Friday, May 15, 2015

Macrovipera schweizeri: 4 Big Developments for WUaS in the past month - a) Google Apps for Education b) WASC Senior "Incubation Policy," c) Federal Work Study WUaS hiring possibility and in strategic partnership with Reed College, d) WUaS got a new business bank account with Employer Identification Number

Hi Donald, 

Four big events have happened in about the past 10 days for WUaS 
: )

- WUaS got Google Apps for Education for free - vast infrasctructure

- WUaS got a business bank account with WF linked to WUaS's Employer Identification Number (EIN) (after 4 years of WUaS having a personal checking account at WF with WUaS written on the checks)

- WUaS found out about the new "incubation arrangement" with accrediting agency WASC Senior, - and completely "out of the blue" from a UC Hastings Law Professor who went to Yale Law School

- WUaS may host federal work study (FWS) students and in a kind of Reed College "strategic partnership" - with WUaS as a host site to begin in June potentially ... Will WUaS get 15 Reedie work studies this summer for 2-10 hours per week over 15 weeks? :))

Except for the lack of money, WUaS seems to be making progress - which feels good. 

Culture (or socioculture) is being generative in unanticipated ways, I might also say. 

Now I'd like for WUaS to begin soon to feel good in terms of WUaS becoming financially operational. :)

Friendly regards, 



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