Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cypress: Point Lobos, Life, Confluence of Beauty and Abundance, Hippie Storytelling

Some places around the globe are fascinating confluences of beauty and abundance. Point Lobos State Reserve on the California coast, south of Carmel, is one. Upwelling of warm ocean water brings much life of all kinds to the shore here, so food is abundant. There are marine mammals, terrestrial animals, birds, monarch butterflies, plant communities, kelp forests, mushrooms, ~ seals, herons, egrets, cougars, coyotes, foxes, pelicans, cormorants, cypress trees and so many more species. What an abundance of species! {Pt. Lobos State Reserve web site ~ Natural History}. In addition, the crystalline waters are beautiful, and the coast line here is very varied. Pt. Lobos looks to me a little like alive Tang-era Taoist painting, actualized as real-life multimedia.


In the reclaiming of all kinds of human traditions in the 1960s, and in resistance to modernity, counterculture re-claimed storytelling ...

Hippies have long engaged tall-tale telling, but more, hippies created an amazing number of adventures and fascinating situations.

Guthrie {This Land Is Your Land and The House of the Rising Sun},
U. Utah Phillips (1935-2008) {at the 2007 Strawberry Creek Music Festival - 7 parts} and
Pete Seeger {This Land Is Your Land at the Lincoln Memorial at age 90 on Sunday, January 18, 2009}
were and are 3 hobo ~ beatnik folk singers, who were story teller-musicians par excellence ....

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