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Leafy seadragon: First WUaS Job Description - Director of Italian language and Italy World University and School, 20 hours per week

World University and School

World University and School
Job Description

Job Title: Director, Italian language World University and School

Position Reports to: Dean of Language and Country Universities at WUaS

Position Summary: The roles of the Italian language World University and School Director are to lead and support faculty members within the university, supervise all of the undergraduate and graduate programs within the university, and manage the daily operations and resources of the university.

Director of Italian language World University and School, to develop creatively both a major online university in Italian (the Harvard of the Internet in Italian) as well as a department initially in the English speaking WUaS (but mostly in the Italian language for degrees) as well as the Italian wiki school for open teaching and learning, as well as facilitate teaching the WUaS Universal Translator better Italian - and growing out of the CC MIT OCW and CC Yale OYC

  • head of a new division
  • charged with starting up a new university
  • creatively doing everything as a startup from hands on development to upper level planning

20 hours/week

Duties and Responsibilities:

(A)           Leadership

  • 1.              Call and chair regular meetings of the university, including full-time faculty, part-time faculty, and staff.
  • 2.              Attend and actively participate in meetings of the university with the Dean of Language and Country Universities at WUaS.
  • 3.              Communicate to faculty the goals of the administrators of the college and university, and communicate to the administrators the goals, plans and opinions of the university members.
  • 4.              Work with language faculty and staff members to establish objectives, to determine strategies for meeting the objectives, and to assess the outcomes of the adopted strategies.
  • 5.              Work with language faculty and staff members to change curricula and programs so as to keep up with changes within the various disciplines and within higher education as a whole.
  • 6.              Determine priorities with the university.
  • 7.              Recruit, hire and mentor new faculty and staff members.
  • 8.              Promote collegiality among faculty and staff members.
  • 9.              Promote faculty development in all areas of teaching, research/scholarly activity, and service.
  • 10.           Establish procedures to recognize and reward accomplishments of science faculty, staff and students.
  • 11.           Conduct annual evaluations of full-time faculty and staff members of the department.
  • 12.           Make recommendations to the administrators of the college and university concerning retention, granting of tenure or capstone contracts, promotion, and compensation.

(B)           Management

  • 1.              Work with faculty to prepare program reviews on a regular basis.
  • 2.              Allocate departmental resources, including space, equipment, budget and supplies.
  • 3.              Coordinate changes in course descriptions and syllabi, catalog information, etc.
  • 4.              Maintain a rotation schedule for teaching language courses.
  • 5.              Create course schedules for the department each term and assign faculty and staff members to teach specific lecture and laboratory courses.
  • 6.              Listen to student comments about courses, faculty and staff members, or other students within the department, and find ways to resolve conflicts.
  • 7.              Coordinate efforts within the department to attract, advise and retain language students of the highest caliber, and cooperate with administrative departments charged with carrying out such activities.
  • 8.              Assign faculty members to committees within the department and nominate language faculty members to serve on college and university committees.
  • 9.              Coordinate outcomes assessment and other tasks necessary to achieve and maintain accreditation of the college and of programs within the department.
  • 10.           Construct and manage the budget of the department.
  • 11.           Complete annual and other reports requested by the administrators of the college and university.
  • 12.           Develop and grow in a flourishing way the wiki for open teaching and learning in this language and country university at WUaS

Physical Requirements:           Hear: Continuous                            
                                                Speak: Continuous
                                                Speak: Continuous 
Activities:       Communication electronically: 30%
                        Meetings: 20%
                        Faculty development: 30%
            Wiki language school development: %10
                        Meet online with students: 5%
                        Universal Translator development: 5%
Abilities:         Write Accurately and Effectively
            Use Telephone and Computer
                        Connect with faculty                 
Evaluation criteria: 

            Impact on student/learner success – both matriculated and wiki editor/teacher/learner
                        Personal responsibility to others



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