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Hyalophora cecropia caterpillar: 14 initial foci of the WUaS Universal Translator, Here are the slides in advance for my IBM Cognitive Systems' talk on "A Universal Translator as a Cognitive System, beginning as a Guidebook with Test" - to which you're invited

Dear sporadic Universitians, 

I'm glad to be giving an IBM Cognitive Systems' talk ( this Thursday at 7:30am PT/ 10:30am ET, as founder and president of World University and School, on "A Universal Translator as a Cognitive System, beginning as a Guidebook with Test" - to which you're invited. 

Here are the slides in advance -

The WUaS Universal Translator will help translate WUaS's wiki pages with CC MIT OCW in 7 languages from English into all countries' official languages, and much, much more in all 7,943 languages. Here's a WUaS example from English to German - - having used the Google Translate machine translator. 

Best, Scott


14 initial foci - WUaS CC Universal Translator

1. a general Universal Translator between all 7,943+ languages (, building on Google Translate, Wikimedia Content Translation planning for voice and text

2. one that further focuses on translating STEM areas, Social Sciences and Humanities' areas (e.g. translating MIT OCW in 7 languages and Yale OYC with video)

3. a guidebook with test approach, as a course / learning module

4. an approach that focuses on questions of human consciousness via each of all 7,943 languages, with phonemes, text, etc., as markers that could be traced to brain neurophysiology and neuronal firings (and linked with other parts of the brain), and emerging from the philosophical literature on mind, e.g. philosophy of mind, philosophy of consciousness

5. one making Latin significant since it's been learned as a second language from so many languages

6. a philosophical question generating approach in all 7,943 languages, since analytical philosophy puts logic central, and as a kind of information technology

7. specific focus on contextualizing all-languages' cultural understandings of spoken and written words in any given conversation

8. A Universal Translator that works in extreme conditions with ambient sound, such as a smartphone translating between 2 surfers between two languages

9. in terms of machine conversation as a generative tool per new idea creation that can happen in human conversation – as in the conference method for teaching and learning (viz. Reed College’s pedagogical method) -

10. a specific artificial intelligence and machine learning focus concerning questions AGENCY (see blog -

11. a Universal Translator which could help us understand when avatars in virtual worlds, for example, achieve kinds of agency (and robots too) re intentional causation, choice as independent entities, and consciousness

12. a service science programming approach (see:

14 initial foci – WUaS – Planned For-profit side, non CC Core

13. Book and Textbook translation into all 7,943 languages as part of the Academic Press at World University and School -

14. Bookstore/computer store into all 7,943 languages, to create online markets for smallest languages -

(14 initial foci:

See, too:

See, too:



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