly grand challenge (e.g.

A kind of leading, Quaker MIT OCW-centric WUaS would like to become the online Harvard / MIT / Swarthmore / Haverford / Oxbridge of the Internet, and in all languages and countries, while facilitating F/friendly open Wiki (editable web pages) schools in all 7,106+ languages and 242+ countries.

Unprogrammed Quaker Meeting at AFSC/SFFM will meet around 10 am for ten minutes or so, and before each WUaS hive.

Looking forward to meeting with you.

Friendly regards,


"Western Friend" Magazine Video-chat on 10/30, Hive visit from Dirk, WUaS Admissions' info

"Video-chat with Molly Wingate, co-author of Slow Parenting Teens"

Hi Mary Klein (editor of "Western Friend" Magazine),

Looking forward to this "Western Friend" online conversation "Video-chat with Molly Wingate, co-author of "Slow Parenting Teens"" - - on Thursday at 6:30 pm Pacific Time, and thanks. Curious about reaching out to young F/friends and their parents here about upcoming free and CC MIT (OCW) online accrediting university and high school degrees. See the developing "Registering" link here - - and the developing "Admission's" page with various degrees planned here - How best to reach out to Unprogrammed Meetings around the world in many languages, as well, is something I'm wondering?

I was glad that Dirk N from Berkeley came to the World University and School hive meeting space in Monday morning at AFSC / San Francisco Friends' Meeting (meeting on M and Ws newly from about 10-noon PT in November - and here's this blog entry about this -

What a pleasant surprise and interesting conversation. Dirk asked particularly about initial accreditation costs for Friendly-informed MIT OCW-centric World University and School and I mentioned $5,000 for BPPE (CA state) and $10,000 for WASC senior (accrediting agency which accredits Stanford and Berkeley, etc.).

Dirk is blind so he recorded this information among other bits to his audio cassette player, for referring to later. He also expressed interest in coming on WUaS's Board, - possibly as WUaS's much-needed fundraising Board member. As you may know he was in the first high school class at John Woolman school (a 3 year program then) in the foothills of the Sierras in the early 1960s, went to Cal Berkeley, was involved in Viet Nam protests and was a stock broker until he became blind, and is active in Berkeley Friends Meeting. (His mother also went to Reed College, which a number of Universitians have gone to as well).

Meet with you online soon.

Friendly regards,




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