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Elephas maximus maximus: un-development concerning my Harbin Hot Springs' ethnographic book proposal to Duke University Press ... If this were pre-internet publishing for my Harbin Hot Springs' manuscript, CC WUaS and Google Publisher?, Harvard and Brown University professors David Armitage and Jo Guldi "The History Manifesto" and Cambridge UP, I'd like the publisher to print 10,000 copies (and not 200 or 2,000, for example), sell all of them at something like $29.95, Considerations concerning a WUaS Academic Press and hiring graduate students in all 8,000 languages

- and No from Duke University Press about my Harbin Hot Springs ethnographic book proposal, Oxford University Press?, WUaS Academic Press next? ... Google Publishing for an Academic Press at WUaS, and in all 8000 languages?


- But here's another un-development, concerning my Harbin Hot Springs' ethnographic book proposal to Duke University Press ... 

... upon returning from attending 2 events at Stanford the other evening (where I received your first email) I heard No from Duke University Press about my Harbin Hot Springs ethnographic book (I've posted this letter below, which I received about May 14, 2015, postmarked May 6, but the date of letter is February 26th)... will try V.N. (whom I met about 10 years ago in Harvard Law Prof. C.N.'s home - and J.P. at that brunch too), the Director of the Oxford Internet Institute and the Oxford University Press next I think ... 

And then, depending, I'll perhaps contact C.M and concerning the WUaS Academic Press ( - planned for most languages digitally) ... out in time for Xmas? ... paper distribution channels being one limitation ... 

Hope you have fun skipping this weekend :) ... the Stanford Law China Guiding Cases' Project conference on Sunday should be interesting ... liking Meeting at R's here ... :)

Friendly regards, 


While World University and School is Creative Commons' licensed, like CC MIT OpenCourseWare (in 7 languages) and CC Yale OYC, and CC Wikipedia (in 288 languages), as a great university, WUaS would like to become the Harvard of the internet, and have an academic press publishing books in all 8,000 languages. How this will work in terms of Creative Commons' licensed degrees is unfolding ... and  WUaS would like to explore a WUaS Academic Press partnership with Google Publisher and, like in the academic book business in general, to sell these books to libraries and in bookstores ...


In terms of my actual / virtual Harbin book, how might work a ...

WUaS Academic Press partnership with Google Publishing ... ?

to publish my 400 page Harbin Hot Springs ethnographic manuscript

for an all 8000 language Academic Press at WUaS


Here's an example of how this might work (in Google Publisher perhaps via Cambridge U.P.) from 2 Harvard and Brown University co-author professors of history ... but vis-a-vis developing WUaS's own press:

The History Manifesto

new updated version 5th February 2015
Jo Guldi and David Armitage
  • ISBN: 9781139923880
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Publication Date: 3 October 2014

(and see the related by Jo Guldi:
"The challenges of beginning a scholarly debate in the 21st century" -


What could WUaS add in the way of editors in all 8,000 languages to our Academic Press at WUaS via Google Publishing, that would parallel Jo Guldi and David Armitrage's editing of their book, for example, and paralleling the Cambridge UP relationship with Google Publisher?


If this were "pre-internet publishing" for my Harbin Hot Springs' manuscript, I'd like, for example, the publisher to print 10,000 copies (and not 200 or 2,000, for example), sell all of them at something like $29.95 or $24.95, - where the publisher and author and distributors would split 60% and bookstores would get 40%.

My target audience is professors, graduate and undergraduate students, in anthropology, sociology, the social sciences, and information technology theorists, and those interested in questions of the virtual, and virtual Harbin/virtual worlds, as well as people with an interest in the 1960s and 1970s.

The purchasers would significantly include great libraries around the world.


In terms of this blog - - itself, which is "Google," I'm pleased with Google as a publisher ...

(Here too, for example, are early draft version of the first 3 1/2 chapters of my Harbin ethnography ... with some video too ...


In terms of readers, - which is one main goal of the book - while revenue / sales is another - I think accessibility for readers on the web is perhaps most significant these days in terms of sharing ideas and generating related conversation

... and a few copies of the book "Naked Harbin" bought by place-based libraries would reach far fewer people - i.e. are possibly more of a limitation - than accessibility from the web ...


That said, publishing with an established great university's academic press would probably ensure great online distribution, as well as paper copy distribution and marketing, and increase academic readership, and critical engagement and conversation with these ideas significantly, because of the press's name and reputation.


In terms of WUaS hiring graduate students from great universities in ALL languages to edit these books minimally at WUaS's academic press, how can WUaS focus this, and become the Harvard Press of the Internet in all languages? (Examples?)


... I'm also anticipating the building of a virtual Harbin as field site for actual virtual ethnographic comparison, field work, and the focus of my 2nd Harbin Hot Springs' ethnographic book - hopefully in a Google-made interactive, movie-realistic virtual world, with avatars, voice, viewable in digital goggles ...

... *

May 21, 2015


Google Publisher, which WUaS seemed to be able to partner with last week - as - with our WUAS name in a Google sign-up field (WUAS having acquired Google Apps for Education and been verified recently), isn't allowing sign-ins this week interestingly, saying they'll be back soon. 

A WUaS Academic Press partnership with Google Publishing ... ?

I would hope to be able to print my Harbin book and sell it both digitally and in print to libraries and bookstores via Google Publisher, anticipating many languages even. Maybe WUaS can sign up withGoogle Publisher with these new features again soon.

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