Friday, December 14, 2018

Circumhorizontal arc: 'Winding Road Rainbow: Harbin, Wandering and the Poetry of Loving Bliss,' Here's one view of the "The 10 Most (and 10 Least) Corrupt Countries in the World" re unethical countries re nation states' idea, Psychotherapy building on Lacanian psychoanalysis, John Money and with machine learning avatar bots for everyone in the world who would benefit?, Here are the extraordinary Yo-Yo Ma - Bach Suites #1, #4 & #5 & #2, #3 & 6, "Winding Road Rainbow's" cover photo

'Winding Road Rainbow: Harbin, Wandering and the Poetry of Loving Bliss' (2018) by Scott GK MacLeod should be available here within 72 hours:


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hi M,

Amazing photo, M, of the Painted Dessert (Arizona) -
- which I've added to this blog post today (an interesting one, I
think) -

Had to tether my MacBook Air lap computer top to my smartphone cell phone today, since the wi-fi thru the satellite dish on roof seemed to go off, while I was in the middle of watching a Stanford materials' science talk online - - my first time attending an online Stanford talk. Hadn't used tethering on smart phone since Cuttyhunk, and again it worked well, so now I've confirmed having a back up internet connection here in Canyon, - and the wi-fi on dish has now started working again. Good to have a back up computer in my smartphone, and a back up internet connection here in Canyon now confirmed, and for traveling world-wide even (and to know how to use these - fairly easy, but it's helpful to have known my phone has this capability, and to have used it on Cuttyhunk).

Car-maintenance scheduled on Monday ... will have put second complete pint of oil in today ... a first in the 5k scheduling. Would be interested in getting a Toyota Proace -

New 2018 Toyota Proace Lerina Camper Van Review

(Was ... -
at some point, but they aren't available in the US yet, while they are available in the British Isles. It can sleep four!, can have 6 seats in it, and if it's a hybrid, would get more than 40 mpg too ... good
for having a family as well ... and it's pretty small for getting around in a city. ... cool. It would also de facto add a 3rd room to my little house-let ... kind of amazing).

Just completed the World Univ & Sch Monthly Business Meeting Minutes:



Now to send them out, work on my upcoming book, and maybe head to Stanford to hear Chanticleer. Seeking to connect for family in an ongoing way ...

How's your week going? Talk with you soon.

One fun thing about blogging is adding the photos from the natural world. :)

L, Scott


(Search on Google for this: You can see the 2nd upper 'kids' bed better in this video - - at 2:41 in the Toyota Proace Lerina available in the British Isles, than in the video I sent in the previous email in this thread. :) )

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Hi M, 

Chanticleer tickets cost $64 at Stanford Memorial Church - ouch & way out of my range, and I tend to go to only free events here (and pay for parking often) ... and can listen to a Chanticleer Christmas here - ...  and ... :)

And here's 

Merry Christmas from The Renaissance

But sometimes I think I'm of the wrong (gentile) faith, given all the unethical 'hits' of recent years ... hoping an "ecology" of life (including re the internet), which I touch on here - - but which I've written to you about in the past, and in other places, takes care of such egregious unethical uncaring behavior. (May bring ethics' inquiries into a number of recent 'attacks' in a few years ... and / or write about these).

Glad to have connected with Jonathan Evans, who's on the Board of Haverford College, as well as Jan Egeland, a Norwegian I heard speak at Stanford, who's involved in UN relief work and similar on a large scale (e.g. his talk together with a Syrian MD or two, was about war-torn Syria as things were quieting down there war-wise). The ethics of people in different nation states seems comparable, and these questions seem interesting when one compares the idea of the "nation state" ( with the idea of a "country," where 206 competed in the Olympics in Brazil recently. I see "nation statehood" as a kind of developing ethical goal even - perhaps relating to an emergent culture in any given country connected with the idea of 'nation' - to strive for in possibly less ethical "country" states. And WUaS might be able to help by developing ethical law schools in each of all ~200 countries' official / main languages - and faculty to teach this (and many careers) - all under one big WUaS umbrella. History makes the questions of ethics very complicated in both regards - i.e. "nation state" and "country" - but at least such questions and history are something people are talking about more and more in recent decades, and with more and more sophistication. And I can take a Friendly / Quaker / UU / Yogic / NtF,  sympathies-with-Hinduism approach in India's seeming tolerance and diversity, and multiplicity of languages etc, - and also a USA progressive / constitutional / UN approach to such questions too.

What if we live centuries longer, with good health, and can see 10 generations of our offspring alive - i.e. your great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren? Hmmm ... could / would be great :)

Seeking a friend for family continues ... 

How's your week going? And how are you? (On with book writing ... ) Hope you're week is going well. 

L, S

Hi M, 

Why don't such 'attackers' 'get it' - that is understand? - before they attack?

I guess this is an educational opportunity (a f/Friendly one in my case ) ... as well as possibly a psychiatric one - an opportunity for "attackers" to see psychiatrists and psychotherapists ... to get psychoanalyzed (and perhaps WUaS will be able to facilitate this online as well) ... 

Here's one view of the "The 10 Most (and 10 Least) Corrupt Countries in the World" re unethical countries re nation states' idea - ... 

A psychiatrist, and a psychoanalyst (building on Lacanian psychoanalysis, John Money and with machine learning avatar bots) for every offender in the world ?

Love, Scott

Here's what I just sent to Jonathan Evans (I appreciate his Quakerly Friendliness) earlier today, and below is his email which precedes this: 

Thanks, Jonathan, 
It's an honor and a privilege to work in the World University and School. Great faculty, staff, trainees and students.  I'm learning something every day!

All the best, Scott

Friendly-informed (NtF too) World University & School seeks to develop online Medical Schools in all ~200 countries' official languages and re psychiatry as well - Am curious if WUaS could emerge out of Friends' Hospital in Philadelphia in these regards, in addition to Stanford Medicine potentially ( 

Minding the Light, Scott

Scott MacLeod -  

World Univ and Sch Twitter -

Languages - World Univ -  

“Naked Harbin Ethnography” book (in Academic Press at WUaS) -

(OpenBand (Berkeley) - ) )

* * * 

Jonathan W Evans

5:04 AM (6 hours ago)
to me
Hi Scott,

Many thanks for your message. My email inbox has been more than overflowing for some time, and so I’m making an effort to cut back on a number of listserves. It was good to have met you at FAHE, and I continue to appreciate the spirit in which you are serving the world of higher ed.

All the best,


From: Meeting WorldUniversity []
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2018 11:18 PM
Subject: Re: MINUTES for World Univ & Sch's monthly business meeting on Dec 8, 2018 - Q & C & Thank you!

Hi M, 

And the email I had sent to Jonathan which precedes the above, and his request to unsubscribe from the WUaS email list is here: 

Hi Jonathan, 

Will do. 

Please keep in mind that Friendly-informed World University and School, in accrediting with CA's BPPE and then WASC senior, seeks to offer online MIT OpenCourseWare-centric Ph.D., Law, M.D. and I.B. high school degrees ( in English (and many countries/languages), and that since MIT doesn't have a law school or a medical school, WUaS is seeking to emerge from Stanford-informed OpenCourseWare or similar. 

All of this could become further educational opportunities for high achieving, Friendly Haverford graduates, especially since the CC-4 licensing of MIT OCW means that WUaS will be free-to-students. 

Nice to have met you at Haverford at the FAHE meeting in 2014.

Friendly regards, Scott

Hi M, 

These 11 most reputable countries (which includes Japan) all seem to have a Christian background, where Japan has something of a Buddhist background ... ... but this is partly business related ... 

L, S

Hi M,

Someone in Canyon is getting my Harbin book (2016) in paper (for $65) I think ... I have only one copy on hand ... and just ordered 2 new ones, one of which is for Dick who asked for a copy last June, which I may give him next June.

Am hopeful after meeting a partner and starting a family to teach a course on my "Naked Harbin Ethnography: Hippies, Warm Pools, Counterculture, Clothing-Optionality & Virtual Harbin" (2016) Harbin book - with actual field work with a class potentially of Stanford students - reading it together with Tom Boellstorff's "Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human" ... and beginning too to create a realistic virtual Harbin via ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy - Curiously, not many anthropologists or people have engaged this big idea yet.

Was glad that Dutch Yoga teacher Victor van Kooten (who teaches with Angela Farmer) mentioned recently that his first grade teacher in the Netherlands was a woman called Mrs Annie Boon ... (William Penn's mother was Dutch, as I understand this, for example).

Here's the Jordans Quaker Meeting House in Jordans, Buckinghamshire, England in video -  ... William Penn was from around here and was buried near here. It was built in 1688 (and Quakers date from about 1652) ... and here's their web site -

And in Google Street View, you can see that it's a beautiful rural area, and pretty close to London too -,-0.594094,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x6f7f7e8ec351aa8!8m2!3d51.6101239!4d-0.594094 - in Jordans, Buckinghamshire -,_Buckinghamshire.

About William Penn ... ... Angela Farmer interestingly comes from Buckinghamshire ... but "the future is a head" as George Alexander used to quip ... (and Quakers can have a focus on the path ... whereas Harbin, which burned down dramatically in Sept 2015, has a focus on the "Now" and also on 'Living the Future,' as in the title of this document and a kind of Harbin vision - - and Harbin should open again in 2019). "Heart Consciousness Church 1975-2015: 40 Years of Living the Future" - - is one of the most inspiring Harbin texts I know of. And Angela teaches a retreat at Harbin Hot Springs regularly as well. ... many disparate 'spiritual' threads here ... re Dutch background, am curious where Dutch Reformed Church - - re Calvinism - - and related spiritual memes have all floated around in the background, along with other similar traditions and religious ideas).

Just recalled a SF City Innovate get together in SF this evening, which Jay Nath of SF City Innovate, whom I met in a Stanford Law CodeX meeting, and with Cornell engineering degree (and American but with roots in India) ... hoping to reach out to them re a possible coding team for WUaS - - so heading out soon.

On with book writing. Am settling in on this title "Winding Road Rainbow: Harbin, Wandering & the Poetry of Loving Bliss" for my next book, have the cover photo, and with this book, I'll 'print' NEWLY from Amazon's subsidiary Kindle Direct Publishing, since they're closing down CreateSpace (with which I 'printed' my last two books), and I just today made the transition to KDP. All of these are published under the IMPRINT of the Academic Press at World University and School - - thus allowing me to create a brand new academic press, planned with machine translation in all 7,097 living languages. And I'll get the ISBN/copyright from the main ISBN place, and not get the Amazon/KDP ISBN (once again) ... and should have my 3rd book coming soon in the mail.

How was your day, M? Bye for now.




Friday, December 14, 2018

Hi M, 

Jay Nath, head of SF City Innovate, and who gave a presentation in Stanford Law CodeX a few weeks ago remotely invited me to this Miracle on Mission Street City Innovation party on Sunday, and although I was a bit nervous about going, - it turned out pretty well. Many people with background from India possibly helped ... re culturally settling away from a kind of potential hostility in the air/interactions ... At 22nd and Mission - heart of a very messy city - a city which is a mess? :) - it was on the third floor above a grungy bank on the ground floor, and in a kind of grungy big almost warehouse room - but which had many large wall-size windows, and a tremendously large porch (echoes of a roof-top in India for me) ... Glad to have met Tim O'Reilly ( and Jennifer Pahlka ( - I think they're parents together - who are two high-achieving very progressive information technology folks who have been around the Bay Area for a long time, and a variety of other people. World Univ & Sch ripples out a bit further.

Looks like E.L. here will get a copy of my "Naked Harbin Ethnography" ... she's a bit of an old hippy here in Canyon ... with its many many entanglements that sometimes are a bit scary and out of which I stay pretty free and independent ... She invited me to a 11-2 kind of hippy get together on Saturday in her meditation room ... which made me a bit nervous, although I said I could go this Saturday, but then she texted it was the 12/22, and I texted I couldn't make that ... so it looks like I'll walk my NEH book over to her on the 19th or 20th, deep in Canyon ... in an interesting house ... which I haven't yet been to. Might be first sale of the year for it :) ... and there can be a conversation and culture that emerges around exchanges ... (which seem to be disappearing per se in the large chains with even automatic check-outs).

A description for "Winding Road Rainbow" - which I've already entered into the Kindle Direct Publishing web site, as well as the Bowkers Myidentifiers' ISBN site ... all part of the independent-publishing process, and significant too in beginning a new academic press ... ISBN cost $125 this year, up from $100, I think, for each of my previous two books: 

Winding Road Rainbow:
Harbin, Wandering & the Poetry of Loving Bliss

From “Winding Road … and something like poetry came to me” ( to “The Poetry Commune at Berkeley” (  “Winding Road Rainbow: Harbin, Wandering & the Poetry of Loving Bliss” (  and revisits wonderfully the traveling to the Rainbow Gathering in US national parks, the visiting and soaking in Harbin Hot Springs, and the poetry of Canyon, California 94516, especially.

The poems "From Near Taos: Rainbow Gathering in New Mexico, Dipping in & out of Bliss, Blissware" ( to "Bonobo Loving Bliss" ( to "Rainbow is rebellious, like the 4th of July, against the powers that be, - so be hippies" ( travel far, in their language, and where they go 'virtually,' - in completely new directions. Some are lyrical, while others go deeply into life at Rainbow Gatherings (in the western US) and Harbin Hot Springs (in northern California). Loving bliss neurophysiology and language are creatively explored in brand new ways - and, in conversation with the reader, to bring you to this "space."

The Poetry of Loving bliss is a completely new direction in poetry writing as well. What’s also unique about this volume of poetry is the addition of a blog link with every poem, where in these blog posts, you will also find photographs.


A work in progress, on with publishing my 3rd book here today ... 

Here are the extraordinary Yo-Yo Ma - Bach Suites #1, #4 & #5 - 

And here are the extraordinary Yo-Yo Ma - Bach Suites #2, #3 & 6 - - for your listening pleasure, M! :)

Hoping my IRS Form 1040 will show much more income in 2020 ... 2019 looks like it will be another very very impoverished year (while living in a lovely place, spending much time at Stanford ... being fairly creative with WUaS, blogging, book writing, music-making ... but neither with further Harbin ethnography nor raising a family) ... 

What are you up to this weekend?

Seasons' Greetings' letter ahead here soon as well, but after my book gets in.

L, S 

Hi M,

Well, I uploaded a fairly complete 8.5 x 11 manuscript of "Winding Road Rainbow" as PDF to the new and improved KDP book publishing system, and it went smoothly, made a cover that I like with new features in this updated software (from CreateSpace), but I wanted a 6
x 9 size book. So I just reformatted the book in a 6x9 World Doc template, added page numbers, and re-uploaded. My book is now 100 pages long ... and on to reviewing.

It's a pretty amazing publishing process :)

L, Scott

Hi M - 

'Winding Road Rainbow: Harbin, Wandering and the Poetry of Loving Bliss' is published, will sell for $9.99 and is "in review" for 72 hours where it should appear here  - ... (I added some Twitterverse web addresses newly in this my second book of poetry)  ... and it's published by the Press at World University and School - ... 

Glad to have this in ... and this KDP I.T. publishing process is a great model for the WUaS Academic Press, planned with machine translation ... and especially in Spanish ... And the Kindle Direct Publishing process worked better than the last 2 years, due to iterating on this software I think ... How could this emerge out of the Google / Stanford / Alphabet platform I wonder?

What are you up to this weekend, Ma? Annual Scottish Country Dancing party in Berkeley is tomorrow ... may play music a bit this evening. 
L, S

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Hi M,

Nice to read in the middle of the night ... woke up unusually for an hour or two. Read 2 books "Creative Computing" (by Harvard GSE's Karen Brennan +) and "How Scots Invented the Modern World" and a magazine - the Reed College quarterly magazine. In it in class notes, where some Reedies mention books they've written, it invites mention of my new book, and potentially all 3.

Took a good walk at 9pm down the winding road in Canyon and up ... the winding road in the title of my book is partly this Canyon road, partly a road in life I've taken, partly traveling to and from Canyon, Harbin and to Rainbow Gatherings and more.

And my book is at the 'printers' - the WUaS Press has published it - and my book is a song, per this email thread.

The cover photo of a Woman Walking in Meadow at the Rainbow Gathering in 2008 in Wyoming with Tee Pee in background, and people under a little rainbow umbrella + (will email it from a different email), isn't wearing a top so touches on the theme of nudity running through my books, esp re the title of my first big book "Naked Harbin Ethnography" and is attractive and interesting as photo too compositionally. She's also wearing a kind of hippy patchwork long dress-pants' combo (kind of a variation on a theme).

The pink color in the top half of the cover could somehow reflect the loving bliss ideas of the title and related neurophysiologies explored in the book. The woman walking in meadow photo is both on the bottom half of the front, and on the whole back of the cover newly under the text. (The previous software for my two books - CreateSpace - didn't allow for putting a photo on the back cover while KDP software does).

Just writing some thoughts about the cover of my new book which itself is a song.


What are you up to this weekend? Christmas Scottish Country Dance party this evening in Berkeley at which I'm music-making and not dancing ... and seeking too a friend and partner potentially.

Your son, writer of song. :)



Hi M,

Here's the cover photo ... glad to have found it on my computer's hard drive some months ago, and from the Rainbow Gathering in Wyoming in 2008.

Just read through my "Winding Road Rainbow" manuscript again, italicized some foreign words, found 2 blank pages in the middle, so removed those, and re-paginated the book. Tried to upload it again to KDP, but can't since it's 'in review' for 72 hours, so I asked KDP to call me, and will seek to upload this last and improved version, after talking with them. The book is now 98 pages long, and not 100. :)

L, Scott

Rainbow Meadow Walking Woman 2008

* * *

Winding Road Rainbow: Harbin, Wandering & the Poetry of Loving Bliss (2018) 978-0-578-43518-3
Haiku-ish and Other Loving Hippy Harbin Poetry (2017)
Naked Harbin Ethnography: Hippies, Warm Pools, Counterculture, Clothing-Optionality & Virtual Harbin (2016)

Winding Road Rainbow: Harbin, Wandering & the Poetry of Loving Bliss ('18) 978-0-578-43518-3
Haiku-ish & Other Loving Hippy Harbin Poetry ('17)
Naked Harbin Ethnography: Hippies, Warm Pools, Counterculture, Clothing-Optionality & Virtual Harbin ('16) @WUaSPress @WorldUnivAndSch ~

Winding Road Rainbow: Harbin, Wandering & the Poetry of Loving Bliss ('18) 978-0-578-43518-3
Haiku-ish and Other Loving Hippy Harbin Poetry ('17)
Naked Harbin Ethnography: Hippies, Warm Pools, Counterculture, Clothing-Optionality & Virtual Harbin ('16)

* * * 

Monday, December 17, 2018

Winding Road Rainbow: Harbin, Wandering & the Poetry of Loving Bliss Paperback – December 14, 2018

rainbow line

New Book ~

Winding Road Rainbow:                  

Harbin, Wandering & the 

Poetry of Loving Bliss

Poetry Press at World University and School



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