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Harlequin ghost pipefish: Telomere, CRISPR and Gene Therapy at World University and School, How best to work with CRISPR, telomeres and gene therapy, and for biological engineering in an interactive realistic virtual earth at the cell and atom levels too, and for longevity - and even online in all ~200 countries' official languages? Biological engineering at WUaS, BRAIN MODELING side of a ONE VIRTUAL EARTH WITH SPECIES ,Video converted into CRISPR in ONE VIRTUAL EARTH and for bioengineering?

Telomere, CRISPR and gene therapy at World University and School

How best to work with CRISPR, telomeres and gene therapy, and for biological engineering in an interactive realistic virtual earth at the cell and atom levels too, and for longevity - and even online in all ~200 countries' official languages?

Biological engineering at WUaS -

Telomere research ahead at WUaS and in an interactive realistic virtual earth, perhaps ... Can we just CRISPR in a little more telomere length, system-wide in the cells of an organism (while understanding these effects on the whole of the bodymind) and extend life? :)

And can we test some of the effects of this in virtual mice and other species first?



Calorie restriction with good nutrition is shown to prolong life 10-15% across species (wiki-add related papers here: ), young mice blood into older mice (into plasma, and re mice into virtual mice) is promising research; Telomeres


How does calorie restriction across species affect telomeres?


What is a Telomere? | Human Cellular Aging | TA-65 TA Sciences


Telomeres, lifestyle, cancer, and aging



October - December 2017

Hi T Tomato, 

Good class today. 

Re the genetic revolution, check out this 1:35 second video about CRISPR gene editing software, from MIT and Harvard's Broad Institute - - in regards to our conversation about the genetic revolution from a contemporary perspective. The great CRISPR talk I heard yesterday at Stanford by UC Berkeley's Jennifer Doudna, with a Harvard Ph.D., was about Cas9 CRISPR developments as well - re this video). 

Hi T Tomato, 

Good course yesterday. Here are some further related resources and clarifications.

Here's the great day-long MIT Media Lab "Forbidden Research" conference in video from last year - . The research by MIT's Kevin Esvelt in genetics and CRISPR, - - and possibly that by Harvard Prof George Church, and Stanford Prof Megan Palmer, could be of particular interest to you. 

Here, too, is my recent correspondence with MIT Prof. Dick Schmalensee - - and where I mention you taking his course at World University and School. 

Some further definitions re - Society, Information Technology, and the Global University ... - 
... While society can mean - "the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community" - for Castells it further refers to "social, political, economic and cultural changes caused by the spread of networked, digital information and communications technologies," with intellectual origins for Castells going back to "social theorists such as Georg Simmel who analyzed the effect of modernization and industrial capitalism on complex patterns of affiliation, organization, production and experience" (

And information for Castells is related "to data and knowledge" - - and "where its creation, distribution, use, integration and manipulation is a significant economic, political, and cultural activity" (  

Cheers, Scott

Hi T Tomato, 

I looked up "crispr and algae biofuels" and "blockchain and biofuels" and found the following possibly helpful resources. What are you finding in these regards?

And I think the blockchain ledger might still be very germane and helpful for supporting your emerging CRISPR gene editing / energy-related thesis for your paper. 

blockchain and biofuels

Theses/ arguments usually contain a "because ... " in them. E.g. "I want to argue/suggest explicitly that ... because ... " And research questions typically develop with a very specific focus ... (editing a specific locus on a gene ... because it might work well with the emergent energy blockchain specifically for airline fuels etc). It's the explicit and specificity that help generatively focus interesting writing and ideas. 

In developing / riffing with a rough draft of your 5 page research paper for next week, I'll seek to come into conversation a bit further with this - - in these regards, as well. 

Here are beginning related WUaS Subjects - 

Check out the MIT OCW here, and in terms of other possible resources for your paper. 


Hi T Tomato,

Nice to have "Society, Information Technology and the Global University" class - - with you again just now.
My comments on your paper so far: 
B) How best to bring in course ideas further and specifically? 3-4 main ideas?
- STEM cell implications?
- Genome was decoded ahead of schedule due to computing – an expression of synergies of some of these main technologies …
- How to bring in the Internet itself into your paper's thesis?
- How genetic engineering revolution is part of Information technology revolution
- How recombinant DNA works
- How CRISPR develops these recombinant DNA advances we touched on in course. Specifics?
Specific algae species
Specific CRISPR-Cas9 genetic strands
specific scalability

C) How algae into biofuels works scientifically – for others – as citizen science?
D) Citations, references, bibliographic traces (academically, but also for others too - and potentially for their citizen science)
E) Writing
- Refine and make EXPLICIT your argument / thesis
- Your main points

- Your conclusion

Re this course, here are some further theses / conclusions to explore:

it’s particularly the synergies of the genetic engineering revolution with computing, newly because of CRISPR because … how and why - with specific companies / breakthroughs in algae to biofuel production? What might computing add further re CRISPR?


Stanford talk - "Biology and Technology of CRISPR Systems"

Dear Jennifer Doudna, 

Very nice to meet you and thanks for your excellent talk at  - .

It would be great to explore further questions of modeling genes in a realistic virtual earth (and with regard to CRISPR technologies especially) and at the cellular, atomic and subatomic levels too, with regards to IGI. What might be the best way to do this? 

World University and School, which is like Wikipedia in 358 languages with CC MIT OCW in 7 languages (, would also be very interested in eventually hiring graduate student physics' instructors learning to become faculty, and seeking teaching experience. 

Looking forward to staying in touch. 

Best regards, 


Ecology of Florida: Brainwave headsets for MEMORY-to-3D interactive virtual worlds ?, Yes, yes, yes ... Steeleye Span's music and we Scottish Country Dancing friends from the 1970s are of one music in many ways, Easy for a scholar or professor to put on something like Google Glass for explorations in libraries and museums, as well as ancient buildings and landscapes, so that we could see what you're seeing, and also so that this could stream as data into an interactive, group build-able, realistic virtual earth to help build it ... and I'm optimistic for this configuration of information technologies - e.g. conceptually, Google Glass into Google Hangouts with G Streetivew / Maps / Earth with time slider - coming to fruition, See London through your eyes on this trip with you (and facilitate you dovetailing this with your place-based scholarly research into the court of King John, as well as even new kinds of "letters home" - and co-building a realistic virtual earth with TIME SLIDER with your historian's mind in particular :), What would this be like through Tolkien's Middle Earth of our own co-creation?, Grateful Dead and Steeleye Span shows from the '70s, Furthur, into a realistic virtual earth from our own room at home with 4 hypothetical "MIT MediaLab light bulbs" - both projectors and video cameras - in the 4 ceiling corners of this room? ... for dancing etc of course, and even with avatar bots of our friends who were also there in the '70s, Here's "Robots building a 3D bridge" - and how I'm engaging this for ACTUAL-VIRTUAL Harbin Project -


Nymphaea lotus: Neely's - Bahai'i .... Neely's - Wow! ... Visiting the Lotus Temple in India virtually ... Curious how an interactive bio-engineering oriented realistic virtual earth, at the cellular and atomic levels too, will emerge for experimentation and clinical trials for pharmaceuticals, for example, in all 7,099 living languages (e.g. for rare diseases), and how this will lead to asking all of these STEM questions in completely new ways, since this will all be coded for, CRISPR Cas9 gene editing may be one example of a tiny part of such a realistic virtual universe


Adansonia: News, Announcements & Minutes for open monthly business meeting at World University and School


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy for rare form of blindness, Wow! - "first gene therapy approved by the Food and Drug Administration in which a corrective gene is given directly to patients"


Redwood Creek (Marin County): MIT Media Lab Talk today - Event #MLTalks—"Transhumanism: Searching for the Spirit in the Machine," on ethics, humanity, and AI, Fascinating panel discussion about religion, spirituality, values and morality too re an Artificial General Intelligence ... online from the MIT Media Lab ... Some World University and School questions - Consciousness, Genes to languages, Differential common chimpanzee, bonobo chimpanzee, gorilla, and orangutan - and human - consciousnesses ~ and in a realistic virtual earth, something like Google Streetview with Time Slider / Maps / Earth, and which is group-code-able?


This may be part of the solution on the physics side as a next step to creating an interactive realistic virtual universe at cellular and atomic levels:

ERE Seminar: Jonathan Tompson, Google — Accelerating Eulerian Fluid Simulation With Convolutional Networks


And I hope to work with some of these 4 people and Tony Wyss-Coray, whom I just heard today, on the BRAIN MODELING side of a ONE VIRTUAL EARTH WITH SPECIES at the street view, cell and atomic levels -

Stanford Brain Rejuvenation Project Mini-Symposium


Video converted into CRISPR in ONE VIRTUAL EARTH and for bioengineering?



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